Nickelodeon Holiday Money Saving Tips Contest for a $500 Walmart Gift Card!

I told you I might be giving away a $500 Walmart gift card didn’t I…….well, I wasn’t lying!!!!  Thanks to the fabulous Nickelodeon sponsor, you could win it by sharing your holiday money saving tips with me!!  I think everyone is strapped for cash this holiday season so I’m looking forward to hearing your tips and handing someone some holiday money to spend!!!


Not only is Nickelodeon famous for Nicktoons, Nick Jr., and Nick at Nite—They also have a sister site called Noggin that I am a HUGE fan of.  My little guy watches Noggin because the show is aimed at preschool-aged and early elementary-school-aged children.  Their website is very toddler friendly and I let my little guy on their frequently and I highly recommend both website and channel.


Leave a comment telling me your BEST HOLIDAY MONEY SAVING TIP.  Best HOLIDAY money saving tip!!!  Please put some thought into your answer folks.



How the winner will be chosen:

After all entries are carefully read, the judges will pick their favorite top 20 Holiday Money Saving Tips.  Those 20 entries will be put into a draw, where one winner will be randomly chosen.

In the event that there are identical tips given by different entrants that make the 20, it is at the judge’s discretion to choose which one gets thrown on the hopper.

This contest ends on December 15th and the winner will have 24hrs to contact me with their shipping address at lori at thecowboyshack dot com.

Contest and rules are subject to change if needed.

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  1. 353

    A Casson says

    My Best money saving tip involves buying gas at the gas pump. You can get medium grade(Plus) gasoline for about $2.60 cheaper if you fill 1/2 your tank with Premium grade(Super) and 1/2 your tank with Low grade(Regular)which will make (Medium grade)-Plus if you do so. It may take a minute longer to do this but if you’re saving near $3 I’d say better the money in your pocket than in the Oil companies pocket!
    This was told on a news media show I listen to so I’m assuming its accurate and true. Thank you. skyxsky27(at)

  2. 354

    Debbie B says

    I’ve found that many chain stores have better prices online than in the store due to the fact that they are all separate businesses and even thought they carry the same products -the prices aren’t necessarily the same. I learned this the hard way by buying an item for $58 in the store and came home to see that it was $39.50 online – I called to see if there was a mistake and was told that each store sets its own prices and they may not be the same as online. A significant savings that will more than cover any shipping costs. So Check online first – saves you time and headache checking out at the store! Your time is priceless.

  3. 355

    Elizabeth says

    Do internet surveys and use the money earned to buy Christmas presents.

  4. 356

    Elizabeth says

    Buy next year’s Christmas presents during the Spring when cold weather clothing, etc are on sale.

  5. 357

    Bonny S. says

    My money saving tip: During the holidays many grocery stores offer great deals. Read the grocery circulars every week and make a list of whats on sale where. Clip coupons and use store brands instead of the leading brands. Stock up while everything is on sale.

    Bonny S.s last blog post..Win a $500.00 Walmart Gift Card From Geek Mommy

  6. 358

    Becky says

    My holiday tip is to buy presents all year long, and remember it’s ok to say no to people

    Beckys last blog post..Steven

  7. 359

    Bonny S. says

    My very best tip would be to shop on Black Friday. Get all the ads on Thanksgiving. Write down the gifts you plan on getting people and make a list for each store that has what you need. You will find some fabulous savings!

  8. 360

    Kristyn Martin says

    My best money saving tip is coupons!! You may only save a dollar here and there, but it really adds up!

  9. 361

    Tiffany says

    I start shopping for Christmas the week after Christmas. I shop throughout the year for items on sale. It keeps me from getting overwhelmed during the holidays.

  10. 362

    Tiffany says

    I do a lot of online shopping (saving on gas and and aspirin for the headaches shopping at the mall always give me this time of year) I always look for online deals, coupons, and free shipping codes. I get great deals without ever having to leave the comfort of my own house.

  11. 363

    Mary says

    Saving money tip: Don’t spend it!

  12. 364

    Sheila says

    I bought $1 pre-printed calendars from Target and have used left over scraps from my scrapbook stash and photos I did not use from throughout the year. I made four calendars and each of them turned out really cute and unique.

  13. 365

    Rene says

    I always start shopping early in the year. Even the week after Christmas. This is when I get great buys on toys for birthdays throughout the year. Also, I always go to consignment sales with good deals such as mothers of multiples. This is where I get most of my gifts and clothes. I am able to buy entire wardrobes for my kids up through size 16 for 50 dollars. They also only sell clothes that aren’t stained etc.

  14. 366

    Stacia Langston says

    Don’t give gifts just to give a gift. If you don’t know the person well enough to know what they can really use, or a child who won’t play with a toy, it’s better to give a simple gift card, maybe along with a plate of goodies and note.
    Merry Christmas1
    langston6 at

  15. 367

    Terry C says

    Shop sales and the clearance racks for great savings on gifts before Christmas. Shop the after Christmas sales for bargains on decorations and possibly gifts for next year. You can get so much more for your money that way.

  16. 368

    Sharon S says

    A great money saving tip is to shop for next years presents the day after Christmas where most items are 50% or more off. Like make up gift sets, perfume sets, Christmas decor ect. It saves loads of money and saves your insanity from shopping during the holiday season

  17. 369

    Donna Holmberg says

    I’m in my 40′s and my parents are in their late 60′s, so instead of buying gifts for my parents at Christmas, each year they get a booklet of gift certificates full of coupons for free services from me (i.e. – one free oven cleaning, one shower/bathroom cleaning, one kitchen floor cleaning/waxing, one full-house vacuum, and one free full-house carpet shampooing, etc.). They hate asking for help for things like this that they have difficulty doing, but luckily they don’t have any problem using the coupons that were given to them as a gift – it takes the charity angle out of the situation and puts them at ease, allowing me to help this without them feeling guilty for needing help. It’s a great way to help out the seniors in your life, and it’s a gift that doesn’t take any money out of your pocket either.

  18. 370

    jayne says

    Coupons are my BEST money saving tip. You will really be surprised at how much you can really save using them!! Thank you!

  19. 371

    Soraya says

    My best holiday saving tip is to plan ahead. I start with a budget of all that I want to do and then whittle it down to a manageable level of what I truly can afford. Some of the best memories we make during the holidays are free or nearly free activities. We do a Christmas puzzle in our dining room all through the season. We drive around to see the lights with a thermos of hot cocoa. We watch Christmas movies under blankets by the light of the tree, we bake the cheaper cookies that don’t require a lot of pricy ingredients like nuts. This year we’re making gingerbread cookies and sugar cookies. No chocolate or nuts to buy at the grocery store. We go to a free living Christmas tree music fest at a church nearby, we make a special trip with our kids to buy a toys for tots toy to donate. This year we skipped our fancy Christmas dresses for last years pj’s and robe. It made a Norman Rockwell type Christmas card and was just as charming as fancy dresses would have been. I’m making many more gifts because I planned ahead and used my time wisely. One of the wisest and most frugal parts of our Christmas season is that we are not overscheduled. We don’t have many parties to go to or events that overwhelm our children. We do a lot of stuff at home and my kids have time to be bored so our low key events seem like the best thing in the world, rather then something we have to top year after year.

  20. 372

    Pauline M says

    My best tip for myself is making a list and sticking to it. I have a habit of spluging and spoiling my kids and I’ve learned the hard way that it’s easy to plunge into debt. Stick to your list and look for the sales. Remember, with the economy the way it is, it’s best to be patient. If it’s not on sale today, it will probably be on sale tomorrow!

  21. 373

    Angie says

    My tip: Use the internet to its fullest potential. Search for and research your major purchases first to see where you can get a good deal. Don

  22. 374

    Jennifer says

    Don’t forget to take full advantage of sites such as Ebates. I am pretty frugal so I dont spend a lot, but I do as much Christmas shopping online as possible. I have earned enough thru ebates to pay a few small household bills after Christmas, when money will be TIGHT here (b/c my husband goes an extra week w/o a paycheck over Christmas) addition, ebates frequently has coupons to save % off or get free shipping etc. Watch for double-days when you earn double cashback! Every little bit helps!

  23. 375

    Jennifer says

    We get into the spirit of Christmas with our Santa’s elves (children of the toymakers who come to watch the kids behavior). I pick up little gifts throughout the year and the elves bring small gifts that often give us something to do. For instance, they are leaving the book Gingerbread Baby with a gingerbread man cookie making kit this weekend. I also print out the ABC Family 25 days of Christmas programming schedule and we spend many evenings watching a short Christmas show together as a family, and we fill in other inexpensive activities on the other nights when the shows aren’t ones for my kids. Spending a whole month doing special festive things together is a lot of fun for the family!

  24. 376

    kelly says

    Make your own gifts and reuse gift bags!

  25. 377

    Betty C says

    Start shopping the day after Christmas. Holiday themed items are deeply discounted and merchants are looking to get rid of excess merchandise before it gets inventoried for tax purposes.
    Shop online as much as possible. It saves time, gas and avoids the temptations that show up when you see an item right in front of you.
    Look for online discount codes for extra savings.

  26. 378

    tracey johnson says

    i shop all year long for sales. like target cleances most of their toys january and july. get to know your stores and see when they do most of their markdowns. i also check all ads and make lists on the cheapest prices. we also use nature items for decorations such as pine cones and alpples. merry christmas every one. [email protected]

  27. 379

    Stephanie H. says

    Consider buying your children or family something they can use all year long such as a membership to your local YMCA or a soccer camp or gymnastics lessons. This is not only more healthy for you and your family than just sitting around playing video games or watching DVDs. It’s something that they can use for many months without getting bored and you might have considered doing this anyway, but can now dedicate the money to it during Christmas rather than saving up during the year.

  28. 380

    My best tip would be to teach your children to value old fashion hard work instead of commercialized Fads. Have them make their own christmas cards and tree decorations. If you have a Gift exchange amongst adult, have it a NO BUY rule… you have to make it with your own hands!

    I’m sure that’s not the kind of tip your looking for especially in this day and age!

    Also, I make a list of whom I need to buy for IN JANUARY, then throughout the year I buy items on clearance and/or with coupons. Stick to the list. Do not impulse buy! My wallet does not know what retail means because I refuse to purchase gifts at retail. I’m not a scrooge…really. It’s just that when your bring home pay is less than 1,000 per month you stretch where and when you can.

    Same goes for decorations, those that we don’t make, we purchase AFTER the holidays and put them away for the following year.

    Stockpile items with coupons so you are buying them at about 90% OFF. Purchasing a case of ketchup, mayo, beans, whatever… will keep you from paying full price throughout the rest of the year! One time I bought 9 PALLETS of toilet paper (15 four packs to a pallet) because I had a coupon that made them free. We gave 1 pallet to the food pantry, divided 1 pallet up among friends & family and the rest we kept. It last 2 years!

    Tammy OHagan
    tammyohagan ~~~ AT ~~~ westco ~~~ DOT ~~~ net

  29. 381

    Andi says

    My best holiday money saving tip is to NOT EAT OUT. Seriously. Pack a lunch for work. Skip the fast food or the dinner out. Eat at home. It is way healthier and WAY cheaper. Add up all those lunches and quick runs through the drive-thru and you would be *amazed* at how fast it adds up.

  30. 382

    Kathleen Lewis says

    For the past 7 years we’ve been decorating my 8 ft silk ficus tree. We don’t buy a new tree every year and we buy ornaments at 75% off after the holidays. So over the years our tree looks great and it’s saved us 100′s of dollars.

  31. 383

    Stephanie H. says

    A great holiday tip is to make free memories with your children. It’s worth much more than any toy or present and they’ll remember those events like going to the live nativity at a local church or having a mini “picnic” of hot cocoa and cookies (from home) at a free Christmas light display. These are not only free, but so much fun to cultivate your relationship as a family and make lasting memories!

  32. 384

    AmandaK says

    The way we save is to make a grocery budget the day before we go grocery shopping. And we only get the essentials. If we can save on food, that means we have more money for bills and other expenses.

  33. 385

    Michelle M says

    One of my best holiday money saving tips is to buy photo collage frames from (you guessed it walmart) they have really good deals on these, and then catalog my digital camera for photos, they can be enduring, funny, or just plain wonderful. Then create a different collage for family and friends, it is a gift that keeps giving.

  34. 386

    Michelle M says

    Another money saving thing that we do around the holidays, is write poems then print them on beautiful paper and frame them, and give those as presents as well.

  35. 387

    CJ Foster says

    My best money saving tip is to go on line and search for free shipping and coupon codes for major store websites. Slickdeals is one such website as is couponcabin. I make sure
    to purchase through upromise so that credits go toward college
    loan payoff.

  36. 388

    Amber Styles says

    I like to make gift baskets full of free samples I’ve gathered throughout the year.

  37. 389

    Carol says

    Every year, I shop on Election Day and Veteran’s Day. The shopping rush hasn’t started yet so the stores are usually well stocked and not crowded. Plus, there are usually great sales going on and I save gas by only hitting the malls twice.

  38. 390

    P. Harmon says

    I have saved all the kids holiday art from past years from school. I take that and current holiday art, and hang it in collections around the house, entry way, stairway, hall, etc…its really quite charming. The kids are delighted to see I have saved their creations from the past. After that, we make a ton of paper snowflakes, hang them by thread from the ceiling, and put up our lovely hand-me-down tree from Grannie, and there is no room left for any fancy, expensive decorations.

  39. 391

    Adrian Lamont says

    Always check onlie for promo codes before you make your purchases, they can save you money.

  40. 392

    Marla says

    Do you have college students on your list? How about filling a reusable shopping bag (some are already christmas red & green) with some of the free or almost free goodies that you got from couponing and shopping the drug stores? Most of the reusable grocery bags are priced around $.99 and can be filled with homebaked goods, lotions, soaps, laundry detergent and the every day household items that really seem to add up. Use some of your stockpile to bring Christmas cheer and help the environment while you’re at it!!

  41. 393

    Brandy says

    My holiday money-saving tip is: Don

  42. 394

    Brandy says

    This is my other holiday money-saving tip, and it has served me very well! I make an exact list of everything I want to get everyone. I then do very extensive research to start finding the best deals. I use different coupon websites (Brad

  43. 395

    Shelba Lanham says

    Cook large meals so you can have leftovers for dinner the next day.

  44. 396

    Carol says

    Our family makes photo ornaments by laminating our favorite pictures, punching a hole in the top and hanging them on the tree with pretty pieces of ribbon. We’ve been doing this for 18 years and have a beautiful (and inexpensive) family history on our tree each year.

  45. 397

    sito says

    Shop the week after Christmas for next year’s cards, wrapping paper and decorations. You’ll get great bargains, usually at least half off. And, if you have Christmas get-togethers after Christmas day, you can purchase the gifts for those people and pay less.

  46. 398

    sito says

    Make a list of who you need to buy gifts for and a price range you want to spend on them. Stick to that price range, no matter how gorgeous that sweater is that she would just love. Check prices on line and in flyers before you go shopping so you have an idea of how much you should be spending. Avoid buying ready-made gift sets. You can make your own for less. Make Christmas ornaments or decorations instead of buying things for gift exchanges. There are lots of books and sites that have good ideas and instructions for some really pretty hand-made items, so you don’t need to be particularly crafty.

  47. 399

    Beverly M says

    I start next years Christmas shopping right after the Holidays are over. This is when you can get some great deals. Lots of things will be 50% off, or more and that’s the time to stock up on toys, wrapping paper, bows, decorations, cards, etc. for the following year. Thanks for having a great contest and Happy Holidays to all!

  48. 400

    Suanne Giddings says

    In addition to the usual coupon clipping, buying on sale, price matching, making a list, etc. I have found that I save a lot of money by using cold hard cash for purchases. If you don

  49. 401

    Donna K says

    I shop online during sales. I go through a portal like ebates to get cash back. Then before checkout I search for coupons for more money off or free shipping.

  50. 402

    Adrienne says

    Really? You wanna know how I saved money this holiday? I entered so many contests everytime I saw one I entered. I won a flip and a couple other things. That is how I have saved money and I suggest others do the same.