My Savings Story with Karen

My friend Karen and I rarely get to see each other. Between kids, work, & church, when we get a chance to get together, it’s great to complain about whose husband has the worst habits and, of course, we love to go shopping! Last Sunday, my man was planted in front of the TV with his tater chips watching football. I called up my friend Karen for a girl’s day out, along with a trip to my favorite store, Walmart! Where else can you get a new outfit for Winter, volumizing shampoo and a lemon-pepper rotisserie chicken?  Oh yeah, I totally made her buy one!


We love saving money and getting everything done in one swoop. This allows for more play time like pedicures and movies! Karen is a big bargain hunter and coupon guru and actually doesn’t shop at Walmart all the time. I wanted to show her that you can get the lowest price and do all your shopping at one store.   Our Walmart is huge, well-stocked and there is always someone around to help. I am a parking lot vulture–I circle around until I find a spot close to the store. Karen walks three or more miles a day so she doesn’t care where we park. I circled around for about five minutes while Karen waited patiently and, as usual, a spot near the door opened up. “See, you just have to be patient and you’ll find an awesome spot!” Karen rolled her eyes.  Anyways!!!

As we strolled through the store like a herd of turtles, Karen immediately said that she saw this and that on sale at another store in her sale ads.  I immediately came right back and told her, “maybe so but helllloooooo, you can use ad match at Walmart, duh”.  Why waste fuel driving here and there, you know?  Karen said, “I don’t like carrying around all those ads though”.   Ahhh, I had to educate her!  You do not have to take your ads y’all!  Walmart honors the prices without the ads. SCORE!  Me -1, Debbie – 0.


Our basket had groceries, pillows, and other necessities.  We were almost ready to checkout but decided to scan the clearance aisles and racks.  I was THRILLED when we found a blue shirt (school colors yo!), reduced to $6.84.  Quite the deal huh?  But it gets better!  When we did check out, it was actually $2.74! SCORE AGAIN!  Me -2, Karen – 0.

After both of us found some awesome finds at super low prices, we finally checked out.  When an item, that was on sale at another store, was about to be scanned, Karen remembered ad match and said, “that is on sale at xxxxxxx for $1.99”.  When the cashier told her no problem, and punched in the price, Karen was super tickled.  She just knew the cashier would ask for an ad. But, she didn’t! SCORE!  Me -2, Karen – WINNER!

shopping basket walmart

Karen is the big winner here because she learned something new, she saved money with Walmart’s ad match, and she got to hang out with me.  While she may still shop at those other stores, there’s no doubt that she’ll do much more of her shopping at Walmart now.  In her words…”I never thought it would be this easy to save this much at Walmart.  Now let’s take those savings and get a pedicure! It’s all about living better, right?”   Now that’s a smart shopper and friend!

My Savings Story_Graphic_Final

I am surprised at how many don’t use the ad match but maybe y’all are like Karen….maybe you guys didn’t even realize that you don’t have to carry around all those ads!  Policies change and if you’re gonna be a smart shopper, you’ve got to know these things. I usually scan the sale ads, write down sales I see on a piece of paper or on notes on my phone.  That way, I have a visual without carrying the bulk of ads.  How many of you guys use ad match? Why or why not?

Honestly, I can’t imagine shopping other stores. I can get everything I need at Walmart in one stop; groceries, home decor, prescriptions filled, and even money orders.  Karen says I’M the smart cookie…..I would have to agree.


Disclosure: I am an official Walmart Mom. Walmart has provided me with compensation and gift card in return for my time & efforts to create this post. Opinions are my own, always.

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