Operation Fatty: Treadmill, Weigh In and a Bunch of Rambling

Join me live tonight at Blog Talk Radio (9:30pmCST) to hear my interview with Michelle Aguilar from Biggest Loser Season 6. She was the winner and was gracious enough to let me ask her a few questions. Topics to discuss for the remainder of the show are healthy eating, the current biggest loser and possibly this operation fatty.
I’ll be posting me ON the treadmill soon but trying to wait as long as possible on that one! For now, you get a brief look at the treadmill and me talking….a lot.

I got my treadmill the other day from Walmart and I have to say, it’s wonderful!  I really enjoy working out on it. I put my TV on Food Network (ironic huh!) and then go!  I keep a water bottle close by so that I can stay hydrated throughout my workout.

The treadmill has the essential features that I wanted which was a fan and the incline.  It runs smooth and folds up for easy storage but I leave my down and right where it is so that I can hop on it daily! It’s a Gold’s Gym and was inexpensive compared to many other treadmills I saw.

The video is basically a whole bunch of rambling sadly.  I went on and on and on. And sorry about the bra strap. GAH!

I’m walking on the treadmill at least once a day, doing a 30 minute workout.  I’m going about 1.51 miles and burning just over 200 calories.  I’m stepping it up tomorrow!

  • Starting Weight: 189
  • Current Weight: 187
  • Goal Weight: 145

Watch at your own risk of boredom;)

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  1. 2

    Jill says

    Love your post! Ok so We are exactly the same. I had the same starting weight, same goal etc! I have been doing weight watchers which helps hold me accountable! Good luck and keep us posted!

  2. 3

    Karin says

    Hey Girl! Sounds like you’re taking some great steps on your journey! Good for you! I kind of slacked off over the winter, but I’m back in the game now and I’m cheering you on. You CAN do this!

  3. 4

    Denise says

    Good job so far. You can do it.

    Denises last blog post..Diabetes Meal Plan

  4. 5

    Mindy Holt says

    I cant weight lol Also I want to follow (and join) you on your journey! I can’t weight until I weight your starting weight!
    I will probably have to catch the podcast tomorrow but crossing fingers I make it to the live show.

  5. 6

    Good luck. I am working out too. I am trying to get ready for my wedding.

    Alba Guevaras last blog post..Giveaways April 20-24

  6. 7

    Stefani says

    I am trying to lose a few pounds too! I wish I had a treadmill at home.

  7. 8

    Hannah B. says

    I think you look great the way you are but I understand the need.
    Good luck with your program and I wish I could stay up and listen to you on the radio but I have an early day tomorrow. Will listen to it afterwards, as usual.

  8. 9

    alemos says

    I too am losing weight. I am now starting my 4th week on WW and have lost almost 10 lbs. YEA!!! I also am going to the gym at least 3 times a week and doing the treadmill for 60 mins. and then lifting weights. My goal is the same as yours although I started at 11 lbs. more. July is my first big goal and then and then hopefully by my birthday in Nov. I will be at my goal weight. I know we can do this …. just like you said “Baby Steps”.

    alemoss last blog post..Week 2 Weigh In

  9. 10

    You can do it! Little steps lead to big results. A year ago, I lost 30 lbs just by watching what I ate and exercising. I have another 20 to go…which I’m working towards right now as we speak.

    Good luck!

    PS – Will you have the radio show podcasted? 10:30 is a bit too late for this southern chick.

    Iva @ Horizontal Yo-Yos last blog post..Thirteen Years is a Long Time

  10. 11

    gaye says

    Help! The link is not working (even after a refresh). What model did you get? Best of luck, g

  11. 12

    gaye says

    Sorry – I should have watched the whole video first re: treadmill!

  12. 13

    Dorene says

    Congratulations on the 2 lb weight loss. Sodas are pretty tough to give up, but great job doing it. Small steps..you’ll get there..can’t wait to follow your journey.

  13. 14

    Lori, you CAN dooo eeeettt!!!!!! I know you can! You just gotta want it more than anything else and it will happen, I promise! Plus, it helps that your hot as it is, so that is just added motivation ya know :)

    Andrea @ Mommy Snacks.nets last blog post..Questions for Suze Orman

  14. 15

    Lori – I am so proud of you! And I’m going to be here the whole time cheering you on! You go girl! And I love the vlog!! LOVE IT!

  15. 16

    corrin says

    Congrats on the weightloss! If you have a Costco membership, try VitaRain. It’s their version of Vitamin Water but with zero calories. My downfall was fruit juice, and I’ve replaced that with VitaRain. I’ve lost 25 pounds since January.

    corrins last blog post..Twitter made me do it

  16. 17

    valmg says

    Hey girl! Great video. You’re beautiful. I hate being the fat girl too. I’m in the process of taking back my life, regaining health and losing the weight. (see the blog). Good luck! Maybe we’ll finally meet up at one of these events and both be skinnier.

    valmgs last blog post..EA Sports Active – Fitness With No Balance Board Required For Fatties Like Me

  17. 18

    Brooke D. says

    I love your new Gold’s gym treadmill! I working on weight loss right now and I would love to have this treadmill!

    Good Luck!