Making Camping Treats at Home with a S’Mores Maker

S’mores have been associated with camping for years but did it ever cross your mind to make them at home?  Me either, until my mom made them for my family while visiting recently.  It had been forever since my last s’mores encounter and my first time smoresmakerseeing little man devour one.  It had to be the most adorable thing ever.  To hear him saying, “mmm, mmm” was priceless.  And watching his fingers get sticky with marshmallow and him trying to lick it off was so much fun.

Since my mom was kind of enough to send home a S’mores Maker with us, I wanted to relive those precious moments with the little guy and my husband because I knew he hadn’t ate a S’mores treat in forever.  Big hit again!

My S’more’s Maker only does one at a time but you can get one that makes two like the one in the photo…it’s super cute!  Looks like little hands are holding the S’mores down.  I also recommend you check out Tara’s S’mores method which looks heavenly!!

For S’more, you simply need the basic essentials…

How do you make a S’mores?

You’ll need:

  • Graham Crackers
  • Marshmallows
  • Hershey’s Chocolate Bar

Be creative and try Reese’s or white chocolate. Have fun with it!

You simply layer a graham cracker, your chocolate piece, and a big marshmallow.  Place in your S’mores Maker and microwave for 20 second. YUM!


I would love to hear your S’mores stories or recipes!  And do you have one of these makers at home?  Do you only make them outside or do you have some other creative way for making them?



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  1. says

    We love s’mores around here… Maybe we should get one of those fancy makers. Although, we really do enjoy roasting the marshmallows the good ol’ fashioned way!

  2. says

    S’mores have got to be my all-time favorite treat! When I am not camping with the in-laws, I CRAVE them….so I make them in the microwave! I put one of the graham crackers topped with 1/4 of the chocolate bar and a marshmallow in the microwave, then take out and top with the other graham cracker. Just keep an eye on it or the marshmallow will explode!! :) YUMMY!

  3. sito says

    I was at least 9 or 10 before I found out S’mores were “supposed” to be made over a campfire. My mom made them in the oven. She’d lay graham crackers out on a cookie sheet, put the chocolate on them, then four mini-marshmallow. She’d bake them till the marshmallows puffed up and got a little brown. The chocolate would be melty and the marshmallows all gooey when they were fresh from the oven, and we’d even have leftovers! Instead of only one (or with the S’Mores maker, two) at a time, we’d have a whole cookie sheet full.

  4. says

    lol. this is a great machine, although there is something about the campfire that really makes a s’more. thanks for sharing this! cheers.

  5. Heather says

    Cute little machine! We try to make these like the campfire originals…we cook the marshmallow alone first and then squish it all together…so the marshmallow melts the chocolate. :) In a pinch I use a skewer on the gas stove. :)

  6. maria says

    We make s’mores outside. We are big into camping so my husband would never use a s’mores maker! lol

    On our last camping trip my sons pants got caught on fire while making s’mores.

    Note to readers: Trackpants are not a good idea when making smores! lol

    Lesson learned! :)

  7. Wendy Huelsman says

    My sister loved smores and couldn’t figure out how to do it at home so she spreads one graham cracker with marshmallow fluff and one with nutella and smashes them together. Not exactly the way one does it on the campfire, but a yummy substitute.

  8. says

    S’mores sure bring back memories. I haven’t had one since I was a kid. We didn’t camp a lot, but when we did, of course we had to have S’mores.

  9. Dorene says

    We went camping with my granddaughter, who is 3.5 y/o last week. We set up the tent, had all the camp chairs out, everything was perfect and little Sammie kept asking “when are we going camping?” We kept assuring her, we WERE camping and she said “no, when are we going camping?” so we asked her what she meant by camping. She replied “marshmallows” and we knew immediately that she thought “camping” was burning marshmallows over a fire and then eating them…we did do that later in the evening for her, and then introduced her to Smores as well. She loved it! I’d attach a picture of her, but I don’t know if we can on here..she looked a lot like your little man did.

  10. Rachel Day says

    My co-teacher and I have s’mores each year during “Move Up” day. This is when we meet our students for the upcoming year. It is usually 3 days before the close of school so everyone’s mind set is summer and s’mores are a big hit. Our version is in the microwave with just a marshmallow on a graham cracker. The students love to watch it puff up. Then we add the chocolate and top it with another graham cracker. The only other essential is handiwipes.

  11. dolosi says

    I was filled with a memory not only of S’Mores but a treat my mother used to make during the “Great Depression”. On a cookie sheet she put individual saltine crackers topped each one with a square of cheese (American or Cheddar) put a marshmallow on top and popped them in the oven to melt. This was the treat I craved until I became a GSA leader and was introduced to S’Mores. Try it!