Meet My *Made in the USA* Texas Sized Furniture

There are two parts to this story; the furniture and the company.  Where should I start………I think I’ll start with the company because I want you to know who they are and what they’re about.  Gallery Furniture in Houston, Texas.

gallery furniture America Proud

First, I won a Pinterest contest that Gallery Furniture held on their facebook page.  My prize was $3000 in furniture. Pretty awesome huh?  I’m telling you this because I don’t have to write about the company at all. I could simply mention where I won it and move on to the winnings but sometimes, you’ve just got to share, and that’s how I feel.  I have seen the Gallery Furniture commercials many times over the years.  If you’re in Texas, you know Mattress Mack.  The commercials, in my opinion, does not do them justice though.   Yes, they have beautiful furniture, much of which is made in the USA and even Texas (like mine).  Yes, they offer outstanding specials.  And yes, they have a HUGE selection.  But none of that compares to the people they are and what they represent.  When you set foot into their enormous store, you are immediately in awe of everything.  They have several huge mattresses right in the front just so kids can jump on.  There is furniture everywhere and in the midst of it all, they have the most adorable little monkeys that love to play and showoff for you.  There are stunningly beautiful parrots all around from the birdcages out front to plants all around the store, probably sitting right next to that recliner you just tested.  They have a cafeteria to feed their employees for the entire day and yes, YOU can even eat there for $2.   They have freshly baked cookies in the front, popcorn in the hall,  and freebies like tshirts and basketballs.  The employees were VERY friendly…  We were in there for several hours (shocking huh) and seriously, each and every person was so nice.   I don’t know what their delivery fees are but people must not care because they deliver EVERYWHERE!  They go to Utah and even to my middle of the nowhere home on the range.   And from what I hear, them delivery guys will go above and beyond with doing good.  It’s been shared that they have mowed lawns,  hauled furniture up 16 flights of stairs, and many other very nice deeds.  This is because Mattress Mack challenged them years ago to see who could do the most ‘good’, and it still goes on today.  That, my friends, is awesome.   He clearly understands the customers, better yet, he appreciates us….whether we buy or win something from his store.  Business were like this back in the good ol’ days and it’s great to see Mattress Mack keeping that personable tradition alive today.  If only every business could instill the same values in their own companies and employees…..

Speaking of employees…..I just want to say thank you to Jennifer Deery for making my shopping experience awesome and full of laughs. You are gem with a good heart.  You shared stories with us, made us laugh, and taught us so much about the furniture without putting us to sleep.  That’s pretty cool, I’m just sayin’.  Blessings to you and yours my friend!

Mattress Mack from Gallery Furniture

To sum it all up, I may have won their contest, but they have won my heart.  I, most definitely, will be making any future purchases at Gallery Furniture in Houston, Texas.  I have a feeling they’ve won my mom’s heart over as well and will probably see her in the future buying her own living room furniture, and hopefully a mattress because they really need one.

With all that said, I’d like you to meet my furniture, made in the USA – made in Texas.


Carlton Living Room Set Made in USA2

Carlton Living Room Set Made in USA

It’s definitely not what I expected to love but after sitting on many, many sofas, this one made me feel happy.  It’s soft, firm, sturdy, comfortable, and oversized.  It was a very nice $2199 price point and will probably last you around 7-10 years.  I was thrilled to learn it was Texas made here in the good ol’ USA.  AMEN!

I plan on having slipcovers made for the throw pillows just to add some color to the set and I had enough money leftover to get the entertainment stand since ours was concave from our very heavy TV.  Delivery was made in two days and we have been loving it every second, even when we’re not sitting on it.  We just look at it and smile.  I’m so very grateful to Gallery Furniture for hosting these wonderful contests.  Had I not won, I would never know just how awesome the company is and fabulous the employees are.  I guarantee that you’ll be a customer for life once you spend some time with them.  I dare you.

Finally, I leave you with my mom’s most embarrassing moment at the store—Me, jumping on the mattresses.  No shame in my game folks.

Jumping at Gallery Furniture

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  1. Mary Beth Elderton says

    Mattress Mac!!! Let me just add to the love— Having lived most of my adult life in Houston,I have shopped Gallery Furniture several times over the years, and they are simply awesome in their very large selection in literally every style imaginable. Houston is a big city and Gallery Furniture is a big store, but it is in every way a community minded business, too.

  2. Cynthia says

    I love your story about the store! It’s so nice to hear good news for a change! I always let others know when I am happy with service I receive and unhappy with service I receive. Your new furniture is beautiful and I love your action shot…..those mattresses were just too tempting for you to pass by! :)