My 15 Minute, $6 Pom Pom Glove Craft

I’ve been trying to think of some crafts to do lately and when I sat down tonight, I kept thinking about those pom pom gloves I saw in the store the other day.  You know the ones right?  They are your team colors and will be great for teams that go into the cold, specifically into the playoffs.  But, I had no intention on paying $25 bucks for one pair so I decided to make them!  As usual, this was a spur of the moment idea for me so there is definitely room for improvement, which I’ll talk about at the end.

First, you simple need a pair of those gloves from Walmart.  They are usually 2 pair for under $2 bucks and come in all different colors.  You’ll need yarn, a needle, and thread.

  • Winter Gloves  ($2)
  • Yarn ($2)
  • Needle
  • Thread

I made the thread color the same as the glove.

I cut pieces of yarn all about the same size, enough that when you ‘fold’ them, they make a nice pom pom.  I should have added more but since this was a spur of the moment idea for me, I’ll make sure to do it on my next pair.   I take another piece of the yarn to tie the bunch together.

Then I took the threaded needle and sewed them on the tip of the gloves!!

Wow, it doesn’t get any easier than that!!!!  Now looking back, I obviously would have made the pom poms more full.  They look a little puny but I was learning as I went.  I’d probably actually use two different colored yarns to give them more depth and I think they’d look cuter too!

This literally took me only 15 minutes and that was doing it for the first time and stopping to figure a thing or two out.  I bet I could whip a whole pair out in 15 minutes now!  And for $6 bucks…..shoooooot, that sure beats the $25 and $30 price tags on the one in the stores!  I think you could get a helper too to cut up the yarn, one to tie them into a bunch, and you can sew them on.

So what do you think?  It’s frugal eh!!  I’m kinda proud of myself. I haven’t had the chance to do any kind of crafts lately so I’m tickled to have had the time to do this. And this is just the beginning!  I can’t wait to do more!  What are some crafts you plan on doing this holiday season?

P.S. I’m thinking this would make for a fun church craft that can be used towards a fundraiser! Get those ladies together and whip some out!



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