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I recently had  some kitchen conversations (via web chat) about food trends with Land O’Lakes and some lovely fellow food bloggers.  It was a diverse group of foodies and so interesting to see their food trend picks for 2013.   I have never been trendy in any sense but it always fascinates me to see all the trends of today, especially in food.


Ree, The Pioneer Woman, was first to share her food trend — MEATBALLS!  I immediately laughed, not at her food trend, but because I have never made them and all I could imagine were mine tasting like meatloaf.  She was quick to comfort my fears though.

ree and lori on twitter

  • What does A Spicy Perspective foresee? – Comfort Food Gone Global  I’m all about comfort food!!
  • A Farmgirl’s Dabbles sees Whole Grains taking over your pantry.  We have even incorporated more whole grains ourselves!
  • The Little Kitchen sees Asian Influences taking the world by storm!
  • Two Peas and Their Pod is all about POPCORN!  Gourmet popcorn with your own creative spins on them like twix caramel.  *drool*

I don’t know what the food trends will be all over this world but I do know what they’ll be here in the Falcon household, and that’s healthier dinners.  As a beef eating, ranch family, we don’t exactly eat just real healthy you know?  If you’ve been following along, then you’ve seen how we’ve been incorporating more Land O’Lakes Saute Express instead of gobs of butter like we’d normally do.  Don’t get me wrong, we will still keep our fridge stocked with regular butter for baking, breads, etc but when we can use something low calorie that has butter, concentrated flavors, and olive oil in it to cook our dinners with, we will.



Winner will receive the following prize package:

  • One coupon for Land O Lakes® Butter Half Sticks and Sauté Express® Sauté Starter
  • Serving Bowl
  • Half Stick Butter Dish
  • Measuring Spoons
  • Le Creuset Cast Iron Skillet
  • Serving Platter


Leave a comment below telling me what food trends you see for 2013.

Not required but always appreciated; tweeting, sharing on facebook, etc.  Giveaway ends on Sunday March 10th at about 10pm CST.  Good luck!


Disclosure: Prize packaged sponsored by Land O’Lakes. I was sent same prize for my time & efforts to create this post. All opinions are my own, as always. 

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  1. 103

    Beverly says

    I see a lot of people going for more “clean” foods … more whole, local foods instead of overprocessed junk.

  2. 104

    Casey says

    I think the “real food” rage will continue to grow. I also think cooking from scratch will make a comeback. We’re all starting to wonder exactly what’s in those convenience foods that we’ve relied on for years. With food prices rising, it’ll also be beneficial to cook from scratch and save money.

  3. 105

    Megan says

    Food trends…seems like everybody I know is going gluten free, whether they are sensitive/Celiac’s or not. I think it’s odd, but hey…to each their own.

  4. 106

    Diane says

    I think food trends are leaning towards whole grains and a larger variety of them! Personally, the food trend in our home is me learning to cook for 2 or 3 instead of 5!!! The adjustment is taking time!!

  5. 107

    Hi, Lori! What a fun conversation that must have been – you were talking with some of my favorite bloggers! :)
    I’m not sure what the global “next new thing” is, but I do have a feeling it will continue to trend toward healthier, less processed foods. I think our awareness of how little we know about the checmicals the food industry uses is growing, and changing our idea of “healthy food”.
    Thanks for the chance to win! :) BE BLESSED!

  6. 108

    Jeannie says

    Food Trend for 2013 – chia seeds in all kinds of products

  7. 109

    Steve Kite says

    I see more people going gluten free. Many people are finding out the they are gluten intolerant and a lot of restaurants now offer gluten free choices.

  8. 110

    Lani says

    Eating fresh & portion control.

  9. 111

    Rachel says

    Food trend = gluten free. I’ve seen a lot of people giving up gluten / wheat lately. I’ve been trying it and while not always successful 100%, I’ve cut back and am feeling really good!

  10. 112

    Candace P says

    I think people are starting to cook fresh vegetables and meats rather than use mixes from packages that have a lot of preservatives and additives.

  11. 113

    Karl says

    Everything in the store seems to be Gluten-free and many people I know are trying to maintain that lifestyle. I might have to try it one day!

  12. 114

    Roxanne says

    Here at the Brown household, the trend for 2013 is REAL foods. Trying to cook with only real foods as much as possible and not prepackaged meals. Only will time will tell if we feel healthier and lose weight. We still have to learn to cut down on our portion sizes! That’s the really difficult part.

  13. 115

    KathyLee says

    With price of meat getting so high, I see more and more families going to all veggie meals or adding more beans and rice to make meat go farther.

  14. 116

    Tracy Snyder says

    I think slow cookers are getting more attention right now and more specifically, the prep for a slow cooker meal. Thanks for great articles and recipes. Tracy

  15. 117

    Mendy Dinsmore says

    I see more healthier foods. More home grown veggies.

  16. 118

    Tannis W says

    Hmmm, wholesome, nutritious food on a budget. And definitely slow cooker and freezer meals.

  17. 119

    Carolyn G says

    I see comfort food making a comeback in fancy restaurants. I also see more people eating seasonally.

  18. 120

    Shari says

    I think the Paleo way of eating will continue to gain popularity.

  19. 121

    Ellen C. says

    I can see organic foods becoming more popular as well as the raw food diet. Thanks!

  20. 122

    Laurie B says

    It’s a toss up between gluten free and Paleo, I think.

  21. 123

    debbie jackson says

    Whole grains and fresh fruits and veggies increasing……..less oil debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  22. 124

    Shannon says

    Gourmet hotdogs!

  23. 125
  24. 126

    Doronna says

    Healthier foods including more vegetables and non fried foods. Less sugar.

  25. 127

    Hanna says

    In our house, I do my best to keep up with the food trends my five year old decides on (seemingly at random!). One minute it’s broccoli, so I buy enormous amounts of broccoli. Surprise, next day he hates broccoli. Global food trends are beyond my scope!

  26. 128

    Mandy says

    I see farmer’s markets becoming more of a first choice for fruits and vegetables.

  27. 129

    Kellie says

    I see more from scratch cooking with real ingredients and not chemical laden ones.

  28. 130

    Christine W says

    I think the biggest trend is toward eating more whole foods and less processed. We love going to the farmer’s market and also growing our own veggies in our garden. Thanks for the chance!

  29. 131

    Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    I’ve sure been seeing Sriracha mentioned alot recently. and, making food that traditionally was considered sweet into a savory offering. Thanks for the giveaway.

  30. 132

    Meghan Finley says

    amaranth will be the new quinoa

  31. 133

    latanya says

    More healthy on the go food and snacks for adults and children

  32. 134

    Gretchen Gerth says

    I think we have opposing trends on the one hand eating healthier is growing in popularity while bacon is finding it’s way into every dish imaginable. I would like a trend where bacon becomes healthy.

  33. 135

    Susan Christy says

    Food Trucks are the trend here

  34. 136

    laurie says

    i think more people will go more healthy

  35. 137

    Becca says

    Local food seems to be the trend I am seeing. Most of my friends go to the Farmers market every week instead of buying from the grocery store. I have even started trying to buy my bread locally instead of from big companies!

  36. 138

    Gianna says

    More people going back to eating normal whole foods/meals.

  37. 139

    Mendy Dinsmore says

    roasted veggies

  38. 140

    Mendy Dinsmore says

    more home grown items, since prices are so high