Operation Fatty: Food, Fat, and Bench Dips

I started my Nutrisystem food last week.  So far I’ve liked everything I’ve tried but two items.   I’ll talk more about that later.  The first thing I noticed was serving size of the items, which is fairly small but what I think people don’t realize, is that you are supposed to add food to each Nutrisystem meal and when you do that, it actually ends up being a large meal.  Everything is clearly labeled & color coded with Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, etc.  I really really like that.   I also got a lot of freezer food that looks really good!

One of my favorite parts of the package I got was this handy checklist guide (daily tracker) that has Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, Supper, and Dessert check boxes. Along with being able to pick your Nutrisystem meal, you are also reminded and able to pick your dairy/protein item.  I’m terrible at explaining this huh?

So here is my first meal.  It’s French Toast.  It was a decent size slice, sweetened just enough.   I put it in my toaster and it came out perfect.  I added my fruit which was a whole small apple sliced up and a glass of milk (8oz).  As you can see, it ended up being a big meal.  I was very full by the end of it.

So far the food has been good and no complaints.  Will keep you updated on the rest of the items as I eat them!


Sooo, you wanna know how I can tell I’m losing weight?  I can see past my stomach fat.  I can see my knees and feet easily.  Just thought you might wanna know that…..


Do you know what these are?  THESE are bench dips…

Now when you first start doing bench dips, chances are, you aren’t doing them with your legs straight out like that.  You are most likely going to have your legs bent to make it easier.  When I first started doing these, I could barely get to 5.  I’d start shaking and everything.  It was HARD!!!  Today, I did 10 with NO problem so guess what my trainer made  me do?  Yep, that’s right….she made me do 10 more with my legs straight!!  I got to 7 okay but then 8,9, and 10 were killer.  I didn’t get discouraged though. In fact, since I DO remember how hard it was to do these in the modified version for the first time, and can do them like this now, I know it’s gonna get easier and THAT motivates me!


I haven’t even told y’all but Anytime Fitness asked me to write some guest posts for their blog! (paid guest posts – disclosure)  My first one was an introduction post and I’d love for you to head over and read it if you haven’t already!

If you didn’t read my earlier post, Nutrisystem invited me to be part of their blogger program.  They have supplied all the food to help me lose weight and I just couldn’t be any more tickled about it.  So in full disclosure, I thought you should know that but always know, I’m legit yo.  Opinions are mine, always have been, and always will be ’cause that’s how I roll.

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  1. Meredith says

    Welcome to the Nutrisystem Family! We are so happy to hear that you are enjoying the program and we look forward to all your progress :) Meredith

  2. says

    I think any diet programs work as long as you stick to it. My friend tried the Nutrisystem and it worked a bit for her. She got discouraged and stopped. I think she went on to try the South Beach diet.