Our 20th Anniversary Dinner Date

January 30th was our 20th anniversary.  20 years y’all?!  That’s just crazy to me, you know?  We celebrated with a cruise to the Western Caribbean but since our actual anniversary was after the cruise on a Wednesday, we chose to have an at-home dinner date.  We actually spend less on this dinner than what it would have cost to go out and eat at a restaurant and our food was just as good, if not better!

anniversary dinner8

We had to eat at our ‘bar’ in the kitchen because our ceiling fan decided to not work at anymore.  We tried new light bulbs but nothing.  It doesn’t matter anyways, ’cause we were together.  Although, it makes for terrible photos because of the odd lighting we have.  Sorry about that!

anniversary dinner5

We opted for a surf -n-turf kind of meal.  We bought some shrimp, salmon and dessert, topping it all off with champagne and strawberries.   I picked the Green Giant steamers because I didn’t want to cook anymore than I had to.  They are always really good and easy to make.  The salmon is something we buy pretty regular around here. It’s under $5 bucks and the each piece is sealed tight.  We also buy shrimp somewhat regularly too.  My guys could founder on shrimp! I usually use some butter to cook them in but my husband found a shrimp sauce by McCormick seasoning that he wanted to try and he said it was delicious!

anniversary dinner9 anniversary dinner

anniversary dinner6

After dinner, we ate red velvet cake and white chocolate covered strawberries. I bought the cake and quickly made up the strawberries.  That red velvet cake was delicious..holy goodness!!!!  It was only $8 bucks and worth every cent.  Our champagne came from the cruise and the ring……well…..

anniversary dinner10

My son and his friend showed up to help us devour all the food so it was a hit with all of us.  The cake lasted about 2 hours. Yes, it was that good.  What I loved about this dinner date was that we both went shopping for the items together, cooked it together, and ate it together.   We spent less than normal but still got all that we wanted.  We had fun as a couple and were home when my son decided to show up. Had we gone out, we would have missed him and I never miss an opportunity to be around my boys, especially when they’re grown up and moved out.

Not sure where you shop but I got everything at Walmart..everything but the champagne.

  • Bags of Salmon – $4 for 1lb bag (you can read more in Toby’s favorite meal post)
  • Red Velvet Cake – $8 found at bakery
  • Bags of Shrimp – $5 each
  • Strawberries – 2 for $5.00
  • Nestle Premier White Chocolate Chips – $3
  • Green Giant Steamers, $2.87 each
  • Prime Steak – $10 (we used steak we already had but Walmart has some great prime steak)

That’s about $40 bucks for our entire meal.  Hellllo! That’s what I’m talking about!! We could have easily spent $75 eating out on top of the fuel it would take for us to drive to town to eat.  We were quite happy!  I opted to buy a candle and candle holder as well but that didn’t add much to the dinner budget. I don’t even know how much the McCormick Shrimp Scampi sauce was. My husband bought that with a few other things he was buying for himself but I know it was worth every penny since he said it was great.

What’s your favorite meal for special occasions?   And more on the strawberries and ring to come………

Happy 20th Anniversary to us, Mr. and Mrs. Falcon

mr and mrs falcon

Disclosure: I’m an official Walmart Mom. Walmart has provided me with compensation and gift card in return for my time & efforts to create this post. Opinions are my own, always.

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  1. Sunnie says

    It looks like you made a real nice dinner, this is so great guys! Im happy for another strong marriage in a time where people (I think) dont think a whole of marriege anymore. Heres to 20 more years!

  2. Lauralee Hensley says

    Your ring looks pretty special. What a great hubs you must have. The dinner looks fab, and I’m like you about the Steamers. Make it easy if you’re eating in on special occasions like an Anniversary.