Men at Work

Well, the works here have come and gone and I didn’t get hardly any pictures at all.  The weather was horrible and there was always something going on that seem to be at the same time as the brandings.  I decided to pick out a few of my favorites and share those with ya.  I edited all of these, well, because they needed it.  Luckily I didn’t have to do any acne treatment editing…LOL.  I think they turned out decent but I’d love to hear what you guys think.  

First up is some of the cowboy crew trying to settle the cattle down after rounding them up and herding them in.  I chose black and white because the color was not appealing at all.  In fact, there’s not much color any where out here at all!  I was just driving up to the pens so I snapped this one from inside my truck.

Next up: After the calves have been sorted from their mommas, it’s time to drag them out one by one and brand them.  This fella a-horseback happens to be a good friend of ours.  Super nice guy who drinks Coca-Cola:)  He probably won’t like this picture too much though because it shows him draggin’ one foot and not 2.  Cowboys hate when they only catch one foot…that just ain’t punchy at all!

Time to brand…….After those 2 cowboys above have flipped the calf of its’ side, several cowboys come in at once and ear tag it, give it shots, cut the cajones (if they have them), and brand them. 

And finally, I can’t show you cowboy pictures without getting at least one person’s backside!  After all, Wranglers are what REAL cowboys wear;)  This fella happens to be my girlfriend’s man!  YES, she knows I took a picture of her man’s backside, in fact, I printed it off for her:)

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  1. Karin says

    Love those shots Lori! Looks as if you’ve mastered that camera and Photoshop! I think I recognize some of the crew. Did the nasty weather happen to be wind? Ugh! We’ve had enough of that to last a very long time! If it was rain, I don’t think anyone would be complaining.

  2. Lori says

    Yes Karin, there was that dang wind! It was just awful and we even wetted down the pens to try and help…YUCK!

    I’m working on these photos all the time. Some are okay and some I just LOVE:) And yeah, I’m pretty for sure you know the dragger with that back brace on! OLD MAN…LOL

  3. says

    Your pics look like another “Pioneer” type blog but I must admit I love your site a lot more. Feel free to post a few more of the accidental rear shots. Because your photos are breathtaking…and so are the Wranglers.

  4. says

    I love your “working photos” I too enjoy taking pictures of …most everything! But there is something about that darn cowboy attire!! YUM!! I use alot of my photos as inspiration for painting/drawings. I really like your photo of the cowboy and little boy! I have a couple of those myself! I usually turn those into artwork, they capture peoples hearts! Thanks for sharing, Kim

    Kims last blog post..Cattle Round up continued

  5. Zebra says

    Lord have mercy……don’t know how I landed on this page, but that last shot, the “behind” shot made me wish I was 40 years younger. I feel like a dirty old woman! LOL!