Operation Fatty: Fail, Trying Again

Fail, a word I know too well but I’m determined to not let it keep me down.  I want to be stronger but realize that I need additional support both mentally and physically.

I noticed that when people were rooting each other (me) on, I was doing great!  I felt not so much obligated anymore but motivated.  And then the encouragement dwindled down….and then so did I which means that I NEED to have people surrounding me, telling me I’m doing great, forcing me to exercise, and pointing a finger saying “Don’t eat that!”. I NEED it.  Seeing my picture with the apron on made me realize that I’ve gained weight and it sickens me.  I don’t know how it can be so hard for me to lose weight when I want to lose it so bad.  Frustrating.

Biggest Loser starts tonight and I know that they inspire me and I’ll get back on that horse and start again.  Even so, I also know that I need more than that.  I need help from a program and I need you. I hate to ask you to be there for me when I’m not always there for you all but I need you.

I am looking at weight programs to see what might work best for me. Every one of them has had success and failures but I want to know what you have tried and why it did or didn’t work for you.

I’ll continue my workout routine but I need you to make sure I do it–to remind me to do it every chance you get.

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    I am also trying to get rid of lots of extra weight. My biggest change this time is that I am not going to beat myself up if I screw up for a moment, a day, a week, whatever. Just start again and try to keep positive. I agree with you that support helps a lot – my hubby has been great to encourage without sounding harsh at all. Cheer yourself on too – this morning I sent a tweet saying Yay me because I did my workout this morning. I don’t know if you read my 1st Journey of Me post but it says a lot http://robynsonlineworld.blogspot.com/2009/08/journey-of-me.html

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    Girl. I hear you on the, “I don’t know how it can be so hard for me to lose weight when I want to lose it so bad.” I know that I only have about 5 lbs to lose, but it seems impossible, and I’m so sick of my pants being tight. It also gets a LOT harder at my age (I’m guessing you are younger than me?)

    I’ve done Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers, and I’d recommend WW over JC only b/c it is real food. JC is packaged food, and for foodies like you and me, that sucks. :-)

    And actually, both those programs have failed me this time, but I have been working with someone who may be a great fit for you. She is all about changing how you look at food, eating habits, and developing a healthy relationship to food. The name of her program is Eat Without Guilt. I actually JUST posted about it on the weekend.

    She is a nutritionist who used to struggle with her weight and yo-yo dieting, and she lived in France for a few years and discovered how differently the French view their food. She has applied their methods to her program, and it is really a different way to “diet” – and you really aren’t dieting. You’re learning to make choices and change your eating habits so you aren’t eating so much and yet you’re satisfied b/c you take the time to enjoy what you DO eat.

    Anyway, take a look at her site and see what you think. You can sign up for her newsletters too.

    I really hope you can find your inspiration and meet your goals. ((hug))
    .-= Musings of a Housewife´s last blog ..What I Learned This Week =-.

  3. Claire says

    I am trying to loose weight as well. For the first time in my entire life I have a weight problem. My Dr’s say that I am fine but I dont feel fine. I am heavy, heavier than I was the day before I gave birth to my daughter. I cannot even say that it is baby weight because I got back down to a size 6 about a year after she was born. I do have a lot of heath issues and spent a good year or so bedridden and unable to do anything active.
    The weight bothers me so much. People asking me when I am “due” also bothers me. I joked it off at first… “yeah, I look preggo, ha! ha!”. Deep down inside it kills me.
    I dont want to look this way. I want one chin not three and I want to be able to wear normal pants and not “stretchy pants” and yes I have resorted to wearing maternity clothes because I can not afford to purchase any new clothes for my growing figure.
    I have no support with loosing this weight and I dont know how much support I can give. I refuse to watch The Biggest Looser because I will not accept the fact that I am just like them. I know I need to loose weight but I have no clue where to start!

    • A Cowboy's Wife says

      {{hugs}} Small steps. Cutting out unhealthy snacks food-junk food and walking.

      Walking is really important and can make a world of difference. I experienced that. Maybe we can support each other;)

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    I have had so many *fails* with my attempts too! But I have found since we started Shrinking Jeans last fall, the support and encouragement I get from the ladies (and men!) there has really helped me stay motivated. They are their to encourage me when I need it, but to also give me that “kick in the ass” when I am slacking! ;p

    • A Cowboy's Wife says

      Oohh, I’ve heard of them! I think my friend Arianne told me about that site. I’ll have another look at it. Thanks so much:)

  5. says

    I’m in the same boat and I decided that instead of trying to do this on my own I would blog about my struggles. It’s hard because when I look at the scale I want to cringe but I think that by making myself accountable and posting my weight every Monday morning that I will stay the course this time. It’s really hard but having people to cheer you along the way and even a little tough love when you need it, is the key! Of course, eating right and walking helps too! I have tried every fad diet you can think of and I believe that in order to loose the weight and keep it off you have make life changes. Best of luck to you :)
    .-= Jennifer´s last blog ..Weigh In #1 =-.

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    I have to lose 25 more pounds to be able to have IVF. The military clinic in San Antonio with only do it if you are at a BMI of 29 or below. I have already lost 30 pounds (before I even knew about the BMI requirement YAY!) by cardio 5xweek and lifting. I also quit drinking soda and caffeine period. What I think really helped me was training to run a 5K. I did a program called couch to 5K i found online. I did the Abilene March of Dimes 5k in March.

  7. says

    Have you been using your SurfShelf? I know I go through phases where I just want to sit on my but and it never fails that when I get myself motivated again and get back up on that treadmill everyday the pounds start coming off again.

    I am definitely in a “sitting on my butt” phase now but I am pregnant so I have been using that as my excuse…when in reality I should be walking now more than ever. O.k. so now you have motivated be to get up and move. Hopefully I can return the favor.

    You can do it!!! Please keep us posted and remember that you deserve to be healthy and fit. xoxo
    .-= Emie Fenton´s last blog ..#1 Gadget Site Gizmodo.com Loves the SurfShelf Treadmill Laptop Holder =-.

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    I have been down this road so many times in the last 10 years. I finally got sick and tired of being sick and tired and did something about it this past March. As of last week, I am down 30 lbs, and so grateful that I have finally figured out a course of action!

    I have cut out red meats (eating quite sparingly) and eat turkey and chicken and lean cuts.

    I have cut out fats (as much as possible) – use vegetable spread for butter, and low or no fat milk, cheeses, sour cream, make my own ranch.

    I’ve cut out salt (use parmesan instead of salt, where appropriate) and use Mrs. Sash to spice it up.

    I have also cut out most sugar (it’s in my Power Bars and Fiber One bars, so not 100%) and I use Truvia for my coffee, with skim milk.

    For working out I began with the Wii Fit, playing their balance games on there, having fun and challenging myself. As the weight began coming off by merely “playing games”, I got more serious with it until I hit a plateau in June in which I bought the EAS Active to help me over it. Now I use them both! I do the EAS Active daily, Wii Fit every other day, running the Free Run on it and yoga (loooove the yoga). I also just bought myself one of those exercise balls for core training and I won a hula hoop from Hoopnotica that I can’t believe I can actually do (thank you Wii Fit’s hula hoop game!)

    I’m having fun working out by “playing games”, watching my body change AND by choosing leaner cuts of meat and low fat versions of what I eat, I’m still enjoying good tasting food, not cardboard or tasteless meals.

    Email me sometime, honey, I’ll motivate you (and anyone else who wants me to) as much as I can! I know you can do this!! :)

  9. says

    I’ve been following you blog but have never commented – I read your post in my google reader and finally felt compelled to share. I struggled with my weight for years – up and down, up and down, I’d make some progress and then fall on my face. I couldn’t do it. Eventually I learned that I had a problem with gluten and refined sugar – once I started eating them I either couldn’t stop or would think about eating obsessively. It was an awful cycle.

    I’m maintaining a 60+ pound weight loss – and it’s been this way for 6 years. If you’re interested I tell all about it on my blog.

    I know what it’s like to live in a body that you can’t get out of though you want to desperately. I hope you find a solution that works for you.

  10. Syd Lindner says

    My Dear,
    A few years ago I got maga serious about weight loss. Did LA Weight Loss for a few months and lost 32 lbs. If you follow their plan to a T you will achieve success. Didn’t do a lick of exercise not one additional step. Weight Watchers has also worked for me, again if you follow it to a T but it’s not as fast as LA. Trouble is keeping it up over time. I lost heart for counting everything, etc. and I’ve put back on. So Monday I started counting points again and WALKING. I’m trying to do 10,000 steps per day. My aunt lost 10 lbs by doing 10,000 steps per day and nothing more. It’s real hard! Keep going you are worth it. Little steps! Take it a day at a time! We are with you!

  11. Suzanne B says

    First of all, I think your apron picture is fine. You’re lovely and being too hard on yourself…
    But I am with ya, sistah!! You know how I cut weight? MORE water and NO SUGAR. It’s brutal and tough, but man, do I feel better!! My asthma doesn’t flare up, my energy level is high and my skin looks better, if I leave sugar alone.
    Plus I exercise 3-4 times a week….
    But I gave up sugar before I started the exercising. You can only demand so much of a body….

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