Make Drinking Water a Habit


You know that drinking water is very beneficial but what actions do you take to insure you’re getting enough? When I quit drinking soda, I had to teach myself to drink water. I had to make it a daily habit or else I would forget to drink anything at all.

Here are some tips that have helped me:

  • * How much water? The recommendation of “8  glasses a day” is recommended, but keep these things in mind- that amount includes all dietary water intake, including food and non-water beverages;  factor in a person’s body weight, which is an important factor in figuring the amount;  it also varies if you are sick or exercise.  It’s also not good to just drink when you’re thirsty — you’re already dehydrated by then. Form a routine: drink a glass when you wake up, a glass with each meal, a glass in between meals, and be sure to drink before, during and after exercise. Try to generally keep yourself from getting thirsty.
  • * Carry a water bottle. A lot of people find it useful to get a big plastic drinking bottle, fill it with water, and carry it around with them all day. I like a reusable water bottle at my desk, and I drink from it all day long.   I keep two filled with water in the fridge so that when I run out of my current one, I can quickly grab another.
  • * Set a reminder. Set your watch to beep at the top of each hour, or set a periodic computer reminder, so that you don’t forget to drink water.
  • * Substitute water. If you would normally get a soda, or an alcoholic beverage, get a glass of water instead.  You can always use my favorite way which is flavoring your water.
  • * Filter. Instead of spending a fortune on bottled water, invest in a filter for your home faucet. It’ll make tap water taste like bottled, at a fraction of the price.
  • * Exercise. Exercising can help make you want to drink water more.  If you’re going to exercise, be sure to drink water a couple hours ahead of time, so that it will get through your system in time, and again, drink during and after exercise as well.
  • * Track it. It often helps, when forming a new habit, to keep track of the water you drink — it increases awareness and helps you ensure that you’re staying on track.

Drinking water can be difficult on busy days so setting a reminder and carrying a water bottle are the two that I recommend if you are forgetful (or too busy).  I’ve seen so many changes in my skin and hair from cutting out soda and drinking water instead and only wish I had taught myself this habit a long time ago.

Share your tips for making water a habit!


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Leave a comment using water in a poem.

I love to read these! Y’all always crack me up.

Additional ways to enter, each one being left in a separate comment please.

Ends on May 21st!
This is 2 of 4 sponsored posts by Crystal Light, however, I wholeheartedly believe in drinking more water throughout the day and during workouts. All my regular readers already know that I flavor my water as well. I’ve made that very clear here at my blog and on twitter that I couldn’t drink water otherwise.

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  1. Carol says

    I drink lots of water, it’s
    My doctor’s order
    He says it’s real healthy
    I like him, he’s wealthy.

    I want that nice gift card
    It shouldn’t be too hard to
    Bring fun to my life
    So pick me you Cowboy’s Wife!

  2. Carol says

  3. Dezi says

    Water is so good for your heart
    Don’t stop drinking once you start
    Drink it when it’s warm or cool
    Drink at work, at home, or school

  4. Nadine L says

  5. chrystal says

    I like coffee, tea and Coke,
    Water used to make me choke.

    I need to drink more water to help me loose weight,
    Someone turn on the flood gate.

    Water is a lot cheaper,
    If I loose this weight, I will be a leaper!

    The only bad thing now that water does to me,
    Well……..I constantly have to pee!

  6. says

  7. says

  8. says

  9. Miaelkaye says

    Water is nifty,
    Water is keen,
    But I won’t drink it,
    If it looks green.


  10. says

  11. says

  12. Selene M. says

    Why should you bother
    to drink lots of water?
    Health is the reason,
    no matter the season.
    So grab your glass,
    and have a blast
    as you stay hydrated
    and health-educated.

  13. says

    Sorry, there isn’t any water,
    not a drop is left to drink,
    ’cause Granny left the faucet running,
    and it all went down the sink.
    Lets take all of our empty bottles,
    and beg our neighbors to fill them up,
    This way we won’t get too thirsty,
    and we’ll only give Granny one cup!
    Ok, Ok, I know that seems pretty cruel,
    ’cause our Granny does need lots of water, too
    our nice neighbors will have plenty of water to share
    and we’ll give Granny 8 cups–that seems nice & fair!

    Tanya Anna Wilsons last blog post..

  14. says

    Water, water everywhere
    You really need to drink!
    Water, water everywhere
    It helps your brain to think!
    Water, water everywhere
    It helps your skin to glow!
    Water, water everywhere
    It’s good for you, you know!

    This poem is painful, yes, I know…

  15. says

    I signed up for The Water Way Challenge, username Twincere and also linked it to facebook, username Tanya Sgroi-Wilson.

    Tanya Anna Wilsons last blog post..

  16. says

    I submitted my official Entry into the “Tell us how you stay hydrated” $250 Giveaway at Divine Caroline on May 7, 2009 username: Tanya Wilson

    Tanya Anna Wilsons last blog post..

  17. Jeffrey Beckett says

    I drink a glass of water,
    Then I eat some peas,
    Water is the fodder,
    For drinking nuts like me.

    (OK, not much of a poem, I know)

  18. says

    Water, water everywhere?
    Water, water do you care?

    San Antonio is on Water restrictions
    But please don’t stop your water drinking addictions

    Tip that glass of water, ice cold and free
    To drinking more water is healthy for you and for me

    So where ever you go or whatever you do,
    Bring along a full “reusable” bottle of water with you.

    Noras last blog post..For Jobless – Free Pfizer Meds for up to a year

  19. says

  20. Margaret Smith says

    They say that water is good for you,
    so I try to drink all day through,
    It feels good to feel so hydrated,
    Having to pee though….I really hate it.

    Thanks so much for this great giveaway.
    Great challenge too!!!

  21. sheila k. says

    The chemical formula for water is H20;
    water is required for every plant and human body to grow.
    Heated it becomes steam, and frozen it’s snow.
    Most often it comes to us in the form of rain when the winds blow.

  22. Renee Turner says

    Water is life, it makes us feel grand
    It quenches your thirst and gives us a hand
    To loose lots of weight and have skin so glowing
    So go ahead and drink the water is flowing.

  23. tung ton says

    universal solvent
    creator of rust
    4 days without you
    my very existence ends
    i owe you more
    than i could ever repay
    i love you more
    than i will ever admit
    guess i’ll just keep drinking

  24. Rita M says

    Sixty-four ounces of water a day;
    1st eight — I’m on my way!
    Crystal Light in the water;
    8 ounces to go!
    Speaking of go… the ladies room?

  25. susan varney says

  26. DEBIJOT says

    Drink the water, said the MaMa
    No way, said the boy
    Drink The Water! said the MaMa
    OK, said the boy

  27. says

    First, thanks for the contest entry. Second, below is a poem I once wrote about a cannon, from the cannon’s perspective! It talks about the sea. I hope that counts! :)

    1522: Light

    She was the heir of many wars
    With a thick, bronze pride
    She cherished the coming clash
    She waited

    Covered in canvas, wrapped in greaserope
    A canceled conflict left her useless

    She saw decades slither by
    Her invitation for each era of enmity never mailed
    Passed up for novel arms
    She ebbed into her heaviness

    1571: Light

    With a broken barrel-end, revealing her crooked bore
    She rested on a single-axled carriage
    Wheeled to the dock and drawn upward
    And was immobile
    But bound to the hull of her epic vessel
    Her iron armada

    Time and means for just one shot
    All might and great hope
    And futility

    Surged backward in her sole battle
    Spit with fury
    Hit her mark

    Neared the sea as her ship split

    She dared the waves
    Hit the ocean floor

    1989: Light

    Lifted now from centuries of resignation
    She was a success and there was awe
    Wise and weathered and wasted
    Not worthless

    A discovery
    A 16th-century footprint
    A vital yesterday shred

    A hero

    An exhibit

    A line in textbooks

    A quondam artefact


    1996: Light

    1571 again and without end

    McKay Stabeks last blog post..Cannon

  28. Thomas I. says

    They say
    The human body
    Is made up of 98% water
    Does that mean I’m 2%
    From drowning?

  29. Vanessa says

    I work out doors in the hot sun
    It usually is hot and I work off my bum
    By the end of the day I have sweated a ton
    I’m craving water long before I’m done

  30. Betty King says

    Water, live giving
    Water, natures medicine
    Water, purest refreshment
    Water, make it a habit.

  31. susan lee wiener says

    Water is
    A thirsty treat
    It warms the palette
    While we eat.
    It keeps us full
    And helps us not dry out
    Water is great –
    There is no doubt!

  32. Leslie D. says

    Drink water in the morning
    Drink water in the evening
    Drink water at supper time
    Drinking water is easy if
    You take the time!



    Of course your friends
    would not approve. My
    friends would frown

    yet you and I joy
    teasing hushed retreats
    dewy cul-de-sacs
    and cold clear mineral water

    somewhere on the other
    side of a splendid

    (she reaches down for her nylons)

  34. mitchell says

    water, agua, H20
    matters not what you call it, for it makes life so
    and the more you drink the more you know
    how vital it is to keep you on the go

  35. Cheryl W says

    Drinking water every day
    Gives you lots of energy
    So you and kids can play
    Try it and you will see!

  36. scarlette says

    water helps me lose weight
    so I can get a date.
    Water keeps my skin clear
    so I will have no fear.

  37. Scott says

    Water is a healthy drink
    of that you should be proud
    When you are in need of it
    just look up in a cloud

  38. Jana says

    There is nothing harder
    Then drinking enough water.

    The only time I drink
    Is when I stop and think.

    I’m trying; don’t you see?
    But, now I have to pee.

  39. Heather S says

    Our earth provides a wealth
    of water for our health.
    We drink it every day
    at work, at home, at play.
    It’s benefits are many
    so be sure to drink plenty.

  40. Katharine says

    Drink, sip,
    gurgle, drip
    water in
    water out
    what my life
    is about
    drink too much
    and you will pee
    like a reace horse
    you will see

  41. says

    Ode To Water

    They say I’m supposed to drink a lot of you
    Although you make me bloat
    And then all day I pee you
    Enough to float a boat
    Is my excess fat really being flushed out with you?
    As around my belly I poke
    Or is that 8 – 8 oz. servings rule
    Just one of nature’s jokes?

    Beths last blog post..Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara

  42. SherriG. says

    O water how I love thee
    let me count the ways
    I love thee before breakfast
    and all throughout the day
    I love thee during workouts
    and when the sun is hot
    I love to take a cooling dip
    To sooth my steaming bod.

  43. amber says

    Raindrops on my nose,
    Water in my hair,
    wetness on the pavement,
    thundering despair.
    Rainstorm swirling weather,
    cold and misty day,
    I wish I were on the beach,
    water and sand in my toes,
    in the ocean I would play.

    Thanks so much! :)

  44. marquisman says

    Water I see
    but not for me
    parched I am very
    sorrow and woe

    Just a small sip
    to my lips dry and cracked
    weaker I become
    moisture to me

    For days I suffer
    in even the night
    my body needs drink
    water for me

    My plight is unending
    hopeless am I
    for you shall see
    I am adrift on the sea

  45. Huguette E. says

    Water is great
    cola is fake
    Water is good for the skin
    And also to help to stay thin
    Exercise is the way
    and drink 8 glasses a day

  46. dianne says

    Water keeps me fit
    It keeps my mouth full of spit
    It keeps my body quenched
    When it rains it keeps my lawn drenched.

  47. Christine Messer says

    Water it drips
    and splashes my toe
    If it doesn’t stop dripping
    I’ll surely have to GO.
    Thanks for the contest! I enjoyed reading the other poems, lol.

  48. Amity JohnsonVetere says

    Water, water, everywhere
    Water, water, chlorinated-
    Messes up your hair!
    Ha Ha What a fun contest! Love it!!

  49. amir says

    Water falls from the sky
    If I look up it lands in my eye
    I need to drink it all the time
    So I can look so fly and rhyme.

  50. Esther says

    Actually from a poem I wrote in college called “When Lips Meet Water”

    The hours before the mirror
    Melt into cool drops of water
    Splashing from the fountain
    Bouncing off his thirsty lips

  51. Reaunna says

    Water flows like blood through veins,
    Rivers sing their peace.
    Water eludes us, rubs against the grain,
    Sings to us a lullaby, and disappears again.

  52. ron says

    i went to the sea and the sea shouted go to the mountains

    i went to the mountains and the mountains echoed go to the meadow the meadow

    i went to the meadow and a doe whispered tenderness

    i drank from the spring and let the water carry me

  53. JONI CHADWELL says

    water, water, cool as can be…
    water,water come to me

    love to drink this healthy stuff…
    just can’t seem to get enough!

  54. Laura Lambie says

    Water, water cool and clear
    Why is it that I would much rather have beer?

    Water, you are so much better for me
    And I can’t forget that you help me to pee

    So I vow my 8 glasses of water, I will get
    Now can someone help me give up these cigarettes?


    Afternoon break

    It was something like holding
    the most delicate vase, lest
    sacred fall into profane

    and only a moment passed
    until two surprised people
    went about their work. Later

    her husband praised our painting.
    And offered me a glass of water

  56. JIMMY says

    For Anne Sexton

    How you strike! In many ways
    I am as guilty as that man
    in your life

    Men–the collective unconscious
    unresponsive to your needs.

    Thirst needs no water
    Hunger no food
    You needed nothing
    But your own

  57. Liz C says

    water pure and cold
    gourmet priced like gold
    long ago used to be free
    now free is only in the sea!!

  58. Carol Lawrence says

    If it’s water that you like, Come on over on your bike, We’ll sit down and drink a lot, Something else? Sorry that’s all I got.

  59. Marjo says

    It’s easier than you think
    Having something healthy to drink
    No Calories, No Carbs
    It’s crystaly clear water.

  60. Louise Brouillette says

    When I was a kid, my “fadder”
    Would say when I played, getting hotter,
    “Kid, stop and think,
    You need a cool drink,
    And nothing is better than water!”

  61. Christina S says

    The pain I bare
    can be quite rare
    went to the Doctor
    found out I had a Kidney Stone
    water I gulp by the gallons
    So, I can feel like a Stallon.

  62. Mike Oyama says

    Thirst beguiles an arid mind,
    a lack of sense akin to blind.
    Much more than want, a body’s urge,
    evaporates with the one drop’s purge.
    Explodes on tongue, relief is fast,
    A sudden quench. The drought has passed.
    A source of life, it also kills,
    Our existence hinged on water’s will.
    A paradox of what we know,
    It shrinks when hot and grows when cold.
    Half gallon a day, Like a wise man once said.
    You can’t really own it, it’s only for rent.

  63. Josephine says

    Water is essential for my well being
    For hydration and health yes I will be drinking.
    On a hot summer day when I am yearning with thirst
    I will go to the fridge and pour me a cup of water first.

  64. Beth S. says

    There once was a sweet farmer’s daughter
    Who drank more than her share of water
    Until one fateful day
    She floated away
    And a lucky old fisherman caught her

  65. Mike Oyama says

    I also subscribed to your blog via RSS.

    Thanks again!

    (I had a lot of fun writing that poem, by the way. Thanks for the inspiration!)

  66. Kayte CookWatts says

    Whenever I watch TV
    That’s water drinking time for me.
    Instead of popcorn or chips
    a big glass of water keeps the weight off my hips.
    Whether you are watching Top Model or Welcome Back Kotter,
    if you in front of the tube-
    Start drinking water!

  67. Christine says

    I carry water all day long
    To make sure I’m drinking enough
    Filtered water, not tap that tastes wrong
    It truly is the good stuff.

  68. Middy06 says

    My sister says she doesn’t like water
    But last night I caught her!
    She was drinking it like there was no tomorrow!

  69. Angela C says

    Oh to have a drink of water
    Just one drink, not two or three
    In a cup, or in a mug
    It does not matter much to me
    All I crave is
    One small drink of icy water

  70. Abby says

    Water is refreshing and keeps you healthy and strong
    if it didn’t exist everything would be gone.
    Drink 8 glasses a day to keep in shape,
    and by using flavor packets you can keep it tasting great.

  71. Kelly says

    On hot days is when cold water tastes best
    0n cold days it’s best to pour down someone’s back
    make sure to do it when there not looking
    or your liable to get a whack

    :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

  72. says

    Drip, Drip, Drip.
    Outside my bedroom window.
    The rain will surely never stop.
    Oh Mississippi weather, with your crazy ways.
    What are your intentions for the day?
    You don’t know and I don’t mind,
    Just please be kind. (:

  73. Amanda Galloway says

    Water, water, water
    It’s the easiest thing to drink
    And best of all it’s available
    Right out of the kitchen sink

  74. McDaniel Ubi says

    Even though I cause you to “PeeT” without the T
    You still need me in your diet or you will “DieT” without the T
    I’m needed by all, from elephants to mice
    One Hydrogen, but my oxygen is measured twice
    Next to blood, I’m the top liquid you cant measure with a price
    Yea blood is thicker than water, but not thicker than ice

  75. McDaniel Ubi says

    One H, 2 O’s
    All these years I’ve been running streams and still not too old
    I’m treasure for your body, call me liquid gold
    Didn’t you see what I did to the Titanic when I get too cold
    And at 200 degrees, am I not too hot to hold

    So why take me for GRANTed?
    I GRANT good health, taste, wishes, I’m sort of like your genie
    So why do you let your body fry before you realize you need me

    Put that soda down, I should come first
    I can quench that thirst without sending you to the nurse, or even worse

  76. Justin Gall says

    Everything on the earth bristled, the bramble
    pricked and the green thread
    nibbled away, the petal fell, falling
    until the only flower was the falling itself.
    Water is another matter,
    has no direction but its own bright grace,
    runs through all imaginable colors,
    takes limpid lessons
    from stone,
    and in those functionings plays out
    the unrealized ambitions of the foam.

    Pablo Neruda

  77. Christie says

    I never drink quite enough water,
    Even though I know I ought’er.
    Maybe if I won this moolah,
    I’d buy some agua for my coolah.

  78. says

    Roses are red
    Water is clear
    I think there’s about 95% of it
    in a can of beer!

    …one more…

    Roses are red
    Water is clear
    and if it isn’t
    then that water you should fear

    Michael Kuntzs last blog post..Vista Print

  79. Sue Farrell says

    Instead of a can of soda, I have a bottle of water in my car’s drink holder at all times.

  80. Jennifer M says

    Water, water, everywhere
    But not a drop to drink
    Because the water’s shooting from
    My broken kitchen sink!

  81. MJ in GA says

    Precious water gives us life,
    Use it, abuse it brings us strife,
    Treat it special as a gift from above,
    Then we’ll always have it for those we love.

    (Best I could do on the fly!)

  82. MJ in GA says

    Entered Divine Caroline contest and shared about how me and my daughter both carry a lockable 24 oz BPA free Thermos brand water bottle to school. Fill up as we can. My daughter clips hers to her backback so it’s always with her. Even bought one for my husband and son for outdoor activities. Love this water bottle it locks and eliminates need for plastic disposbale water bottles.

  83. Lentil says

    Water water everywhere
    Yet I forget to drink.
    Especially with a nursing babe
    I need more than I think!

  84. Debra F says

    Water Haiku

    Water is healthy
    So very cool and fresh, it
    won’t add calories

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  85. Melanie says

    One of the most disturbing things
    Ive ever seen, has to be water thats green.
    Don’t you know my dear, that water should be clear?

  86. Stephen Hand says

    Everyone needs to drink more plain water.. It’s great for your body.

    Water, water, but not a drop to drink.. Says the sick toad in the pollution lake.

  87. Brittany says

  88. Kasey says

    We drink alot of water in our house, I dont even allow myself to drink anything besides water until I have drunk at least 5 cups

  89. Tara Hill says

    Roses are red,
    Water is good for you,
    I don’t like to drink it,
    but I wil cuz you told me to.

  90. joanna smith says

    Water is so good for you
    If you drink too much you won’t turn blue
    Try and drink 8 cups a day
    And if you do, I’ll say hooray!

    Wow, pretty lame huh, but I think my kids will get it, LOL! Thanks for the chance to enter.

  91. Charlotte Robbins says

  92. Ellie W says

    Water in my bath tub, water in the sink
    Water to swim in and water to drink
    It flows it floods it even gushes
    And it eventually leads to lots of flushes.

  93. Amy Bradshaw says

    Here is one of my poems that include water in it, it’s called The River.

    Flowing down that special stream,
    were fish of many kinds.
    And if you looked hard enough
    there were all sorts of finds.
    From tackles and bobs to bottles and knobs,
    a world of wonder is found.
    And if you go swimming you’ll hear the magic,
    of peace in sound.
    The water roles down and down and down,
    with memories of old fun.
    And the time when children fished,
    in the hot boiling sun.
    There is a place where life can be,
    so very, very sweet.
    That life is found deep within,
    the river’s heart beat.

    [email protected]

  94. Charity S. says

    Water is light
    Water is bright
    Water is right
    Water is something we all need in life.


  95. says

    You can go without food;
    Not that you oughta!
    But you can’t get through life
    Without any water.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  96. Melissa O. says

    My skin is so soft
    My hair so shiny
    My body is strong
    and my troubles so tiny.
    Water I love you
    It’s more than a phase
    So I will drink water
    The rest of my days!

  97. Cynthia Mercado says

    Eight glasses of water a day
    is good for you so your body doesn’t have to pay!

    mercsmercado at yahoo dot com

  98. Julie Boudreau says

    one word…lemon!!I cant stomach 8 glasses of plain water a day.. so I add lemon..and all the sudden it seems like a fruity drink and a day at the beach..

  99. Gail Bradford says

  100. Sheila Rominger says

  101. Michelle Chen says

    an ode to water!

    it’s the rain drops in the morning
    and the puddles by the pools
    it’s what splashes on our faces
    from hoses on April Fool’s

    we wash, we clean,
    we take a dip
    it’s what we look for
    when we want to take a sip

    it’s water that fills us
    it’s water that we seek
    Let’s us it wisely, and treat it kindly
    For the rich, poor, strong, and weak

  102. georgie says

    Light fades from every room
    Water plenty but no stream
    Longing yearning when to be free
    Come quietly oh splendid orb to me
    she once was a true love of mine

    Mine water quenches my timid thirst
    Undermined but always first
    red is red and black is black
    deep forest green and empty
    she once was a true love of mine


  103. says

    I carry a bottle of water with me everywhere I go, and I keep a gallon jug of distilled water at my desk at work, so I can refill easily. I must say, I’ve been off work this week, and at bedtime, I’ll suddenly realize that I’ve had hardly anything to drink all day. Your blog just reminded me to take a good long drink!

    Auriettes last blog post..

  104. says

    I don’t mind drinking water, but I have to remind myself. I use a simple trick. I have 12 penny sized magnets on the fridge. Each time I drink a glass of water, I move the magnet over to the other side of the fridge. Usually by the end of the day I have drank about 8 cups. The magnets remind me to drink water every time I open the fridge.

    Amy Tuckers last blog post..Free Tuition For Open Learning

  105. Pamela S says

    Little drops of water
    Upon my weary brow.
    I am so tired, I need a rest,
    But I don’t have time now.

    Little drops of rainwater
    Now splashing on my face.
    I thank you for refreshing me,
    You are my saving grace.

  106. wendy wallach says

    cool clear water
    I drink it with my daughter
    Ounce for ounce it costs less then a quarter
    cool clear water.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  107. Vicki Andrew says

    I carry a bottle of water with me everywhere I go, and I keep a gallon bottle in my car so if I get thirsty while I am driving I have something to drink instead of going through the drive through for a soda

  108. says

    Water gives us life
    our most precious gift and resource,
    waste not want not, is the message,
    that is the reason for this discourse

  109. Jennifer gersch says

    water hydrates us
    it is essential to our life
    water surrounds us
    you can’t cut it with a knife (unless it’s frozen)

  110. michelle lopez says

    water water everywhere
    water water good for your hair
    water water dive right in
    water water good for your skin
    water water wash your floor
    water water we adore

  111. Harriett D. says

    Water, Water, Everywhere
    Don’t drink too much or you’ll wet your underwear.

    You can drink it in a cup,
    Just make sure you drink enough.

  112. Geoff K says

    Here’s my attempt at a water haiku:

    Water sustains life
    The earth and mankind alike
    Unity preserved

    Thanks for the giveaway – and the fun challenge to come up with a water poem!

  113. katiea says

    Noses are red,
    Pilots are blue,
    I’ve got to make water,
    And probably poo.

    Sorry, I guess my mind is in the gutter today :)

  114. Randy Bailey says

    Water is good for me
    But it makes me pee

    Water is good for you to
    So take plenty of water with
    you to the zoo

  115. Jay F says

    I know for sure for your information
    Water uses people for transportation
    When your water goes by where it wants to be
    It tells your brain you’ve got to stop and….

  116. Denise says

    Water drifting down the streams,
    Trickling softly, flowing.
    Regenerating life and things,
    It keeps the wild world growing.

  117. Michele Halaby says

    whether lot, whether little
    whether cold, whether hot
    whether thirst, whether not
    water is always needed

  118. Jeanette H. says

    Water running
    water seeping
    water steaming
    all around our world
    everything equals out
    to pure water

  119. Jennifer C says

    Water is so great to drink,
    It really helps us all to think,
    Both of the earth and of ourselves,
    So get those bottles off the shelves!

  120. Michelle Berry says

    Water to wake
    Water and cake
    Water and chicken crisply baked
    I’m hoping it’s not the same water from the lake

  121. tiffany lane says

    Water makes you look great
    Water makes you loose weight
    Drink water, look great, loose weight
    You may then have lots of dates.

  122. Janna Johnson says

  123. Jennifer Bare says

    When I wake to take a run,
    I go so far I feel outdone.
    But as I stop to talk with my daughter,
    I can only refresh myself with a glass of water.

  124. medievalsavage says

    Water, water my love,
    You hydrate me so,
    I love to watch you flow,
    In the glow,
    At night or in the snow.

  125. Angela says

    Water can be fun to drink,
    But only from a nice clean flow,
    Cause sometimes it’s not fun to drink,
    If it’s made from yellow snow.

  126. Beverly M says

    Water is very good for you.
    Drink lots of it, all day through.
    Lots of water, will make you feel great.
    And it will also help you lose weight!

  127. john ferris says

    Water water turned to rain
    Fell to earth and hit the window pane
    water water in the sky
    Came down fast and hit me in the eye.

  128. Ashley says

    water water everywhere
    water water its in the air

    water water on the ground
    water water makes a trickling sound

  129. Helen says

    When I’m feeling tired and a little low,
    I crave it, I need it, that H2O.

    This thirsty feeling I have to eliminate,
    With one glass of water I will hydrate.

  130. Barbara Rawe says

    Water is a must for life
    This we always take in stride
    Prepare and ready up
    Your family will happily fill their cup

  131. Marcy Strahan says

    Water you are half of everything I am made of for sure.
    The rest of me would wither & die without you.
    I must have at least 8 glass of you day or more!
    For healthy skin & good health this I must do.
    Drink, drink , drink water for your health & your looks.
    Flavored, plain, tea anyway I drink it
    I know it’s apart of & good for me.

  132. Susan Gustafson says

    Wet, clear
    Always near.
    Slurp, slush, slop
    I even use it with my mop.
    Tub tub I like to scrub.
    Yet best of all a cool tall drink.
    From my filtered tap on sink.
    Life without it cannnot be.
    Water is the best you see.

  133. Marie N says

    Born of maternal waters
    bursting forth into the light.
    Come we into this life
    that all too soon becomes night.