My, Cute As a Bug, Mom

I’ve written about my mother before but today, I wanted to share a picture of her youth. She was 6 and cute as a bug!  She still has the same smile with those little innocent lips and she still even has the that adorable little outfit.  She can remember them telling her to turn a certain way to pose but she had no understanding of what they really meant. She was sweet, she was innocent, she was beautiful.

She’s worked hard her whole life and is deserving of so much.  She always did without just so everyone else could have a little something and did it all without any hesitation.  I am who I am because of her and I’m proud of it. 

She is strong, she is loving, she is beautiful.

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  1. Lori says

    How ironic…a comment left by Frances..that happens to be my grandmother’s name who is no longer with us.

    My mom is who she is because of her mom…we all 3 are alike! Thanks for stopping by:)

  2. Lori says

    @that girl…She is a special mom;)

    @bunny… Too freakin’ cute ain’t she:)

    @farmnwife…..You should see her hair in other pictures, it must have taken some time to do all of hairstyles growin up;) And yes, the hand is a lovely detail!