Our Poor Lil Colt

I’m so glad the weekend is over!  These kids eat like they ain’t gonna eat again in their lives.  All the boys had so much fun though so I’m glad.  Tyler’s the cool one and they all said that they thought Tyler’s DAD was DA BOMB!  LOL.   They said he’s sooooo strong because of the way he pushed that steer in the trailer!  Pictures are below of them skinning the rabbit and on the horse, so if you’re a squeamish sissy, don’t scroll down;)

It was also a SAD day today!  We knew as soon as we saw the horses come up this morning that something was wrong.  We were missing the lil colt.  Our son drove up the hill to see if he could spot him and then we got the stomach wrenching phone call from him.  He said it’s bad and he can’t walk.  My husband told him to come on back and hook up the trailer.  I SO didn’t want to see the horse but I went down to the barn to check it out.  His whole shoulder was practically gone.  There was a muscle the size of the grapefruit that my husband had to cut off because it was dangling by a thread.  The front of the chest was cut up, as well as, his other leg.  You could see the bone and all.  It was awful!  I was gonna take pictures until I saw how bad it was and then I changed my mind.  I knew it might upset some folks so I didn’t do it. 

We have 2 choices.  We can keep doctoring it and hope it heals or we can put him down.  My man has become quite soft hearted so putting him down really wasn’t an option.  This is how we will doctor him every day until he’s healed:

  • Wash the wound with COLD water until it looks white almost.
  • Spray Scarlett oil all over the wound.
  • Penicillin
  • Banamine when needed for pain.

 I can only hope for the best.  Since he’s not even quite a yearlin’ yet, he will probably be ok. 


Well, unfortunately is was a mountain lion.  They usually don’t mess with the bigger horses but since he’s still little, he was fair game in their eyes.  We actually have lion hunters out here all the time and even have traps set up all over the ranch to catch them.  The man that hunts the lions was out today and let us know that he has set some new traps to hopefully catch a few more.  I sure hope so ’cause I hate to see things like this happen!

Anyways, here’s a couple of pics of the kiddos having fun:)

These are 2 of the boys that stayed with us.  They’ve never killed a rabbit, much less skinned it!


Here is Tyler’s friend skinning the rabbit and yet, it looks like Tyler is doing all the skinning..lol.


This is another friend with Tyler a-horseback.


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  1. Joe Bob says

    Sorry to hear about the colt. Maybe Charles and I will try our hand at Mountain Lion hunting when we come down.

  2. says

    Im sorry to hear about your fine colt
    ive just stumbled on you blog also well done /without knowing about the wound your treatment sounds postive and promising might i suggest somthing that ive used for many years is recipe that i created, simple with two products,
    great for proud flesh and scaring to be used at your discretion,when condition of the wound subsides,

    heat 3 parts vasoline in a container of boiling water the mix 1 to 1.5 parts of
    /”Farnam Wound Powder” ,black powder,must have the charcoal to be good,mix then cool and apply at room temp or warmer,no need to cover just use lots and every day you wiil see a better day soon ……..

  3. Lori says

    Hi there. I know exactly what you are talking about. We have used Wonder Dust in the past but have found it hard to find. If you would like to advertise with this blog, please click on any one of the many links I have to advertise in the sidebars. Thank you for your comment, Banamine.

  4. says

    Sounds like the boys all had fun. My son who is 6 was in awe over how large those rabits are!!

    I hope the colt will heal fast. I have had things like that happen here too. We have accidents with barb wire. Our horses come in with “bear claw” marks all over them. They heal fast, the little ones. We have some break their legs, that is sad.

    Andrea’s last blog post..A Close Shave