Make Drinking Water a Habit


You know that drinking water is very beneficial but what actions do you take to insure you’re getting enough? When I quit drinking soda, I had to teach myself to drink water. I had to make it a daily habit or else I would forget to drink anything at all.

Here are some tips that have helped me:

  • * How much water? The recommendation of “8  glasses a day” is recommended, but keep these things in mind- that amount includes all dietary water intake, including food and non-water beverages;  factor in a person’s body weight, which is an important factor in figuring the amount;  it also varies if you are sick or exercise.  It’s also not good to just drink when you’re thirsty — you’re already dehydrated by then. Form a routine: drink a glass when you wake up, a glass with each meal, a glass in between meals, and be sure to drink before, during and after exercise. Try to generally keep yourself from getting thirsty.
  • * Carry a water bottle. A lot of people find it useful to get a big plastic drinking bottle, fill it with water, and carry it around with them all day. I like a reusable water bottle at my desk, and I drink from it all day long.   I keep two filled with water in the fridge so that when I run out of my current one, I can quickly grab another.
  • * Set a reminder. Set your watch to beep at the top of each hour, or set a periodic computer reminder, so that you don’t forget to drink water.
  • * Substitute water. If you would normally get a soda, or an alcoholic beverage, get a glass of water instead.  You can always use my favorite way which is flavoring your water.
  • * Filter. Instead of spending a fortune on bottled water, invest in a filter for your home faucet. It’ll make tap water taste like bottled, at a fraction of the price.
  • * Exercise. Exercising can help make you want to drink water more.  If you’re going to exercise, be sure to drink water a couple hours ahead of time, so that it will get through your system in time, and again, drink during and after exercise as well.
  • * Track it. It often helps, when forming a new habit, to keep track of the water you drink — it increases awareness and helps you ensure that you’re staying on track.

Drinking water can be difficult on busy days so setting a reminder and carrying a water bottle are the two that I recommend if you are forgetful (or too busy).  I’ve seen so many changes in my skin and hair from cutting out soda and drinking water instead and only wish I had taught myself this habit a long time ago.

Share your tips for making water a habit!


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This is 2 of 4 sponsored posts by Crystal Light, however, I wholeheartedly believe in drinking more water throughout the day and during workouts. All my regular readers already know that I flavor my water as well. I’ve made that very clear here at my blog and on twitter that I couldn’t drink water otherwise.

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  1. 301

    Darcy says

    I entered the giveaway at Divine Caroline (user name mistyriver2009).

    Thanks again!

  2. 302

    Denise says

    Water drifting down the streams,
    Trickling softly, flowing.
    Regenerating life and things,
    It keeps the wild world growing.

  3. 303

    Michele Halaby says

    whether lot, whether little
    whether cold, whether hot
    whether thirst, whether not
    water is always needed

  4. 304

    Jeanette H. says

    Water running
    water seeping
    water steaming
    all around our world
    everything equals out
    to pure water

  5. 305

    Jennifer C says

    Water is so great to drink,
    It really helps us all to think,
    Both of the earth and of ourselves,
    So get those bottles off the shelves!

  6. 306

    Gianna says

    Water is wet
    Water is cold
    Water is good
    For both young and old


  7. 307

    Marianna says

    Water is good
    Water is great
    Drink lots of water
    No matter the date!

  8. 308

    Michelle Berry says

    Water to wake
    Water and cake
    Water and chicken crisply baked
    I’m hoping it’s not the same water from the lake

  9. 309

    Megan B. says

    Water is great
    Water can come from a lake
    Water gives good face
    Drink water today

  10. 310

    tiffany lane says

    Water makes you look great
    Water makes you loose weight
    Drink water, look great, loose weight
    You may then have lots of dates.

  11. 311
  12. 312

    Jennifer Bare says

    When I wake to take a run,
    I go so far I feel outdone.
    But as I stop to talk with my daughter,
    I can only refresh myself with a glass of water.

  13. 313

    medievalsavage says

    Water, water my love,
    You hydrate me so,
    I love to watch you flow,
    In the glow,
    At night or in the snow.

  14. 314

    Angela says

    Water can be fun to drink,
    But only from a nice clean flow,
    Cause sometimes it’s not fun to drink,
    If it’s made from yellow snow.

  15. 315

    Betty C says

    A hot summer day
    Brings laughter so sweet
    When water is sprayed
    Over hands, head and feet

  16. 316

    Beverly M says

    Water is very good for you.
    Drink lots of it, all day through.
    Lots of water, will make you feel great.
    And it will also help you lose weight!

  17. 317

    Betty C says

    Entered Divine Caroline’s contest.

  18. 318

    Betty C says


  19. 319

    john ferris says

    Water water turned to rain
    Fell to earth and hit the window pane
    water water in the sky
    Came down fast and hit me in the eye.

  20. 320

    Ashley says

    water water everywhere
    water water its in the air

    water water on the ground
    water water makes a trickling sound

  21. 321

    Helen says

    When I’m feeling tired and a little low,
    I crave it, I need it, that H2O.

    This thirsty feeling I have to eliminate,
    With one glass of water I will hydrate.

  22. 322

    Gail Crawford says

    I really love my Father, just like I love water.

  23. 323

    dawn says

    I love my h2o like i love my teeth

  24. 324

    Barbara Rawe says

    Water is a must for life
    This we always take in stride
    Prepare and ready up
    Your family will happily fill their cup

  25. 325

    Marcy Strahan says

    Water you are half of everything I am made of for sure.
    The rest of me would wither & die without you.
    I must have at least 8 glass of you day or more!
    For healthy skin & good health this I must do.
    Drink, drink , drink water for your health & your looks.
    Flavored, plain, tea anyway I drink it
    I know it’s apart of & good for me.

  26. 326

    Susan Gustafson says

    I entered the Divine Caroline giveaway.

  27. 327

    Susan Gustafson says

    Wet, clear
    Always near.
    Slurp, slush, slop
    I even use it with my mop.
    Tub tub I like to scrub.
    Yet best of all a cool tall drink.
    From my filtered tap on sink.
    Life without it cannnot be.
    Water is the best you see.

  28. 328

    Marie N says

    Born of maternal waters
    bursting forth into the light.
    Come we into this life
    that all too soon becomes night.

  29. 329

    Marie N says

    Signed up for the Water Way Challenge and posted it to my Facebook (Marie Noguerole).

  30. 330

    Marie N says

    I am a subscriber.