Making that Gift You Bought Extra Special

So fellas, you’re buying a Mother’s Day gift, something really awesome like an Apple iPad, which truly is an awesome gift that she’s gonna love.  But, do you know what would really say that you put some thought into it?  Customizing it!

Let’s say you’re buying her that oh so pretty white iPad.  What’s an iPad without apps though right?  What a great way to make a piece of cool technology special, you know?  Take the extra time to set it up for her and load it up with some apps.  As an avid foodie, I have a whole list of food apps you can choose from!  The list was made for the iPhone but you can easily find the same app for the iPad.    What are your favorite apps?

You might also consider a customized skin or pretty case to put it in.  There are so many available now. I actually really need one myself. Maybe I’ll be me one, reckon?!  I currently carry my iPad and MacBook Air in my handbag without a case.  I truly should do something…HINT HUSBAND IF YOU’RE READING THIS! teehee

As I type this and think about what else I’d like customized, I think about something I’ve never had, a Mother’s Ring.  I realize that’s something that has to be ordered but I have to admit, I’d love to have one………

Just a couple of ideas guys!




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