Operation Fatty #3 Back to the Grind

Well, I said I was gonna start my weight loss journal back up and I am.  I’m weighing in a 190, with a goal of 140 but I’d take 150;)

I’ll be using Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer, taking diet pills, and drinking my trusty Propel.  I think I can manage the 10 minutes for sure and depending on how well my body takes it, I can also do more.

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  1. says

    Aww, yay! You can do it! I’ve started (and stopped) so many weight lost attempts… um, and I am reluctant to admit that I have a bag of Hershey’s chocolate chips sitting in front of me right now :-P But your post was inspirational and I want to jump back on board!! I can’t wait to see what else you come up with! YOU CAN DO IT!!

    Mandis last blog post..Snob.

  2. says

    You go girl!

    We’re almost in the same boat…

    I gained over 70 lbs with my daughter. Funny…she only weighed 8lbs…I lost 30 right away and am struggling stuck at roughly the same place you are (haven’t been on the scale in a few weeks)

    I hope your success will inspire me!

  3. says

    I ‘m right there with you I need to lose alot . I want to for the very same reasons you do. However you are very brave doing the dance after each 5 for everyone to see, I wouldn’t do it even if I was skinny again. Just wanted to say good luck !

    Jenns last blog post..I Have Something For You !

  4. says

    welcome back to the weight loss game :) the Take It Off Together Tuesday gang has sure helped me stay honest. for awhile i wasn’t taken my efforts seriously…now that i have, i managed to stop fluctuating and lost a couple pounds in the last couple of weeks. i do this 15 minute 1 mile walk on dvd called walk away the pounds by leslie sansone. sometimes it’s hard for me to get motivated, but, this workout has this high energy music. do ya have any weights? increasing muscle helps to burn calories quicker…not like i have major muscles LOL anyways, good luck! hope to see more videos.

    ciaras last blog post..FF 55 #18 "Stinky"

  5. Karin says

    WooHoo! You’re back girl! Don’t feel bad about the break you took – sometimes life just takes you for a ride – you didn’t quit and you didn’t let us down either! You CAN do this and I’m cheering you on! I’m down 22 pounds and although I’d still like to drop another 25, I feel amazing! My kids thought I still looked like my HS graduation picture and I’m in my 40s! I’ll have to look into Tony Horton’s program. The library has a lot of these so I’ll start there. I need to mix things up a bit. Keep us posted – something that is a pain, but has helped me tremendously, is writing down everything I put into my mouth. I keep track with WW online – 65$ for 3 months. Helps keep me accountable.

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    Just wanted to say good luck with your operation fatty!

    I gave up soda entirely, and cut back on my portion sizes. Also, if I’m not hungry but that piece of cheesecake looks “oh so good”, I take just one tiny bite and tell myself that I’m not hungry, so I don’t need it.

    I also slowed down on eating, and stop when I’m full. Not to mention the Wii Fit system, which totally rocks my socks!

    I’m down 14 lbs. in less than a month. Again, good luck!

    Annies last blog post..Netflix, anyone?

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    Hi! Good luck on your weight loss journey!!! I’m there too!! I checked out your Diet Pill on ebay. Have you used this before? Is it good? What does it do…speed up metabolism?? I need all the help I can get!!! I’m buyin’ it, if it works!!!

    Have a great day!!!!

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    Oh yeah..and I forgot…my weight loss goals are very similar to yours!! I started out at 194 lbs. and now I’m at 178 lbs….I want to be at 140, but yeah, I’ll be more than happy with 150!!! But my weight loss is already slowing down!!!

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    hey lori! if you’d like anymore motivation/inspiration, i highly recommend joining bodyspace.com. if you have any questions about workouts, vitamins, etc, feel free to email me! i’ve been on bodyspace for a year and i love how it’s helped me stay in the gym. my husband has been training for 8 years and is working on his personal training certs. :)

    janinas last blog post..Feeling honored!

  10. says

    I am trying to lose weight too! I also want to be able to chase and play with my kids, feel better and be healthier and ALSO I really want to look good! I miss that the most I think. I have been dieting for almost 7 weeks now. I have lost 8.2 lbs and numerous inches. I wish you(us) the best of luck!

    Shelleys last blog post..My weight loss journey Week 6

  11. says

    Good Luck…. I lost all my baby weight within 3 months of having her now a year later I’m back up to what I was when I had her.. Ugh.. Being 150 or even 140 would be nice to be at once again.

    I’m sure you’ll be able to be back at your goal or close to your goal weight by eating healthy and doing any kind of work out video, diet pills hurt the body instead of helps it.