Operation Fatty: One Month, Measurements Update

It’s been exactly one month since I’ve been going hard at Anytime Fitness and hiring Sarah as my personal trainer.    It was a month that I thought would be easier with a trainer and while I find it much more motivating to have a trainer, it definitely isn’t easy. Everything about the workout is hard and exhausting, and at times, will have you wondering if you’re cut out for it.  But I’ve stuck with it and have done more than I thought I was capable of at this weight and in this unhealthy body.

To recap, I’m working out three times a week at 2pm, for one hour and 5 minutes.  I wish I could do it earlier in the morning when your weight and all is more accurate but I just can’t.  I start by warming up on the ‘stair climber’ machine for 5 minutes.  That one hour consists of 30 minutes of circuit training, which is HARD.  We work upper, lower, abs and it’s killer.  I never knew how weak my upper body strength was.  It’s also crazy to see your legs shaking from being so weak!  The other 30 minutes is cardio.  My cardio is done usually on the stair climber, which burns a lot of calories, and/or the treadmill and elliptical.  I find that I don’t burn near as much calories on the elliptical as I do on the other two though I prefer the stair climber even though it kills my legs.  (fyi, we didn’t do cardio for the first two weeks of training. We started with trying to gain some strength since I had none.)

3x a week/1hr & 5minutes/cardio and circuit training

While I have been incorporating more healthy eating habits and water, I still do eat whatever everyone else eats, just less.  This might have something to do with a smaller pound weight loss but I’m still very happy with my loss, especially in inches.   I’m SOOOO much firmer and can tell huge differences in my stamina and strength since I first started.

So I think by having the food options that Nutrisystem is giving me, I’ll definitely be able to really lose more.  I really need that here on the ranch.

With that, here are my numbers…………..

About 8lbs lost (mostly likely gained muscle) and 12.25 inches lost from my neck, down to my calves.   Sarah tells me that 2lbs per week is a healthy weight loss, especially for me still eating “fatty” foods here and there.  She thinks I’m doing great and so do I.    We kicked it up a notch this week and I’m starting Zumba 7 the treadmill at home this week as well.  I think doing all that will really make a difference but I need that Nutrisystem FO SHO!

And that’s the update y’all.  I really appreciate the support I’ve gotten from everyone. It feels so good to have that and it truly is motivation!  Until next time……….

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  1. says

    Awesome! It’s motivating to see how fast changes can happen, right? Keep up the good work! Are you going to be at SXSW or the next wildside gathering? If you are, can’t wait to see you again!

  2. says

    Woohoo!! Congrats on the loss, Lori! 2.5 inches lost just on your stomach. How awesome. I’ve also lost about 8 pounds since mid-January. It feels good to see results, doesn’t it? I’ve been doing at least 30 minutes of cardio everyday and just trying to move more in general. I bought a Fitbit pedometer to track my steps and it’s been great motivation. Keep up the great work!!

  3. Dorene says

    You are doing so great and an inspiration to all us “couch potatoes” out here in cyberland. Keep up the great work and I know that it’s tough, but you’re sticking with it and we’re ALL proud of you!!