Meal Solutions – Spaghetti with Mushrooms

Oh man, I was completely uncreative with list of ingredients for this week’s Meal Solutions.  And the thing that irks me most, is that once I just decided to cook it like normal, I realized what I should have made!  If I could go back and change it up, I would have made Chicken Spaghetti.  <–Now THAT is good stuff y’all! My mom makes the best. I did see this Spaghetti with Calamari that my husband would probably LOVE to eat!

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The ingredient list for this week’s Meal Solution was:

  • Ragu Traditional Sauce (26 oz) $1.75
  • Great Value Spaghetti (16 oz) $0.89
  • Great Value Grated Parmesan (8 oz) $2.73
  • Great Value Mushroom Pieces/Stems (4 oz) $0.55
  • Great Value Cut Green Beans (14.5 oz) $0.50
  • Great Value Whole Kernel Corn (14.5 oz) $0.50
  • Sara Lee Garlic Bread $3.22

It’s your basic Spaghetti ingredients and as you can see, very budget friendly.


I basically only used the Ragu, Spaghetti, Grated Parmesan, Corn, and Mushrooms. I could not find the Sara Lee Garlic Bread at our store and they were out of the other Texas Toast I normally buy so I ended up not using any bread.  Corn is our second pick for spaghetti. We usually use a bag of great value cauliflower.


All I did was add ground beef. I know, so original right. ugh. I hate that I didn’t think to do Chicken Spaghetti first!!! Nevertheless, it was tasty and the boys scarfed it down.  Truett loves to eat spaghetti and insists on teaching us all how to suck in each strand of spaghetti the correct way.  All I can say about that is that at least he was  only wearing underwear because he was covered and went straight to the bath tub!

I’d love to know what YOUR meal solution would be. Do you have a great chicken spaghetti recipe? What would you do to change it up, or would you just leave it the same?

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Disclosure: Walmart has provided me with compensation and a gift card in return for this post. Participation in this program is voluntary.  All opinions are my own, always have been, always will be.  Read my full disclosure and blogging ethics. There will be more meal solution posts to come so be on the lookout!

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  1. 1

    Becky says

    Very interesting! This is one of my favorite. I’m sure everyone will crave for this. My mother used to cook this in every occasion and you will notice that it is in every visitor’s plate.

  2. 2

    Victoria says

    Two thumbs up fro this recipe! I love pasta and I always will. There’s no doubt that it has a good taste together with the mushroom. I tasted it so many times, it’s really great!

  3. 3

    Alex says

    Nice! It makes me hungry all the time. This is the best meal for the kids. I want more recipes related about pasta. I’ll just check out the links.

  4. 4

    Ryan says

    It’s irresistible! I couldn’t help to ask for it. I enjoy eating it when the sauce tastes sour and sweet. Same as when it has some spices, so yummy!

  5. 5

    Sophia says

    I couldn’t explain why I really like spaghetti same with you cannot exactly tell how many strands of pasta it has in 1 kilo. Anyway, for me corned beef will do. Cheap but somehow it tastes good.

  6. 6

    Arnold says

    Great! I like hot and spicy sauce with it. I’m ok with the mushroom than the usual ingredients. You can have it in a simple way and yummier if it has a cheese on top.

  7. 7

    Eros says

    Really delicious! Anything that has to do with pasta is delightful. Anywhere in the world know how to cook spaghetti because it’s popular to its taste.

  8. 8

    Von says

    I like it when it is sprinkled with cheese. Yummy! And covered with red sauce, hotdog or mushroom will do. I so love it!

  9. 9

    Kimberly says

    I suggest to stick on the grounded beef. I just don’t know what it taste like when you put a chicken in it. It’s not that usual thing for me because I used to eat it with the first one.

  10. 10

    Amelia Jones says

    Well, I think no one will refuse to eat this delicious meal. What to do with the great chicken recipe? I bet this is also good, I’m expecting for more!