My Biggest Fear Could Have Came True

Imagine 2 big barns, separated by an alley. Me and my man are at one end, Tyler at the other.

Me:  “Tyler, is Truett over there?”

Tyler: “Yeah Mom, he’s with me.”

Now imagine Tyler pulling up to our end of the barn about 5 minutes later, on the four-wheeler, without Truett.  My heart immediately started pounding and the fear set in.  We started hollering for Truett.  Screaming actually, with no response.  30 seconds of yelling and looking all around the barn, I start to freak out.  My man jumps on top of the barns screaming for Truett.  I make Tyler go to the house and make sure he’s not there and then I head towards the water tank which is right by the barn.  I walk up the stairs that lead to this 6ft+deep water tank, still yelling for Truett, and look down in the dark water praying to God that I won’t see him in there.  Praying that if he’s not in there, I’d make sure that I’d never let him out of my sight again.

He wasn’t there, thank God.  I kept trying to yell for him but was crying so hard that  I just couldn’t get this words out.  After about 10 minutes of yelling frantically and running around everywhere looking for him, he was found at the house, watering the plants.

When they told me they found him, I just broke down even more, dropped to my knees and cried.  You see, I’ve always had this dream that Tyler drowned in a pond when he was around 4 or 5. What if that dream was really about Truett all this time and not Tyler.

Tyler was upset to say the least. He really thought Truett had walked back over to us but instead of asking if he was with us, he just assumed.  He won’t assume again, I can guarantee that.  I don’t blame Tyler or ourselves and yet I do blame all of us.  Truett is quick and tends to roam and while it is our job to know where he is at ALL times, it only takes a minute for him to disappear.

My biggest fear could have came true, but it didn’t and I thank our loved ones above.

P.S.  There will be a block put up first thing tomorrow so that little man cannot get past those stairs you can bet that he won’t be leaving our sights from now on.

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  1. Audrey - Mom Generations says

    OMG Lori!! My heart was racing reading this. So glad everything was fine. xoxoxoxo Audrey

  2. says

    I had a similar -but less scary more embarassing experience with my 4yo today also.

    I actually just posted it too… read it- after your more serious scare it will make you laugh lol

    It is scary though! you see all these horrible things on tv and you cant help but panic with these kids!

    Also, I too get nuerotic over my dreams. I always dream about plane crashes- which is why I’m scared to death of flying…. just from a dream!

    Well, Im glad Truett is safe and sound !! :)

  3. says

    Just big old (((hug))) to you- that is such a terrifying feeling, that moment of realization that they’re missing- I’m so glad he was found quickly and without incident, but I know it was an incident in your heart. You’re such a good mom and a good soul, Lori. You really are.

  4. rachel-asouthernfairytale says

    Oh honey!!!! that is sooo scary! I’m so glad that he’s okay and nothing bad happened. That is so frightening! YIKES!
    Thank God that it turned out well!

  5. says

    We’ve had several of those moments w/ my youngest. She sprinted off in the Houston airport and tried to get into an elevator.
    She has disappeared in seconds on playgrounds, in the mall, etc.
    We were in JCPenney’s and she ducked behind the racks and tried to get on an elevator. What is it with elevators?

    I lost sight of her at the park once, she was playing w/ a friend and the friend came back alone. We searched everywhere and finally found her playing in the stream that runs through the park. Why she didn’t answer I don’t know :/
    She is almost 9 so is better able to take care of herself and usually comes when I call, thank goodness.

  6. Dorene says

    Glad everything turned out okay…kids, gotta love them, even when they scare the dickens out of you. You’re a great mom and Tyler is a wonderful big brother..and wasn’t that nice of Truett to be watering your plants? ..big hugs.

  7. says

    Oh Lori…how terrifying! I am so glad all was well in the end and what a scary nightmare! I have had similar feelings about my Paris…not fun. Have a better weekend~ can’t wait to see you at BlogHer!

  8. says

    So glad you found him safe and sound! My oldest has done that to me a time or two! It’s always so scary when you know they were just there a minute ago and where they could have gone off too. When my kids are outside, they have to be in hollerin’ distance. And when they hear me, they better answer back.

    Hope you have a calmer weekend!

  9. Lori Z. says

    So glad he’s ok! That is so scary!

    My brother was a wanderer. One time at a layover in Vegas he was wandering while we were waiting for my parents to finish in the bathrooms and a man took him by the hand and started walking away with him. I started screaming and the guy let go and ran off. It’s enough to make you want a leash (which my brother once cut himself out of while we were paying for something at a register and he sneaker the cashier’s scissors).

  10. says

    We had the same thing happen last year at Disney, when our then-2 year got up before dawn on the last day of vacation, left her bedroom, unlocked and opened TWO exit doors and wandered into a golf cart before falling asleep. We went through some HORRIBLE shenanigans with security; needless to say, we live in fort knox since then. It’s pretty much the most horrible feeling in the whole world.

  11. says

    That got my heart racing. I had something like this happen when Connor was around three. I was talking to the other moms at the park, giving Carter a bottle and watching my cute little blond haired boy in his red t-shirt playing on the slide. Except, the cute little blond hair boy eventually came down and it wasn’t Connor. I have never been so freaked out in my life. Everyone started searching and right as I was about to call the police this little older lady comes walking up the hill with holding his hand. She found him in the middle of the street. To this day I can’t help think she was an angel sent to watch him. I cry everytime I think about it.