Making Apple Jalapeno Jelly

Fall has arrived and apples are in bloom.  I wanted to step outside of my cooking box and make apple jalapeno jelly.   I’ve never made any kind of jelly, much less canned anything either, but it was a fun learning experience!

Before you even begin, you must pick the right apples for the recipe you are making.  If you don’t already know, each apple family has a purpose so I recommend you brush up on Apples 101 if needed.  For this recipe, I chose Granny Smith apples.  They have a tart base and plenty of natural pectin in them.  There’s a huge display in our store right now with all sorts of apple varieties. I was super tempted to buy some caramel!!  I also had the urge for apple fritters, apple cobbler, and apple pie!

Before I share photos and recipe, I must fully disclose that I KNOW NOTHING about canning and if it wasn’t for my wonderful friend Doris, I would have been lost.  So please don’t ask me in the comments ’cause I won’t be able to answer them! lol  I’m a work in progress but hope to learn so much more next year!  It also took me two tries to get the jelly made.  It didn’t set the first at all so I had to redo it. And if you don’t want to redo it, consider using your failed jelly attempt as a glaze or syrup!


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  1. 1

    I’ve never added jalapeno to my apple jelly, red peppers but not those. I’m surely going to give this one a try! beautiful!

  2. 2

    This year I made hot pepper jelly for the first time. I never thought of apple/pepper as a combo. Yum! (another combo someone told me about recently–raspberry Jalepeno)

  3. 4

    Girl! This sounds so yummy! I might just have to try some….I guess I am feeling all domestic with the coolish Fall weather! Thanks for sharing!

  4. 6

    Cindy C. says

    I love making jams and jellies, but have never tried this one. Have you seen the Ball FreshTech jam and jelly maker? WANT!! lol Not sure if anyone would eat jalapeno/apply jelly here, but I have made apple before. My new one for this year was corn cob jelly. It actually does taste like honey. Live dangerously…try some more types. ;)

  5. 10

    I commend you for trying! Jelly isn’t something I use very often around here so I don’t bother making it and like you, I don’t know a darn thing about canning.