Operation Fatty: March Weigh In

I knew this last month would be hard because of spring break but we also did a lot of eating for some reason.  Despite that, I think I did well.

I noticed that I had more mental issues this time around.  I found it harder to get ready to leave to town for my workouts but once I got there, I felt great working out.   I cheated with food much more than I should.  Two things happened because of that cheating; I felt horribly guilty after eating crap I shouldn’t have and my belly didn’t even like what I ate.  I felt sick after eating several things that I hadn’t eaten in a while. The highlight of the week though was getting to workout with my boys all week.  It was fun and I think they were proud to see how hard I was trying.  Oh, and I’d love for you to check out my guest posts over at the Anytime Fitness blog!  That’s been another highlight!

I think I was just going through a slump but Spring is here and I feel more positive.  Our workouts have been strong and now that cardio has been added, I know that things will only get better and I’ll continue to lose weight.   I’ve just really got to get my eating under control. Thank goodness I have Nutrisystem or it would be worse.  Here is a quick meal that I enjoyed over the week while everyone else tortillas, sweet breads, and ribs. I ate Pasta Parmesan with Broccoli, more broccoli & cauliflower, and some very lean turkey for my protein.  Great meal that filled me up completely.  My favorite so far is the Black Beans.  So good with a kick of spice!  The ice cream, cinnamon buns, and muffins are great too!

And now for my measurements.  I lost another 5 inches total.  You can see where I lost those in the chart.  I also lost another 8 pounds.  That’s about 2 pounds per week which is very healthy!  So in total, from January 14th to March, I’ve lost 17.25 inches and 15.4 pounds!! WOOOOOHOOOO!

You can read all my Operation Fatty updates to see all my progress.  See ya next update!

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  1. Ollie Monroe says

    You messed up, It says you lost 15.4 inches….that was… 15.4 lbs…WOOOHOO!!! honey and you deserved everyone you lost way to go sista. I have gained ekk!! But getting focused again too. Thanks for your blogs of motivation!!!!