‘Made By…’ Commitment Supporting American Jobs

Raise your hand if you’re in favor of supporting American jobs?  Duh right?  Well if you haven’t heard the buzz yet, I’m here to share with you, Walmart’s commitment to invest $250 Billion dollars in products that support American jobs.


A quick little bit from Walmart:

We plan on doing this by increasing what we already buy and by helping to onshore U.S. production in areas such as textiles, household goods, and toys.  Learn more at www.walmart.com/AmericanJobs.
We will grow U.S. manufacturing on two fronts. First, by increasing what we already buy here in categories like sporting goods, apparel basics, storage products, games, and paper products. Second, by helping to create U.S. production in high key areas like textiles, furniture, pet supplies, some outdoor categories, and higher end appliances. These are just a few examples; we are looking at many more.


If you pay any attention at all, you’ve probably seen something in your store that is local, whether it’s fresh produce or honey from the local bee farmer.  Walmart is going further and bringing jobs back to America.  It could be from buying candles from a local supplier, like Hannah’s or maybe factory parts, Made by Mike…

I’m just thrilled to see the commitment that Walmart is making. And who wouldn’t want more “Made in the USA” products on stores shelves?  Learn more about Walmart’s “Made By” commitment across their social channels at www.walmart.com/madeby.

Disclosure: I am an official Walmart Mom. Walmart has provided me with compensation and gift card in return for my time & efforts to create this post. Opinions are my own, always.

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    I just wanted to say I really like today’s recipe and above all else thanks for the Wal-Mart add and supporting more made in the USA products! We have sworn off anything made in China and do you know how hard it is to buy anything like that? It will make you sick! Anyway thanks from a military Mother it means more to me and as a member of HOMEFRONT HUGS making sure that our service men and woman get a care package and letter from home. Have a great week!!