May Food Challenge

I know you’ve all anxiously awaited the results to March’s Food Challenge and I apologize for the delay.  I hope you all can understand that I just had too much going on offline that I was barely online. In fact, I think I only wrote 1 or 2 posts in April. All future food challenges should be consistent now that I have merged and have more time to dedicate to this blog.   Anyhoo, I have the winner and I’m ready to share May’s Food Challenge with you.

There can only be one winner in the monthly food challenge and March’s winner is………. Diane’s Pesto Torte!  Honestly, I thought it was a creative dish that would gather folks around and quickly become a conversation piece.  It looks delicious and I’m planning to try it this holiday season! Congrats Diane!


The theme for May y’all, is EGGS in honor of National Egg Month!  I don’t know if you know but my favorite are Eggland’s Best Eggs.   The recipe you submit has to have EGGS in it.


Deadline for this food challenge is March 29th (about 11pm CST), one day before my 35th birthday!  You can READ ALL THE FOOD CHALLENGE RULES HERE, and please do read them.


The sponsor for May is  Temp-tations.  The Food Challenge winner will receive a beautiful set of Temp-tations Old World 16-piece Oven-to-Table Set.  These are BEAUTIFUL! style & color may change

If you would like to sponsor a Food Challenge month, you can email me at [email protected] with food challenge in the subject.


*NONBLOGGERS -If you do not have a blog but want to participate, you may submit your recipe here if you don’t have a place to upload your photo (or know how).  Flickr and Photobucket are great thought if you do want to have your own place to upload photos. Then you can just upload, write the recipe with your photo and grab the URL and add to the linky.  Either way, I’ll help you all I can. Please know that should you submit via this form, you are allowing me to publish the recipe and photo on my blog.

*BLOGGERS -Leave the url to your recipe in the linky below.

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  1. diane r. says

    SO glad to hear that I won….especially since I really NEED new pots and pans!!!
    I sent you a couple emails with my mailing address but haven’t heard back….I don’t want to lose out on the prize !!
    thanks again!