Luster 1 Hour Tooth Whitening System

I remember when I had white, straight teeth.  I was young.  I’m old now though and years of soda have taken its toll, not to mention crowded teeth causing some crookedness.   I was excited to try Luster’s 1 hour tooth whitening system to see if my tooth color would improve.

Everything you need is provided -

Accelerator Mouth Rinse
Super Whitener Gel
Activation Whitening Light

You rinse for 10 seconds with the mouth rinse -

You then wipe each tooth with the super whitener gel and allow to dry for 20 seconds-

Finally, you use the Activating whitening light.  It goes for 2 minutes, then beeps, then shuts off.  -

You can do the 3-step process up to 20 times in 1 hour.  I’ll be doing it again this weekend but did go 3 rounds.  While there is not a HUGE difference, I do see differences.

I’m pretty sure that if I did 10-20 applications, I would most definitely see a major change in teeth color.   It’s not the most fun process and the mouth rinse is unpleasant tasting but if you can’t afford the dentist for a whitening session, then this is your next best bet.  Comes in at $30 and there are always coupons so grab one before heading to the store.

Have your tried this or would you be willing to try?



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