Operation Fatty: Recommend a Treadmill and the REAL Me

I get a lot of people saying, “You don’t look like you weight that much!” but the sad fact is, I do.  Many times when I post pictures of myself, I cut just about every part of my body off that I can.  But you’re about to see just how big I am.  Did you know that I wear spanx constantly and that I even try to hide my fat, in my house, from my own husband?  I sit a certain way, I pull my shirt way down, and I never let him see my get dressed.  He’s very supportive and has never said anything about my weight except for, “You look good to me.” but it’s all in MY mind.  Maybe I’m not 300lbs but I am still considered obese at the 190lbs at 5’5.  And still get confused for being pregnant.

And by the way, that’s my fake smile….that’s a smile that is trying to cover up the fact that I am cringing inside because she’s taking a fully body picture.  Cringing because she’ll probably show the family that picture and they’ll see that I really am fat..not they don’t already know but a picture is so much more real.

So, because I’ve been working hard on my weight here lately, I want to do a little more.  I’m already doing the 10-minute trainer but I think I need some cardio and I think a treadmill will be perfect for me.  I’ve had one, loved it, it died.


I’m asking YOU for your recommendations on a good–cost friendly treadmill.  Something that I can fold up to move into my room out of the way so that it doesn’t crowd my living room.  Can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

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    I love my IMAGE 15.0 R treadmill from Walmart! Even though I neglect it a lot I would never part with it. In 2006 I bought it for $200 on clearance. It folds up, tracks your progress and is space friendly for my itty bitty home.

    You’ve inspired me to post a full body pic of myself, that will be my project for tomorrow. I’ve just this week started a crusade for portion control so I can lose 20 lbs, when I hit the 150’s I’ll think I’m in heaven!

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    Hey, I am 5’5″ also, and I was 178lbs in 2000. Which is a BMI of 32, I believe. Not good.

    After trying Weight Watchers alone, I did what you’re doing, I bought a treadmill, and got on it every day. I also did weights and floor exercises, i.e. push-ups, sit-ups crunches, leg lifts, etc.

    It didn’t want to come off right away. Seems to take FOREVER to shed pounds at first. Hang in there, because just when it you want to quit, it will start to SLOWLY come off. But it will come off. Patience is the key.

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    According to Consumer Reports (I have never gone wrong following them), the best buys for folding models are the Epic View 550 and the Sole F63. Good luck, I want one too!

    Analisa Roches last blog post..null

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    We bought our treadmill at Sears. It’s a NordicTrack and we use it CONSTANTLY. My husband walks a mile in the morning when he first gets up and I walk about five miles on it at night (not every night). This might be a little too fancy for what you’re wanting, but it comes with a fan and all sorts of built in programs that you can use to challenge yourself. http://tinyurl.com/5vwutg

    The trick to a treadmill is to make sure you have a TV nearby. That way, you can watch TV while walking and you will be AMAZED by how fast the time, and the miles, fly by. We bought a small, flat-screen TV and mounted it on a shelf on the wall in front of our treadmill. I routinely watch DVD’s on it (it has a built-in DVD player) and I have to tell you, it’s the ideal set up. It was a little expensive, but we’re looking at it as an investment in our health and it’s really worth the money when you feel great and look good.

    Sorry this is so long, but I HEART treadmills – especially when I get to watch TV while walking – it’s time well spent and I don’t feel guilty because I’m moving. *smile* Good luck!!

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    I am more of an elliptical fan myself! ;o)

    My bloggy friends and I started a website to help us lose weight -you should join us!!! http://shrinkingjeans.net

    I applaud your bravery on the full-length photo. I know -I posted my weight and photo for the entire world to see too. But it is sort of a relief after it is done…

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    When I opted to buy a treadmill last year (which is starting to get a workout again now!) I went here:

    What’s cool about their reviews is that they FIX treadmills – so they know all of the issues with all of the various models.
    So their reviews are dead on.

    They also don’t accept money from treadmill companies.

    I ended up with our treadmill after thoroughly checking it out and finding out that it was a great deal in our price range and for our needs!:)

    Lucretia Pruitts last blog post..It’s the Contest I’ve Been Hinting About!

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    First of all, girl I think you’re beautiful, and I wouldn’t tell you that if I was lying.
    Second, I am not a big believer in treadmill, I love elliptical machines, mine kicks my butt. But if you are sure about a treadmill, the best advice I could offer would be to NOT get one that folds up easily. Mine used to fold up so easily, it stayed that way for years. I think leaving something like that out, opened and in your way will make you use it more.
    Best of luck to you!

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    I’m sorry I can’t help, as I’d love to have one but don’t.

    You look great. What a beautiful complexion! Never fear, I am heavier and one inch shorter, so I fully understand how you feel, and then some. God bless you on this journey of getting healthier. Just take it one day at a time. :0)

    Shawnas last blog post..New Email

  9. Jamaise says

    I think it’s a good idea – for health reasons. A treadmill never hurt anyone. Just don’t be so hard on yourself – you really are an attractive woman. Have you ever tried Weight Watchers? I have a friend who lost sooo much on the program. Her parents own an Italian restaurant that she manages as well. She just watched her points but ate regular foods even rich Italian ones. Just an idea. I don’t know about treadmills – good luck finding a good one.

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    Lori, you have such a beautiful smile and beautiful face! That’s what people are going to notice, and they’re not going to be concentrating on the fact that you’re a little overweight. Our society places too much emphasis on outward beauty. What really counts is what is on the inside of a person, whether they are friendly, whether they care about other people, and whether they are compassionate. That’s what makes a woman really beautiful. Sure, you’re conscious about your size just like any other woman is, but your beauty and warmth comes from the inside and radiates through your beautiful smile and face.

    Charlas last blog post..Sausage Rolls

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    How incredibly brave of you to post a full pic and the weight information. I was once where you were..same weight and 1 inch shorter. I found success in Weight Watchers, and recently joined a church group called PRISM. It’s very strict, but it’s working…it calls for no sugar, no white flour. It will transform your life. I, too, would love a treadmill, and think that I will be getting one passed on to me by my inlaws, as soon as i make room in my living room.

    Jen Beggss last blog post..March Brag Book

  12. chrystal says

    My only advice here is:

    Don’t do what I did, buying a treadmill and hanging your clothes on it does not help you loose weight!

    Oh well………. :)

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    Hi Lori! First off, you are too hard on yourself! You’re lovely!! We ARE our worst critic and that’s the truth! That’s what I’ve learned personally and you know–the pic I have up at Twitter, my Blog and my Myspace page…is from the year 2000. Yes, eight years ago. I plan on posting a new pic of myself once I get my Brother to take a pic of me w/his digital camera *since I don’t have one*. :) I shouldn’t be focused in the past on how I looked. Looking back, I love how I looked then. I was a bit younger and slim. :) However, I realize I have to learn to love how I look NOW stretchmarks and whatnot! Out of the past and into the NOW!

    I own a Weslo G-25 Treadmill that I got as a Christmas gift a couple of Christmas’s ago. You can get it at Walmart! That’s where I got mine! I haven’t used it in a while regularly and really hope to do so soon. My heaviest weight has been at 150 lbs. I’m now at around 130 lbs! I haven’t seen that number in like 4-5 years. I plan on losing at least 15 more lbs. I’ll be Praying for you Lori!! We girls need to stick together and encourage one another!!

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    What a bold move! I don’t have any insight on a treadmill, but wanted to say good luck! I use On Demand “Exercise TV” and I LOVE it! I get bored doing the same thing every day, so this way I can choose something different every day if I want to, plus choose the one that fits into the time-frame I have to work with.

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    I honestly can’t make a recommendation for a treadmill. I’ve had mine for 3+ years and I love it, but I’m guessing that they probably have newer and better models out there by now.

    Congrats on taking the first steps – it is sometimes hard to stay motivated and even harder with hubby and kids around. I also recommend Weight Watchers or some other program that will help you learn what to eat/not eat, portion control, etc.

    PS – my treadmill is in my office (it’s folds up against the wall) so I have to see it everyday and if I don’t work out, it’s there to “remind” me.

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    Girl, I love your hair cut!! I need to do some back reading to find out when you got it cut. BUt it looks really really good. And I think that’s a good picture of you.

    I have a cheap treadmill. I got it from a friend. I love it. I walk about 40 minutes at night. About 3 to 4 times a week. I am not sure what brand, but brand new it wasn’t more than 250. There are some really cool ones though!!

    Andreas last blog post..English Toffee Anytime Giveaway!!

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    Good for you for trying to live healthier!!! You are beautiful!! I personally don’t have enough money for a treadmill so I have found some cheap exercise DVD’s on half.com. My favorite is cardio kickboxing that is divided into 3 ten-minute segments so I can do a lot or a little. It’s in the Quick Fix series and they have lots of choices for all fitness levels. You can mix and match different 10-minute workouts to do what suits you. Just an idea…

    Heathers last blog post..Welcome Back!

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    Before you buy one you should post to freecycle (in your city freecycle.org) and see if there is anyone that has one they don’t use. AND check out craigslist.org you may be able to get one for a great price. I know many people who do not use them and hang their clothing and such on them instead.
    Just a thought.
    Happy day.

    anna/gbmom2407s last blog post..*Wordless Wednesday*

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    Hi Lori, this is Jared Fogle. I can certainly understand the journey of weight loss and look forward to reading about your success in the coming months! Also, I just started blogging myself and think you might find some of my information helpful and interesting…I’d certainly love your feedback! Check it out at wwww.Jared245.com. Maybe we can set up a time to interview each other soon! Take care…jared

    Jared Fogles last blog post..Joining Today Show’s Joy Bauer for Heart Health

  20. Dorene says

    I think you look great. Don’t be so hard on yourself..as someone said, we are our own worst critics..in my case, it’s justified..good thing I have a great personality (if I do say so myself).

    I just bought the Wii fit (and Wii of course) and we love it. In fact, in just the last month, I’ve managed to lose 8 lbs and I haven’t done that in years. I should get on it more than once a week though, but haven’t yet. You have so much FUN while doing the games/exercises, you forget you’re actually working out until the next day when you can’t move…but that too goes away after a day or so. I would really recommend the wii fit board and games.

    Keep us posted and hang in there..it’ll come off and before you know it, you’ll be doing full body shots in no time!