My Mother’s Day Moments with My Boys

I decided to force my kids to take pictures with me even though I hate pictures myself.  I don’t have very many with my boys so we did a few quick ones.  I had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend and we spent almost every single moment together the entire weekend!

We went to a ranch rodeo Saturday, shopped, ate at Logan’s and then went home. Sunday, we had family over which was a highlight to my weekend. Getting to see my nephew and his girlfriend, who have a strong, beautiful baby girl who now weighs 4lbs.  Wish I could have held her but she’s still in the hospital.  We ate and then bought flowers to put at the grave of my husband’s mother.  After that, we sat outside and enjoyed the day watching little man play and the sprinkler going back and forth.

I would love to hear your weekend was regardless of whether or not you have a mother’s day story;)





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    Hi, I just found you through Twitter! I love your blog and am now following you on Twitter. We have a lot in common, I also write a blog to reach out to and be a resource for other moms (breastfeeding, frugal/green living, attachment parenting…).

    You look way to young to have boys this old :)


    Dagmar Bleasdales last blog post..One Big Strawberry

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    We also spent the weekend at WHC in Abilene. Oldest son called as we drove home on Sunday, after a 5 hour drive he shows up at the ranch to surprise his momma. It worked, he drove up from College Station then spent the night with us. Youngest son was home waiting on us after he kept a eye on the cows and horses while we were gone.

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    Your boys are so cute…er…handsome (for the benefit of the older ones :). And, you look great too!

    We just went to church and I came home and slept! My husband mopped the floors for me and got me some Chipotle. It doesn’t take much nowadays to appreciate time with my family!

    Andrea @ Mommy Snacks.nets last blog post..Domino’s House Party