I was rummaging through some old photos and came across 3 that I thought I would share with you.  The first is of my and my husband at the very beginning of our marriage.  I was 17 and 5mths pregnant.  Do you notice anything different?  NO, because I still have the same hairstyle today as I did back then!  Geez, am I ever gonna be in style?


This one of me and Tyler is one of my most favorites.  He was so sweet and cuddly back then.  I can still see him laying in that Emily crib look alike.  Everyone said we looked just alike back then and they still say it now.


Now this last one….OMG, what is up with that hair??  It looks huge and unbrushed.  This is back in the day when I wore my glasses.  I thought they were cool back then…..are they still in style today?  My man looks weird to me, especially in that t-shirt and that short brimmed hat.  Just weird!


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    Great pics, wow you were young! My mom was 16 when she had me. How great, true love. Let me ask you, are you happy with you hair now? If so, then love it, flaunt it and be proud of it. No? Have a salon give you a makeover and tell them you’ll post about it and advertise for them? Why not? I think your beautiful so no worries. Just so long as you do.

    Sommer’s last blog post..Thursday’s Green Tip!

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    Such great pictures :) You guys are so sweet! And you really do look the same, lol … does farming keep you young? *wink* You’re beautiful Mama :) And no, those glasses aren’t in style – hee hee ;)

    Christine’s last blog post..Pretty Scented Houses