Orange Kool-Aid Crumble for Kids

The Summers are hot and I’ve been on the prowl for cold desserts to serve while entertaining.   I first saw Tina’s Kool-Aid pie 3 Summers ago and knew that both me and my kids would love it.  I decided to make it but in fun serving sizes appropriate for both my 6yr old and my older teens, and call it Kool-Aid Crumble.

Orange Kool-Aid Crumble

I decided to use Honey Graham Crackers but would have preferred Vanilla Wafers.  Truett wanted the crackers so that’s what we went with.  It would be great with both and if you use the vanilla wafer in the muffin cup, you wouldn’t have to break it up. It would be a great size to place in there!   I’m sharing three different ways to serve and I’d love to hear yours as well.

koolaid crumble

First, you need to pick your Kool-Aid flavor out.  We had so many to choose from but ultimately went with Orange.   Not sure if you know this but you can do so many things with Kool-Aid like tie-dye shirts, make lip gloss, and even paint with it!  I just saw the Kool-Aid liquid drink mix at Walmart and I had never seen that before.  I’m gonna give it a try!

koolaid crumble4 koolaid crumble2 koolaid crumble3

koolaid crumble5

I wanted to make a very simple recipe that can be thrown together and is GREAT when it has time to sit in fridge but still good if it doesn’t.   I broke up several graham crackers and crumbled up a bunch of others to make my dessert.  In another bowl, I combined the condensed milk, cool whip, and Kool-Aid.  Set and serve!  WOOHOO!  As you can, it’s easy and definitely something you can have your kiddos help you with.  I let Truett use the cookie dough scoop and place the broken crackers into the muffin cups so while I may have been able to make it look ‘prettier’, it didn’t matter to me.  He felt like a big guy helping and seeing his creation and I loved our time together.  Don’t worry about how it will look y’all.  Just let them have fun!

koolaid koolaid crumble


Orange Kook-Aid Crumble for Kids

Orange Kool-Aid Crumble

By A Cowboy's Wife Published: June 21, 2013

    The Summers are hot and I've been on the prowl for cold desserts to serve while entertaining.   I first saw Tina's Kool-Aid pie 3 …


    • 1 package honey graham crackers
    • 1 package Kool-Aid your choice of flavor
    • 1 8oz tub Cool Whip
    • 1 14oz can Sweetened Condensed Milk


    1. Blend (or break up) your graham crackers and put in containers of your choice; muffin cups, glassware, or mason jars.
    2. Combine Kool-Aid, Cool Whip, and Condensed Milk together.
    3. Pour on top of graham crackers or layer in mason jars. I used a cookie dough scoop, which made it a lot easier.
    4. Refrigerate for 2 hours and serve.

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      Orange Kool-Aid Crumble

      Disclosure: I am an official Walmart Mom. Walmart has provided me with compensation and gift card in return for my time & efforts to create this post. Opinions are my own, always.

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