Nickelodeon Holiday Money Saving Tips Contest for a $500 Walmart Gift Card!

I told you I might be giving away a $500 Walmart gift card didn’t I…….well, I wasn’t lying!!!!  Thanks to the fabulous Nickelodeon sponsor, you could win it by sharing your holiday money saving tips with me!!  I think everyone is strapped for cash this holiday season so I’m looking forward to hearing your tips and handing someone some holiday money to spend!!!


Not only is Nickelodeon famous for Nicktoons, Nick Jr., and Nick at Nite—They also have a sister site called Noggin that I am a HUGE fan of.  My little guy watches Noggin because the show is aimed at preschool-aged and early elementary-school-aged children.  Their website is very toddler friendly and I let my little guy on their frequently and I highly recommend both website and channel.


Leave a comment telling me your BEST HOLIDAY MONEY SAVING TIP.  Best HOLIDAY money saving tip!!!  Please put some thought into your answer folks.



How the winner will be chosen:

After all entries are carefully read, the judges will pick their favorite top 20 Holiday Money Saving Tips.  Those 20 entries will be put into a draw, where one winner will be randomly chosen.

In the event that there are identical tips given by different entrants that make the 20, it is at the judge’s discretion to choose which one gets thrown on the hopper.

This contest ends on December 15th and the winner will have 24hrs to contact me with their shipping address at lori at thecowboyshack dot com.

Contest and rules are subject to change if needed.

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  1. 303

    Michelle P. says

    I found out about a cool website this year where you can send out free personalized photo postcards, postage paid and everything! The website is You can only send out a certain amount per day, but with planning, you can send out your Christmas cards for free and even have your family picture on the front! That’s what we did this year to help save money, because even the postage is free (they put a small advertisement on the back & they’re the ones that pay for it). Enjoy!

  2. 304

    Gail says

    My best holiday money-saving tip is to skip the drive-thru when shopping around. When I know that I’ll be out for a few hours, I take along a cooler filled with water, sodas, snacks or sandwiches. This helps me avoid stopping by McDonald’s or other fast-food place to pick up a drink or snack. I can save a $1-$5, which could buy a nice holiday gift for someone!

  3. 305

    phillip stacy says

    Don’t cook or celebrate Christmas. Stay home and watch tv.

  4. 306

    Dan Riley says

    It’s not as critical as a few weeks ago, but riding my Harley gets me about 50 MPG and is way more fun than a Prius…

  5. 307

    To help save money I make a list of who I need to buy for and what I want to get them. I then watch the sales and buy ONLY what is on the list, no impulse buying.

    Andrea Evanss last blog post..Frugal Upstate and $500 Walmart Gift Card!

  6. 308

    Sandy Tritt says

    I watch all the sales and clearance. I try to buy gifts earlier in the year when I can get them a lot cheaper (clearance). Whenever possible I make gifts.

  7. 309

    lace says

    I’ve got a great tip for saving money this holiday season. It’s one most of us are already doing. Read blogs and enter contests. There are a lot of giveaways on blogs. Make sure you enter them and see if you win. I’ve won a few times this year and saved the prizes for Christmas gifts. Make sure you keep reading those blogs.

  8. 310

    Heather F. says

    Take your kids shopping with you for all the presents, but their own. This way your in and out without the ability to look around and take your time.

  9. 311

    Courtney says

    Since my husband and I are just students we have been learning a lot about going green and saving money. We read that even when appliances are turned off but still plugged into the outlet they still use energy and run the meeter. We have taken out all the appliances we are not using and turned down the heater just a few degrees at night and have changed out bills from $197 and $98 to $98 and $18. A good way to save while celebrating the holidays.

    Courtneys last blog post..Holidays

  10. 312

    Courtney says

    Another money saving practice we have done in our family is to shop at thrift stores. I know its not new products but it saved us over $100. Instead of buying a play kitchen brand new we bought one for $4 and cleaned it up ourselves.

    Courtneys last blog post..Holidays

  11. 313

    Teresa C says

    Well, I’m trying to teach my kids the value of a non-material holiday. Not that I’m not encouraging no gifts, but I’d like them to know that the gift of themselves or their services are highly valued. This includes things like just helping their grandmother without having to be bribed by money. Or helping out at the food bank, which is what we did for Thanksgiving and will do for Christmas. I believe this is the true spirit of many of the winter holidays.

  12. 314

    Teresa C says

    Well, I’m trying to teach my kids the value of a non-material holiday. Not that I’m encouraging no gifts at all, but I’d like them to know that the gift of themselves or their services are highly valued. This includes things like just helping their grandmother without having to be bribed by money. Or helping out at the food bank, which is what we did for Thanksgiving and will do for Christmas. I believe this is the true spirit of many of the winter holidays.

  13. 315

    Rebecca Peters says

    I buy for the next year after christmas when all the christmas stuff is on clearance. It saves me alot of money on wrapping paper and decorations

  14. 316

    Christina E says

    I freeze my credit cards in ice and that way if I see something I want I have to go home and wait till the card thaws and by that time I decide it is not worth the hassle or the money.

  15. 317

    Kelly says

    My tip is what were doing this year instead of buying everyone on our list a expensive gifts.

    Have a family get together/present party instead of buying each individual gifts. Each adult person will spend $10 on 2 gifts one $5 gift suitable for a child and one $5 gift suitable for an adult.(if more then 2 kids in the same household buy an additional $5 gift for each) Following the family dinner we will all play games and let everyone reach into the special Santa sack (one adult one child) and pull out their gift. :)

    This will be saving all the family money this year plus I think it will help in putting family sharing back into the Holiday. We will enjoy a good meal good company and lots of fun all for a little price. :)

    :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

  16. 318

    veronica says

    plan ahead, budget, shop sales

  17. 319

    Carla Pullum says

    I like to shop Walmart after Christmas clearance. Last year I got beauty baskets for $3.00 and now able to give them out to teachers and other for this Christmas!

  18. 320

    R Hicks says

    one tip that our family uses is to draw names out of a hat when giving presents. It works and saves everyone a lot of money and frustration.
    ardy22 at

  19. 321

    R Hicks says

    Another good money saving tip is to buy from your local thrift bakerys. They always have good stuff at discounts. Just buy it close to the time you are giving it!

    ardy22 at

  20. 322

    Sue Farrell says

    Find out what time your favorite grocer marks down the fresh meat that is nearing it’s “sell-by” date and plan your shopping trips around that since meats tend to be the most expensive part of the grocery list.

  21. 323

    Brenda D. says

    One money saving tip that really helped me this year was to start buying presents for people in July and just buy a few presents each month. By spacing it out and looking for things on sale it wasn’t a blast to our checking account in December. Also we choose names for our big family gatherings!! I could sure use this card to start saving in January!

  22. 324

    Pamela Hansen says

    i owuld advise that at the end of this season purchase things for next year while they are 50-75 % off i get a tree every 3 years and then my old one i give to a needy family or charity

  23. 325

    kathy pease says

    i buy gifts on ebay you can find some awesome deals and you dont have to wait in lines or even leave the comfort of your own home :)

  24. 326

    Eileen says

    Some of our family members have requested not to receive gifts, but for money to be donated to a charity. When giving to the charity Samaritan’s Purse money can be allocated for specific gifts such as a well, goat, chicks, blankets, medicine, soccer balls, etc. They then send a gift card to whomever you choose saying what item(s) were donated in their name. I think it’s a great way to bless those in need.

  25. 327

    Julie K says

    My tip involves grocery shopping which is getting more expensive every week. Keep an eye out on websites that give links to free samples and free coupons from major companies. I have been sent some amazing freebies! Right now in my purse I have coupons for free hot dogs, free frozen dinners, free oatmeal, and even free dog treats. You actually CAN get something for nothing!

  26. 328

    Jaque says

    I am an avid coupon shopper. I save the coupons until the item goes on sale at a store that doubles coupon value. This has saved so much money through the years…and, as a single mom of two beautiful children, every penny counts!

    Thank you for this super giveaway. :-)

  27. 329

    Hesper F says

    I shop on “black Friday” to get super deals for christmas presents. I then shop the 2-5 days after Christmas to get holiday decorations at 50% off or more!

  28. 330

    Kathy D says

    I like to babysit for friends that can cut my hair, fix something in my house or do things for me… win win for everyone////

  29. 331

    My holiday money-saving tip:
    Give your service as a gift for those you love. Everyone has talents so offer it as a gift to those who would appreciate it. My mom recently moved into a new house and hates to decorate but loves a decorated house (not Christmas decorations but everyday stuff like pictures, sconces, etc.) so I’m spending an entire afternoon and evening with her to decorate her kitchen and living room. I love to do this stuff so I’m giving her my gift of time and service. We both win- she will cook a delightful dinner for me and we will get to spend precious time together.

    Think of your talents and what you could offer. Many people would never ask you to do those things because it might seem rude but your offer may be just what they wanted for Christmas.

    Angie Hopkinss last blog post..CVS Poll

  30. 332

    Decorate with paper snowflakes. There are many, many free patterns for downloading on the Internet. Use plain or fancy paper, whatever you have on hand. There are so many ways to use them- hang with fishing line from chandeliers, hang in your windows, tape to mirrors, hang on your tree, and my favorite is to wrap gifts in plain brown paper and overlap lots of snowflakes over the brown paper. Very simple but elegant. Lots and lots of snowflakes makes a great Christmas theme. Easy and cheap!

    Angie Hopkinss last blog post..CVS Poll

  31. 333

    Suzanne says

    Last year we had a “recycled” Christmas. We reused wrapping paper and bows. We bought garage sale finds and remade them for gifts. Remade frames, shelves, etc… I found a stash of tangled 70s necklaces and bought them for a dollar. Remade them into some fashionable bracelets and gave them with homemade treats. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that so many really loved them. (All the ladies want to know if there are going to be bracelets this year.) Honestly it felt so cool to see how all of the gifts were received. It was a fun change of pace, a challenge and very rewarding. This year we went crazy canning pie fillings from free fruit we either had growing or someone gave us …peach, apple, blueberry and we are giving those with a homemade pie filling mix out for gifts put in remade decorated baskets we had gleaned for pennies at garage sales or second hand stores. Then they can have their choice of homemade pie at their convenience that look just as fancy as you would buy in some mail order magazine….If I do say so myself we make great pie filling. :-D

  32. 334

    Save money this holiday season by reusing toys. Use hand me downs, ebay purchases, and consignment finds (in good condition of course). It costs less and is earth friendly!

    jill jacobss last blog post..Elf Yourself!

  33. 335

    I only shop with cash because using credit or debit cards makes it too easy not to keep track of what you spend.

  34. 336

    lori richardson says

    We make as many gifts as we can. Much more personal and filled with love! For those you don’t make for, stay organized. Shop throughout the year and make lists and budgets that you stick to.

    We have the kids make ornaments for our tree each year as well. Cheaper and more personal for us.

  35. 337

    Shay says

    Since every year it seems like we have a new addition to the already big group of nieces and nephews, my sisters and I have decided that homemade gifts are better anyway so we get together once a year and have a huge Christmas craft day. We make gifts for each child, save a grundle of money, and make memories in the process. It has become a tradition we look forward to every year, as do the children.

  36. 338

    Trisha says

    we have the best tree i ever had because we got it at 90% off at the after xmas sale last yr! its the best money i ever saved!! i buy all holiday items after and have fun packing it for the next yr!

  37. 339

    vanessa says

    Every year I send post cards as my holiday greeting cards. It saves me tons of money on postage since post card stamps cost close to half as much as regular postage!

    vanessas last blog post..Maybe the Dingo Ate Your Babies

  38. 340

    LBirk says

    We put aside money each month during the year, then limit holiday spending to the amount we

  39. 341

    I like to do a little shopping here and there throughout the year. When there is a sale and I see something that one of my friends or family members might enjoy, I buy it and save it. Around Christmas I take those “gifts” that I’ve been collecting and saving throughout the year and it takes the weight off of Christmas shopping. I am not stressed about time or going to busy shopping malls (although I still inevitably have a gift or two to purchase). Since I distribute my purchases throughout the year and I buy on sale I end up saving a lot of money

  40. 342

    Auriette says

    I’ll start shopping for Christmas 2009 on December 26, 2008. I have a “Gift Closet” where I store what I buy throughout the year. I can get great deals through closeouts, clearance, and sales, which enables me to give better gifts for less money. It also spreads out the Christmas bills throughout the year, so there’s not one big hit in December (or January, when the credit card bills arrive).

  41. 343

    PollyS says

    My best tip about saving money is to simply stay out of stores as much as possible. IF you must go shopping, go with a plan and a budget…and stick to it!
    Also, we save a lot of money by limiting our gift purchases. We mostly buy for the kids and our parents. Not many others. And you know what? They don’t mind. Really, who needs another Yankee candle or BBW bath wash?
    Thanks for this chance to win.

  42. 344

    Bonnie says

    Enter sweepstakes all year long, win all your Christmas gifts, if you win this $500 wait till the day after Christmas sales,you would be able to really up the value of the $500 and save the items to give next Christmas.

  43. 345

    Ann Marie Walker says

    My Best money saving tip would be to comparison shop. Places like Walmart will price match. That way you save money on gas from running all different places and you know you got the best price. You also arent tempted as much because your just in one store, not 10 different ones.

  44. 346

    Michael says

    Use CASH for NEEDS vs. plastic for wants. Sounds simple until you try it. Note: real cowboys don’t use plastic :)

  45. 347

    Kathy S says

    My best money saving tip is to remember what my parents taught me. They were “depression era kids” and knew the difference between “want” and “need.” There was a saying during the depression, “Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.” This has never failed me, and when we were raising our kids, I really never had any money..we lived paycheck to paycheck, and I was glad that both my husband and I knew by instinct how to save money. Never shop hungry, make a shopping list, and don’t do any impulsive buying. Use coupons, and plan your meals. My kids are grown and much to my dismay, are very much the yuppie spendthrifts, but they do earn good money, but it goes against all the values that they were raised with. We are comfortable now, but still very frugal. We shop sales, watch consumption of electricity at home, and always check the newspaper and online ads for a bargain. I’m so glad that in these economic times, even though we do have a good savings to cushion us in this, our retirement, we also have the sense not to squander frivolously.

  46. 348

    david barcelou says

    The best way I have noticed to save money is to not spend any of my one dollar bills and
    change. I save about 150-250 dollars a month that way.

  47. 349

    vicki andrew says

    I have been cleaning out my closets and making some extra cash at the same time by selling items on EBAY. I also use freecycle to get and giveaway good reusable items. Better to recycle than to have to buy something new

  48. 350

    JOHN BROWN says


  49. 351

    BRIAN E. says

    Holiday Tip: Consider turning on your Christmas tree / outdoor lights ONLY on Christmas Eve-Christmas night & New Year’s Eve-New Year’s night INSTEAD of turning them on every night from mid November until January !!!! Save money on your utility bill, and actually celebrate the individual Holi-DAY !!!

  50. 352

    BRIAN E. says

    Holiday Tip: Do the children in your life a favor, instead of more video games / console, buy them all books instead for Christmas…it will save you money, and ultimately, a good book will be a more treasured memory than a grey plastic box.