Mental and Physical Accountability

Oh man, talk about feeling like a train going 100 mph!  I never expected to be so busy OFFLINE as I am these days.  No complaints really because I like that actually. I like having a purpose and something to do for me and my family.   I’ve been feeling inspired lately by the people around me, physically and mentally.  Every since the whole cholesterol scare, I’ve been working very hard to teach myself healthier habits slowly… a pace that I know I can stick to.  I ain’t gonna lie, I definitely don’t eat healthy every single day but it’s about learning what to eat, when to eat, and what it does for your body.  I think that’s the best way don’t you?  It’s the right way in my opinion.

Me, breathing during the Pow Wow

Me, breathing during the Pow Wow

Along with taking baby steps to eating healthier, I’m also exercising a little bit every day, depending on the agenda for the day. If nothing else, I walk for at least 15 minutes. Every little bit helps right?  I know I’ve mentioned it here several times about how I’m one of those that needs my hand held.  Well, I’m getting that and the accountability that I crave from some new kids on the block over at Community of Movement.  What I love is that even though they aren’t here in my home to make me exercise and get moving, we have a follow up call that asks what we did during the assigned time frame.  This is how it works:

  • You call in on Mondays and Wednesdays at 9am.
  • You have a 5 minute pow wow; maybe a little breathing and letting the folks know what you’ll be doing for your exercise.
  • You hang up, go exercise for 5-55 minutes, whatever you are comfortable with.
  • Call back at 9:55am and share how you feel, what you did, etc.

It may not seem like much but the fact that I had to call back in, was that accountability that I needed. Of course I could lie and say I did the exercise when I perhaps hadn’t but why do that?  Why not just do it, take the time for myself and then be able to share with others about it, whether your exercise workout was a good or bad experience. It’s giving you a community, that is doing the same thing you are, where you can encourage and receive support.   It’s exactly what I need.

Community of Movement on Facebook | on Twitter

What are you doing to create positive mental and physical wellness?

If you’d like to know more and perhaps win some prizes, please join the Community of Movement for a fabulous and fun twitter party!  Here are the deets and I hope to see you there!

October 28th (Thursday) at 6:30 PT, 7:30 MT 8:30 central and 9:30 eastern and the hashtag is #UpliftingMoms So if you could please mention that in your posts. There is no RSVP, everyone can just show up.We will have a ton of prizes including:

  • – Kindle and Amazon gift card
  • – Ipod Nano
  • – Nike+ Sportband
  • – Luluemon gift card (workout clothes)
  • – and more!

Disclosure: I was not approached for this campaign.  I actually saw it at a forum and decided to sign up and hope that I ‘d get chosen.  I did obviously.  I also learned that I’d be compensated for participating in the program, HOWEVER, please know that I truly needed something like this to keep me accountable and I was happy to do it just to have that community of support.  All opinions are my own, always have been, always will be.

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  1. Lucretia Pruitt says

    Lori this is awesome. The contest and Twitter party sound interesting, but what really intrigues me is the community and the accountability. I think you just did me a huge favor. It sounds like the kind of push I can use. Thanks hon! Headed over there now.

  2. says

    Wow, this is a really innovative idea. Actually it sounds like a lot. When you call in and report on your progress, that will give you the motivation to keep going. Good for you!

    My husband and I too recently had high cholesterol scares. We are modifying our diets and I joined the local gym.

  3. says

    It’s so nice to read that you are doing things to better yourself. I decided YESTERDAY that it was time I do the same. It’s so easy to FORGET about how important we really are. Kudos Lori!!

    A few years ago I did Weight Watchers and lost 45 pounds. Its a great way to understand food better. I thought that cup-o-noodle lunches was dieting. BOY was I wrong!! :)

  4. Erica Ross-Krieger says

    Hi Lori,
    I have Lucretia Pruitt to thank for the “twintro” to you. Love this post. It’s a great example of what my friend, author Dan Millman says, “A little bit of somethin is better than a lot of nothin!” Here’s to living that philosophy! Warmly, Erica