Our Hall Closet Decluttered – WOW!

Oh the dirty little secrets we housewives keep…… *insert Psycho music here*

messy hall closet

Come on now, don’t judge me. You know you have one of these hidden hall closets of chaos.  Fess up.  This closet has been like this forever.  What’s sad is that is that I always use this closet, sometimes even trying to shove something in and rushing to shut the door before anything falls out.  You don’t have to admit it openly, I know you’ve been there.

A new year brings new projects.  I am determined to declutter as many areas of my home as possible, starting with this one!  What a fantastic garage sale this will make once I’m done huh?!  Since I have shelves and plenty of room at the bottom, I knew I only needed a couple of things to declutter and organize this hall closet.   I opted for a trash bag for trash, a trash bag for garage sale items, space bags, and the clear sterilite containers from Walmart.


I wanted these cute mainstays bins but since nobody but me will see them, I opted for the cheaper route this time.

mainstays bins

I began by getting everything out of the closet and into the hall.  FUN!

messy hall

I then took all the comforters, sheets, and pillows that we don’t use and sucked them skinny into the Space Bags.  Please don’t ask me why I’m not using them or why I don’t just get rid of them. I have no answers.    The picture doesn’t quite do it justice but it dramatically reduced the amount of space these comforters were taking up.

spacesaver bags


I placed this at the bottom of the closet.  I tossed out junk and trash and things that I no longer needed but still in good shape went to the garage sale pile.    I started separating things and using the plastic containers to organize it all. I used the blue ones for guy stuff and the clear ones for everything else.

decluttered closet

food photo pieces

organized hall closet

I actually had so much room left that I couldn’t find anything to put on that shelf.  I decided to fill one for all my extra pieces that I use in food photography.   It was quite amazing what I found in the closet and equally as disgusting to see how it had gotten so bad.   After all was said and done, I couldn’t have been any happier!  I can see what’s in my Sterilite containers, I can see the floor, and I can easily grab something I need.   Now that I’m writing this and looking at the picture, I think I should buy one of those shelf stacker organizers for my dishware items. I could fit a lot more with something like that!!

messy closet   hall closet decluttered

hall closet decluttered

So now just to make me feel better, please confess your own hidden area that is in need of decluttering.  Do you plan on tackling it this year?

Disclosure: I am an official Walmart Mom. Walmart has provided me with compensation and gift card in return for my time & efforts to create this post. My participation in this program is voluntary and my opinions are my own, always have been, always will be.

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  1. Becky Gifford says

    Be careful with the bushel basket at the bottom. The vacuum bags get snagged up pretty easy and will get a hole in it. My Husky Dog tears up those bags every chance she gets to attack one!

    • Becky Gifford says

      ah… sorry to forget a great compliment…., You closet looks great. inspiring.
      I have one I want to attack but keep putting cleaning the garage first … so nothing gets done!

  2. Lauralee Hensley says

    Had a closet like that a couple years back, but had a garage sale and then the things that didn’t sell where donated. So closets look pretty good still.

  3. says

    Our linen closet needs it bad. It’s about as wide as yours, but a little deeper, which makes it a little odd… things get pushed to the back. I’m going to be tackling our coat closet first since that’s the easiest.

    Great job!

  4. Melissa M. says

    WOW!! Your closet looks great.
    I have a few closets like that and my office looks like that right now.I am trying to get it all cleaned up.