Mental Preparation for Baking a Dozen Cakes

Yesterday, I was early preparing my list for our Fall Festival cake walk.  Since my oldest is a junior, I get the pleasure of making at minimum of 12 cakes for the cake walk.  Each junior parent is asked to do this.  That’s a lot of cakes!  My plans are to mix it up with cakes, cookies, and I’ll even be doing pink cupcakes in honor of breast cancer awareness month.  I guess I’ll start on Friday and bake all day.  This is when it would be nice to own a double oven!

I started my breakfast yesterday with HoneyNut Cheerios.  I’ve been eating them for awhile now.  I’ve gotten to where I can’t eat sugary cereals and try to keep raisin bran or cheerios on hand instead.  What do you eat for breakfast?

I browsed through my pantry to see what cake mixes and baking goods I already have and it didn’t take me too long unfortunately. It’s quite bare in fact but I’ll be making trip to get it fully stocked.  I also had to buy the disposable cake pans because even if I owned a dozen cake pans, I wouldn’t be using them. Can you imagine having to wash all those, plus, the people who win the cakes can’t take them home if used my own.  duh.

For lunch, I went with my absolute favorite thing ever….Stouffer’s Lasagna!!!  If you’ve read my blog long enough, you’ll recall that it’s actually what I’d want for my last meal.  What I love about it is that you can buy it in a huge party size,  family size, regular size, or in a small serving size for one.  I love to cook it longer than it says just to have that crispy edge.  You can cook the smaller ones in the microwave, which I do but I usually buy the big party size and serve with Texas Toast and cauliflower.  The party size feeds 6 or more and we are a family of 5 so it works perfectly for us.  I feel like the pasta, cheese, and well, all of it tastes fresh to me.  It’s like as if it was a home-cooked meal.  It’s also my favorite because it means I don’t have to wash a big casserole pan. LOL  You know you hate cleaning those caked on casserole pans.  I forgot to take the photo before I hacked into it..sorry.  If you look closely though, you can see towards the back that my edges are crispy. hehe Have you tried Stouffer’s Lasagna?  Oh!  The party size would be great for game day too!

So with a full belly, I went back to preparing for bake a dozen cakes day.  I need to prepare mentally because that’s a hot kitchen and a lot of cakes. I’m wondering if I’ll even want to eat a cake by the time cake walk rolls around……Have you had to bake in huge amounts for something like a cake walk or fundraiser? Do you have any tips for me?

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  1. Cindy Merrill says

    Educate those kids’ palates: A few coffee cakes would be a good choice: They’re not difficult to make, a fruit filling such as Raspberry jam or peach jam, blueberry or apricot is always popular, top it off with an inexpensive storebrand Granola and a few golden raisens, chocolate chips or fresh fruit over the crumb layers & as topping.

  2. geekbearinggifts says

    My advice: Do as much prep as you can ahead of time, and get help.

    Last week I needed to make apple crisp for a thank-you dinner at the food bank where I volunteer. I made the topping at home the day before and bagged up the amount needed for each 9×13 pan separately. I laid out all the filling ingredients in an assembly line in the food bank kitchen and taught a couple of volunteers how to use my apple peeler/corer slicer. Once we had all the apples for one batch in an foil 1/2 sheet pan, we walked down the line adding the remaining filling ingredients, then tossed them all together. I gave everyone in the kitchen a bag of topping, and we spread it over the apple mixture, then popped them in the commercial oven.

    Then there was the time I made all the rolls for a dinner at the homeless shelter (never again because it required standing too long and that really hurt…) Anyway, I started a few days before the dinner because I needed to do everything at home and only have one oven. I borrowed freezer space from a friend who lives around the corner and has an enormous chest freezer, and froze each batch of rolls as soon as they cooled completely. I made the last batch of 6 dozen the morning of the dinner and pulled the rest out to thaw. Because they were frozen when absolutely at their freshest they tasted great that night.

    If I were in your shoes I’d bake the cakes themselves ahead of time and freeze them till the morning of or night before the event. Enlist your Junior’s help at every stage of the game. I agree that you should put the cakes in disposable pans, and one benefit is that you only have to frost the top. Frost the cakes the morning of the event, and keep the decorations simple (M&Ms or candy in school colors sprinkled on is the way I’d go…) Best of luck.

  3. says

    I’ve never had to bake that much, but you’ve been given some good advice. I hope you will post pictures of your results. I’d love to see them all lined up. For breakfast, I usually eat eggs or cereal (Life, Raisen Bran), or oatmeal.

  4. Jane says

    I have not yet tasted the Stouffer’s Lasagna but looking at your pictures, it makes me feel like I’m on my first months of pregnancy again. I’m craving so much for it! Just like you, I want it crispy and of course meaty and cheesy! Oh My, Can’t let this day pass without having it!

  5. Sheena says

    So true! I and my colleagues used to go and eat there. And I assure you, Stouffer’s Lasagna is so perfect! Once you had it, you can’t stop asking for more. This is better than any other lasagna I had tasted before.

  6. Jack says

    Hey nice share! Do you have some idea if they’re for delivery too? Or should I drop by? I want to taste it but I’m a bit tired from work. Hope for your response!

  7. Sandra says

    Are there orders for 20-30 persons? I’m going to celebrate my 19th birthday with my family and some of my closest friends and I would like it to be the main dish for my menu. I just hope it’s not that expensive because I’m out of budget right now.

  8. Rebecca says

    Do you also know how to make that savory lasagna? Well, I’m a full time housewife and just like you, I baked cakes during my spare time. So much for cakes, I wanted to cook that lasagna for my 2 kids and hubby. Can you teach me how?