Mixin’ It Up with My Wooden Spoon

So if you don’t already know, I have my own Blog Talk Radio show called Mixin’ it up with My Wooden Spoon, on the Eleven Moms channel.

No, I haven’t done a show yet because frankly, I’m a little skeered!  I’ll be scheduling one soon enough though and hope that you guys all listen in when I do have one so that I don’t look like a total loser talking to nobody…capeesh?

So today, we had to call in and do the promo–where we say a little something about ourselves and our show.  Here is what I said…….

This is Lori from acowboyswife.com. I’m a mom of 3 boys and wife to a real cowboy of 16yrs.  Having cooked on ranches for over 10yrs, I’m now bringing you my passion for food on radio.

My show, Mixin’ it up with My Wooden Spoon, is a place where you can share your enthusiasm for food, keep up with the hottest cooking gadgets, and share your ingredients for the perfect recipe. So listen in and get a taste of life with A Cowboy’s Wife!  And stop by mywoodenspoon.com to see what I’m cookin’ up in my kitchen.

What do you think?  I thought it was alright but I was about to puke the entire time.  I’m NOT joking!  And if it wasn’t for VERY GOOD FRIENDS encouraging me and making me smile via Skype, I would have broken down for sure.

Honestly, I don’t know how I’m going to do these shows but I’m hoping you all support me and make me laugh with the chat feature when you see that I am freaking out:)

There will be ways for you to participate so be sure to do that and visit some of the other eleven mom’s shows because they RAWK and have everything from Techie stuff to frugal tips!

P.S. I made the banner myself. Not great but it’ll do.

P.P.S. Join my foodie community because I’ve great some great prizes planned to giveaway soon!

P.P.P.S. And if you are looking to save money on your phone bill….Skype has unlimited calling to any number for $2.99 a month!! Free if it’s computer to computer, and international is cheap!!!  Just wanted to tell you that because that is what I use for my long distance for chatting with my homegirls.

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  1. says

    I’m sure you’ll do fine. You have a lot of people who follow your blog and who will be interested in hearing what you have to say. Your intro sounds great. Please let us know when you will be scheduling your shows and how often.

    Your banner is great. May I ask what software you used for it?

    Maria Ms last blog post..Scare of my life

  2. A Cowboy's Wife says

    Maria, thanks!! I will keep you guys updated. And the software was my free one paint.net even though I have adobe photoshop, I often to refer to the paint one, not to be confused with the one that comes with most computers.

  3. Angela says

    ohhh a skype plug! My Boyfriend and I are long distance… so we talk on skype with webcams….its great! we see each other, can see smiles and whatnot. its better than talking on the phone.

    Lori- you are super awesome! I am so scared of public speaking, tho i think i could maybe do raido where people wont see me. I will say my “i have to give a speech” prayer for you. :-D It always calms my nerves. You kick booty! :-D