Photo Nuts and Bolts – Know Your Camera and Improve Your Photos

Update: I am looking at this ebook and wowed with all the info and photo tutorials. EXCELLENT!  OH, and the pocket guide is sooooooo handy! I just printed it to keep with me at all times.

Just released from DPS, is this fabulous ebook, Photo Nuts and Bolts, that compiles excellent tips and help for you to get to know your camera and improve your photos.  If any of you are wanting to improve your photography, this is going to help you a great deal and the fact that the information comes from such a trusted source, Darren  and his DPS peeps, it’s packed with tons of very useful information from respected, seasoned photographers.Photo Nuts and Bolts ebook

From the site:

10 Lessons to Give You Control Over Your Camera

Buying this book — you’ll be walked through the following topics:

Lesson 1 — Light and the Pinhole Camera
Lesson 2 — Lenses and Focus
Lesson 3 — Lenses, Light and Magnification
Lesson 4 — Exposure and Stops
Lesson 5 — Aperture
Lesson 6 — Shutter
Lesson 7 — ISO
Lesson 8 — The Light Meter
Lesson 9 — White Balance
Lesson 10 — Metering Modes and Exposure Compensation

and so much more!

I ordered and downloaded my copy of  Photo Nuts and Bolts today and I highly recommend you do the same, especially because it’s on sale right now!


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    • A Cowboy's Wife says

      I know! I LOVE it. It’s very easy to read and the images really are so helpful. I don’t know about others but I need a visual almost always. And the assignments will be fun to do. Thanks for stopping by. what a great site you have!