Orangesicle Cake!

If you’re old enough, you’ll remember the tasty orangesicles.  You might have bought them at the store or maybe even at the fun ice cream trucks that would make the neighborhood rounds.  Well if you follow me on facebook, then you saw that Pillsbury is bringing you those same yummy flavors in an orangesicle cake and cookie mix!  Not only that, you can also try it in Key Lime!!


I wish I could take credit for this, but I can’t.  My mom said it would be super cute to make a cake look like an orangesicle and I have to say, it turned out pretty cute!! All I did was use a 13 x 9 cake pan, stick a paint stick through it, and took a ‘bite’ out using a cookie cutter I had with teeth.  HOW FUN!  You could also buy regular popsicle sticks and make mini ones so that the kiddos could actually hold in their hands!!

orangesicle cake

When you are mixing this cake, it’s pretty thick.  It smells just like an orangesicle too!  It baked great and has such a soft texture.  It’s a little more on the dense side than fluffy, however, on the box is a set of directions to make it fluffier using egg whites.   The flavor was pretty darn great! You can definitely taste the orangesicle flavor and it just brings back memories.  The key lime is equally as good and also tasted just like it says. I loved the fun, vibrant colors of both and wish I had had these flavors during the school year.  Truett gave it two thumbs up and wants to try a real orangesicle!

Truett eating cake


Disclosure: I am an official Walmart Mom. Walmart has provided me with compensation and gift card in return for my time & efforts to create this post. Opinions are my own, always.

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    The shape of the cake was an excellent idea. tell your mom great job. I have always loved orangsicle pops. I am defiantly going to bake this cake up. It will be a great treat for the little ones. Thanks for sharing :)