Me and Garth Brooks, on Music Row #BlameItAllOnMyRoots

I never thought anything would top my Shaq story, but bygolly, Garth Brooks did!  As one of the official Moms in the Walmart Mom Blogger program, we have the opportunity to do a lot of neat things, and hangin’ with Garth Brooks was one of them.   I don’t know how Garth felt, but I totally felt like I was part of the family!  SELFIE!

selfie with Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks Blame It On My Roots CD Box Set

The reason we were there, was to meet with him and listen to his new box set coming out ON BLACK FRIDAY (in Walmart stores only) for just $24.96 y’all!  Once the box set sells out, you won’t be able to get it again.  You’ll have to settle for individual cd’s. It also comes with 2 DVD’s. And be sure to see how you can win the ultimate fan experience with him!   Garth Brooks Blame It All My Roots<–  Just watch the video and get a taste of the songs and a few stories!

A Visit with Garth Brooks! from Monica Brady on Vimeo.

In the photo is Tara, Christine, GARTH BROOKS, Monica, and Me!

Garth Brooks with Walmart Moms

November 14th, 2013, I flew to Nashville.  I toured the country music hall of fame, walked down a street of honky tonks, and hung out with Garth Brooks for about 3 hours.  It.was.awesome.   When we arrived at the studio, we were greeted by some of his lovely staff.  They were SO kind and gracious.   It was almost 1pm and meeting Garth wouldn’t be until 1:30 so we headed upstairs where a down-home southern meal was ready and waiting for us.  I very much wish I had the recipe to that corn!  As we’re piling our faces with food, who walks in?  Yep, THE Garth Brooks.  He was in his comfy clothes, no hat, and just starts talking to us while eatin’ a piece of chicken fried chicken.  I was just hoping that I didn’t have anything in my teeth during that time! He insisted on taking a picture of us at that very moment too.

Garth Brooks taking a photo of us

After a few minutes of chatting, he headed downstairs and gave us some time to eat.   During this time, we also got to meet Trisha Yearwood’s niece!  She is just a sweetheart!  All smiles too!  She’s on the accelerated program (an aggressive 2 year program) getting her nursing degree!  YOU GO GIRL! She sings, but not in front of people, and has been on Trisha’s show.


We finally headed downstairs to get the fun started.  Garth is so darn friendly, down to earth, and makes you feel like you’re family.  Really, his whole staff was super nice.  There was never an awkward moment!   In fact, after hearing some songs that reminded me of my dad, I had to step out of the room for just a second and get myself together.  One of his friends (and staff) hugged me tightly.  Gosh they were so stinkin’ nice.



We hung out in his studio and got to hear some super cool stories.  I was totally captivated by the history that goes with that place but  I was surprised at how unfancy it was.  It’s kinda hard to believe they can fit as many band members in there as they do.  I watched the GAC special on Garth and it was neat seeing him recording in the very room in the picture above.  We were all in that room!

He calls himself Mr. Yearwood because he has been the stay-at-home dad and husband.  And he enjoys it a great deal.  And just a little trivia for ya…..Trisha LOVES Linda Rondstadt and Kelly Clarkson.

 *AHEM*  Yep.  We shared a dance….

garth and lori falcon dancing more

garth and lori dancing

My favorite thing was listening to Garth tell stories about his mom, wife, friends, and other artists.  When you get to hear him personally share the inspiration about how the Blame It All On My Roots box set came to be, it just makes you appreciate it all that much more.   And him.  He is very much a genuine person with a heart of gold.

There is such a diverse collection of music in the box set.  You’ve got R&B, classic rock, old country, many of his greatest songs, and more.  At first, I thought, is Garth gonna sound good singing those styles?  But let me tell you folks, I needed a fan to cool myself off!!!  His voice is beautiful and he did all the songs justice!

BLAME IT ON MY ROOTS CD BOX SET – GARTH BROOKS will be for sale at Walmart this Black Friday 2013.  It’s a must buy y’all!!   Everyone of all ages will LOVE it!

Disclosure: Post and trip was sponsored by walmart. Opinions are my own, as always. It’s Garth y’all!!!

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  1. Vicki says

    Oh my cow!! Looks like y’all had an awesome time! The video of him telling Toby he had a super cool mom was great too! Seems like he is a real nice guy! I am glad you got to do that!

  2. stefanie says

    I was hoping you would say he was an awful person in real life so I wouldn’t have to be so envious. :p. Jk. Im so happy you were able to have such an amazing experience. Love you!