People that Inspire My Weight Loss

You know how you see those commercials with the before & afters and while they look great, I don’t know who those people are so it means a little less to me. For me, I need to changes like that from real people that I know, have hugged, and can talk to any time of day.

I’m extremely lucky to have the support system that I do. My kids & husband, my mom, and my friends are amazing when it comes to encouragement. Not everyone has that. I’m so very lucky, I really am.

But there are three people that, when I’m having a hard day and am ready to quit, I think about; Renee, Tina, and Leah.

When I first met Renee, I knew that she was a bigger girl, but I don’t think I though of her as fat.  I just remember thinking that despite being a bigger girl, she still had this incredible confidence and smile.   She’s worked so hard to reach a healthy weight and she’s very much an inspiration to me.  Her hard work has paid off in many ways but probably one of the coolest is getting to star in the EA Sports commercials.  How gratifying it must be to know what you once weighed, then see yourself on TV, looking absolutely hot.  Renee on twitter | her blog

Tina’s weigh loss is inspirational but that’s not what really inspires me.  What inspires me about her is seeing how vibrant, happy, and healthy she is.  I love to watch her ‘live life’.  Seeing the foods that she eats has helped me with my eating.  I’ve learned of a few new foods from her like Barney Butter, which I’m obsessed with, and I really like seeing what she throws on her pizza and in her salads. She’s always smiling, always positive, and love that she’s not afraid to throw one back!  When Tina’s not hanging out with friends or her pug, she’s running marathons!  Check her out.  Tina on twitter | her blog p.s. she’s got a new book coming out soon that you can preorder now! –> Carrots ‘N’ Cake: Healthy Living One Carrot and Cupcake at a Time

And Leah….I secretly call her crazy woman ’cause she has this enormous amount of energy ALL the time.  She’s just so positively infectious and if you’ve ever been around here, you know what I’m talking about.   She’ll make you laugh, feel special, and I love watching her do her thang!  There’s really too much to mention here about Leah and highly recommend you read her story and check out Mamavation.  She rocks!  You can find Leah on twitter | her blog | her kick ass weight loss community , Mamavation.

As I mentioned before, my family plays a big role, specifically my boys.  I love that me and my boys can compare what we did in weights for the day and I love that they’ll casually say, “you’re doing good mom”… makes me proud and totally inspires me to keep pushing through.

What does it take to inspire you to get moving?

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    Having lost over 200 pounds for myself and my children I am regaining confidence, energy and health after more than 20 years of being morbidly obese. I will allow myself to be in pictures now, something I tried to avoid for years because the sight of me disgusted me.