Operation Fatty: Pushing Through and Something New

This week marks the 1 month anniversary that I’ve been working out with my trainer at Anytime Fitness.  While I haven’t lost tons of weight, I have gained muscle, strength, and confidence.  We take measurements in  a few days and I know I’ve lost 8 pounds but I’m really impressed with several changes with my body and mind.

When I first started at the gym, I could only do 5 leg presses at 80lbs.  Recently, I was able to do a pyramid set of 230lbs (about 35 total reps).  Wow, what a difference right?  I also did 100 squats during a 30minute circuit training workout.  I never thought I’d be able to do that.  Never!   Also, when I first started, my trainer would have to give me 30 second breaks to catch my breathe in between sets.  Today, I rarely need to do that.  I’m seeing firmness in my butt and thigh area and muscles in my calves and arms.  I see my stamina building but what I’ve noticed the most is how my energy level has increased a great deal.  Even my son stated how he’s noticed that I wake up in a better mood and ready to go.  That makes me feel great that he’s noticing….and proud.

Meet my trainer Sarah – (I took a photo of the photo on the wall at Anytime Fitness) Ummm, yeah, I have to train with that! That should be motivation enough right? lol

This is our inspiration wall.  It’s where we can write what’s on our minds, what inspires us, encourage others.  I love it.  We just started it and today when I walked in, it had quite a few quotes on it.  Very motivating.

Today I teared up throughout the workout. I felt weak both physically and emotionally but I pushed threw.   I kept thinking about how I could not fail this time and how I couldn’t let my family down, who have been so encouraging.  Sarah said I’d have bad days and today was one but I know that as long as I give my all, I’ll make it through.


I have made some incredible food (and beverage) changes since I started.  Sarah has been AWESOME at teaching me nutrition and while I don’t cut out all the “good stuff”, I have incorporated more of the great stuff.  I’ve even noticed that when I eat fatty foods, I can taste the “greasiness” in whatever it is.  And you know what else?  I rarely drink soda anymore.  I know right? I can see your mouth dropped.  I still will sometimes grab a fountain Dr. Pepper but I only get the small vs the 44oz like I once did.  I have also switched to Diet sodas but even still, I don’t drink them that much.  Only when I’m desperate for the carbonation.  I now drink TONS of PROPEL ZERO.  Remember how I drank Propel?  Well now they have ZERO which is NO calories.  I have a calorie budget of 1300-1500 and can now drink all that I want.  WOOOHOOO!


Like I said, I have made some healthy and awesome food eating changes but I feel like, at 200lbs still, I need a little more help.  Being on the ranch with the boys, makes it awful hard to eat healthier things because they don’t really want that all the time, so I decided to apply for Nutrisystem’s Blogger program.  I rarely do things like this but I feel that this will really help me reach my goal faster and give me the boost that I need, all while still exercising and getting more sleep.

So I’m proud & excited to announce that Nutrisystem has chosen me and will be sending me food to get this weight loss party rockin’!!!    I’ll be honest, with the fees I’m paying for the gym (and personal trainer), this will really help my pocketbook so I’m extremely appreciative of the opportunity.

If you’ve tried Nutrisystem, I’d love to know your favorites.  I know what mine were from way back then but don’t know if it has changed since so I’ll have to start over at finding my favorites.

And that’s my update for this week.  I’m really really proud of myself.  I must tell you though, all of you who encourage me are what drive me to push threw. I think about all your comments and realize how lucky I am to have that support and it just makes me rock on through!  So thank you very much for that.

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  1. says

    I have been on Nutrisystem for 5 days and it is unbelievable at how much weight I have lost…I couldn’t stand it any longer not weighing myself…lol. I love the breakfasts and lunches…The dinners are pretty good too! You will find some that you really like and some that you don’t care for much. It is a learning process. I really love the ham and cheese omlettes…and if you are a chocolate eater, their chocolates are great! Good luck on your journey!!!

  2. Sunnie says

    Awesome, sweet mama! Its coming along, keep it up, your going to love yourself so much more in the end. Long Live Cowboys!

  3. Missy says

    Awesome for you…although I have to say you are beautiful now! But I know how I feel at 234lbs. Not sexy! So, best wishes for a healthy weight loss!

  4. says

    Coffee is my big craving, not so much soda. Wouldn’t be so bad, except that I dump so much cream and sugar in it. Congrats on your 8lbs, soon you’ll be able to kick Barbie’s butt ;)

  5. Jessica says

    GO! Its tough the first 1-2 weeks.. just ask my boot campers. But they are LOVING it. Especially when you have to go get new undies because your butt gets smaller! Don’t get discouraged and try to ENJOY IT- Your trainer is there for your motivation and questions! She WANTS you to be successful…

    Rockwall, TX Personal Trainer