Mom and Pop’s Cowboy Boots

It’s funny really.  People assume that I’m a cowgirl because my husband is a cowboy but I assure you that’s not the case at all.  However, I do wear boots to lots of places but not the fancy, dressy boots…I wear boots that are comfortable.  So, since I’m asked on many occasions what kind of boots I wear, I thought I’d share a picture of them with you, along with my husband’s boots.

Mine are Laredo…I don’t normally like Laredo but these felt good on the feet at the time I bought them.  If I could recommend a boot, it would be Ariat.  They are THE most comfortable, durable boot ever.  When I worked at Dandy’s Western Wear, I was quite the salesWOman…in fact, a man who only wore Tony Lama his whole life, switched to the pair of Ariats I showed him.  I MADE him try them on and he instantly fell in love.  He even went back a few months later to say hey and let me know he loved the boots.

Anyways, here are my boots…..

And here are my man’s cowboy boots.  He doesn’t wear store bought cowboy boots…he gets them handmade like most real cowboys.  They were made by Henry Jennings out of Stinnet, TX.  I like the green but my favorite pair he had were a pair of yellow tops when we first met.  I loved those boots.  It’s about time for a new pair of boots as you can see.  A GOOD pair of handmade cowboy boots cost on average, about $550.

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    Kristin says

    They are old and warn, and still beautiful! That’s a good pair of bioots. :)

    Kristins last blog post..The Reindeer Came To Our House

  2. 2

    valmg says

    Holy cow (pun intended). $550! How long does a good pair last?

    valmgs last blog post..Be home by dark

  3. 3

    Okay, now I’m in love with his boots!
    But I mean, seriously, if it’s what you do for a living? Of course you have the right kind of boots. It would be like a racer car driver opting for a car off the showroom floor otherwise!

    Those are gorgeous boots (both of them!)

    I’m realizing that I have a pair of new-in-the-box boots that I’ve never worn b/c my old ones are so comfy and broken in. And need to be scrapped. And the ones in the box need to get broken in.
    Maybe I need to take the kidlet riding this summer! :)

    Lucretia Pruitts last blog post..It’s the Contest I’ve Been Hinting About!

  4. 4

    Great boots! Hubby and I go back and forth with boots. My favorite are my red python boots (I even wore them at my wedding reception), and hubby has a pair of ostrich boots I got him the first year we were married that he loves. Boots can be expensive, but they can last for SO long.

    Robyns Online Worlds last blog post..Holiday Movie Giveaway

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    A Cowboy's Wife says

    It depends how hard they are rode but I’d say, for my cowboy, about 3-5yrs;)

  6. 6

    Hubby has two pairs and one looks pretty darn close to your husbands. We have hats too! Yeeeehaw…yes this N.Michigan girl only listens to classic country (okay not only but a lot of the time) and as Green and Clean Mom who would have thought. What fun we’ll have if we ever catch up. Knew you were my gal!

    Sommer-Green and Clean Moms last blog post..Eco Friendly Gifts and Giving for Kids this Holiday Season and All Year Round

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    maya says

    ok, your hubby’s boots are awesome!

    mayas last blog post..Red roof

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    Gibby says

    I am in the midwest, so my boots are more of the Ugg version. So sad. But I am digging your hubby’s green boots. Awesome!

    Gibbys last blog post..Picture Perfect

  9. 9

    Linda s says

    We love Ariats, and I’ve wanted a pair for a long time. They are sooo comfortable.. Yes, I want the pink…shoot me…

    Linda ss last blog post..Bugaboo Strollers

  10. 10

    Bettina says

    Aw-my Pappy had his cowboy boots custom made. Seems like some of his were from a shop in Coleman, TX.

  11. 11

    valmg says

    I guess $500 isn’t too bad if you divide it into the years of use

    valmgs last blog post..Be home by dark

  12. 12

    I like the green topped ones. They have Character.

  13. 13

    And I thought I had splurged when I spent $200 on a pair of boots last week!

  14. 14

    Dotty says

    Nice blog! I love my Zodiac Boots..Fifteen years old..need new soles..but they are comfortable. Also have an old pair of Dan Post boots..those are for real special ocassions! eco-friendly gifts

  15. 15

    Hi there! Just came across your blog and have enjoyed reading it. Had to comment on your husband’s green boots — they look like they have seen some good times! I posted them to the Professional Roughstock Serier Facebook page ( with a link back to your website. I also liked your Facebook page so I look forward to reading more.

    Michelle at PRS