Nickelodeon Holiday Money Saving Tips Contest for a $500 Walmart Gift Card!

I told you I might be giving away a $500 Walmart gift card didn’t I…….well, I wasn’t lying!!!!  Thanks to the fabulous Nickelodeon sponsor, you could win it by sharing your holiday money saving tips with me!!  I think everyone is strapped for cash this holiday season so I’m looking forward to hearing your tips and handing someone some holiday money to spend!!!


Not only is Nickelodeon famous for Nicktoons, Nick Jr., and Nick at Nite—They also have a sister site called Noggin that I am a HUGE fan of.  My little guy watches Noggin because the show is aimed at preschool-aged and early elementary-school-aged children.  Their website is very toddler friendly and I let my little guy on their frequently and I highly recommend both website and channel.


Leave a comment telling me your BEST HOLIDAY MONEY SAVING TIP.  Best HOLIDAY money saving tip!!!  Please put some thought into your answer folks.



How the winner will be chosen:

After all entries are carefully read, the judges will pick their favorite top 20 Holiday Money Saving Tips.  Those 20 entries will be put into a draw, where one winner will be randomly chosen.

In the event that there are identical tips given by different entrants that make the 20, it is at the judge’s discretion to choose which one gets thrown on the hopper.

This contest ends on December 15th and the winner will have 24hrs to contact me with their shipping address at lori at thecowboyshack dot com.

Contest and rules are subject to change if needed.

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  1. 403

    Rachel says

    I make a lot of my gifts, like my favorite personal spice mix, hot chocolate mixes etc…
    I also try to do as many handmade kid crafts as we can.
    What I can’t make we try to buy by using Etsy or local artisans or shopping the mega sales and trying to buy before the December crunch.

    Rachels last blog post..Weekly Winners

  2. 404

    Gina says

    I did most of my shopping in Sept and Oct when there was free shipping, plus I used coupon codes from RetailMeNot and Slickdeals.

    Ginas last blog post..CVS this week 12/14

  3. 405

    April says

    I’ve been a single mom for so long I know all about cutting costs!

    I shop at thrift stores. Yes, even for gifts. It sounds bad at first but let me explain.

    On one of my recent trips, I found the CUTEST little painted wooden birdcage. It had that antique, rustic look to it and it would be PERFECT in my mom’s new house as a plant holder.

    Aprils last blog post..

  4. 406

    Nicole says

    My best tip is to create encouragement boxes with encouraging, inspirational and motivational quotes inside. The person will be able to pick out one to read each day. Thirty little notes would be best so the person has something encouraging to read each day for an entire month.

    Nicoles last blog post..My Top 10 Most Favorites of All Things Google

  5. 407

    Julia Carter says

    Think about what they people on your list REALLY want, don’t buy them two or three things that they might like, get them something practical and useful, you’ll save money and they will love their gift!

  6. 408

    Julia Carter says

    Think about what they people on your list REALLY want, don’t buy them two or three things that they might like, get them something practical and useful, you’ll save money and they will love their gift!!!

  7. 409

    Julia Carter says

    Think about what they people on your list REALLY want, don’t buy them two or three things that they might like, get them something practical !and useful, you’ll save money and they will love their gift!

  8. 410

    I saved money by buying gifts this year rather than givng gifts cards. I went to a Kolh’s jewelry sale and picked up three necklaces, a bracklet and two rings for the five girls. I paid $75 and the total before savings was $420. It was an 60% plus an added 20% at the check out for a total of 80%.

    Pamela/Blondiewritess last blog post..Playing In The Rain

  9. 411

    Ann says

    I am on the hunt all year long. I love the clearance sections! I go to TJ Maxx, Ross and Marshalls often. I have found some really great gifts at great prices. I also like going to the stores that offer a coupon for an added discount. I shop our second hand shops and have found some really awesome deals on new or look like new items…you just have to go often.
    Last year I gave my hubby a coupon book with coupons for a backrub, a foot massage, a facial and more…now I’m embarrased :)

  10. 412

    Joan moore says

    1)I shop online to compare prices! I let my keyboard do the driving.
    2)I take advantage of free shipping or ship to the store.

  11. 413

    Mindy Ranck says

    I didn’t have a lot of money for X-mas this year, so I have been bargain shopping & using coupons for groceries. What I saved out of my budget for groceries, I have been using for gifts, and I also had coupons for glade candles & ended up getting them free. I made up a bunch of baskets of Glade air fresheners, Glade 2 in 1 candles, Glade Plug-ins, refills, and many other Glade products that I didn’t pay a cent for and they are nice gifts that didn’t hurt my budget at all! I also used prescription coupons and transferred my prescriptions around and used the $25 & $30 gift cards towards Itunes gift cards for my kids & other small gifts such as candy, ornaments, etc.

  12. 414

    Kristi says

    Taking advice from our pastor’s sermon, we actually are beginning to give away gifts that we currently have that we extremely value. For instance, we just had a gift exchange for my husband’s job and one of the items that we gave was a book that my husband values very much. It’s one of his favorites and he decided to give it away and let the person who got it know why he chose to give such a gift. Instead of spending any extra money, we simply took something of value to us and shared it with another. Simple, frugal, and meaningful and saves us money and time, but lets us know that we are giving from what we value.

  13. 415

    Roxann says

    Make a list of what and who you are buying gifts for. When you are out shopping stick to that list no matter how tempting it may be to buy something else that is on sale in addition to what you are already buying. This is a great deal for the recipient but a bad deal for your budget.

  14. 416

    Hannah says

    Tip number one: Shop sales through out the year and make gifts homemade. The simplest of gifts mean so much! Plus, you may even learn something new by it! It also truly comes from the heart, and means so much. You can even buy something at the store and dress it up a little and add you own touch to it. Be creative. Have fun.
    Tip number 2: Make felt decorations for the tree. Deck your house out in all homemade. It adds a homey feel to the house to me. You can also let your kids help with making decorations. But if your not the crafty type you can always reuse decorations from previous years. A cheap center piece for your table could be a few (3?) red candles with some greenery around them. Have fun. Make it simple. Make memories. (and remember to have the camera handy!)

    Hannahs last blog post..Bloggy News

  15. 417

    I would say a BIG money saver tip is before you go shopping, grocery or presents, you have a list and ONLY GET WHAT IS ON IT!

    I make up a menu plan and corresponding grocery list for the WHOLE week before I go to the store. I go once a week. I have a budget of $190 for 11 people, 6 of them adults and we buy mostly organics. I use $190 cash. It is a great way to make sure you stay in that budget!
    So set an amount, make a list before you leave, use cash, get only what is on your list and SAVE!
    Miss Amanda

    Miss Amandas last blog post..A Crash Course on Spiritual Warfare Giveaway Everyday!

  16. 418

    Heather C says

    Always put a spending-moratorium on buying things for yourself the entire month preceding Christmas. There is no need to buy something, then ruin everything when you open up a gift box and see the exact same thing staring back at you Christmas morning!!

  17. 419

    Heather C says

    Stuff stockings with fruit and rolled up parchment paper, each a coupon for something fun to do during the year, like make a cake for no reason, learn a song together, act out a silly play, etc. Your kids will love it…and sometimes even the older folks will love it, too.

  18. 420

    Janet says

    I use sd matches from local stores and coupons to save money:) ty 4 the awesome giveaway and entry!:)