Photographing FOOD Issues 1 and 2

I haven’t shared a photography resource in a while but I’m about to start back up again.   Today I wanted to share Photographing FOOD.  It’s a downloadable ebook that is absolutely fabulous in providing you the know-how to create a beautiful food photo.  There have only been two issues published but I’m sure that’s just the beginning.  They are two very important ones; Window Lighting and Color & Camera.

Photographing FOOD

Photographing FOOD

Window Lighting is packed with valuable information to help you get the best photo you can with your current window lighting situation.  I have a window that gives good light but I wasn’t using it effectively. This ebook totally helped me improve that and it was SUPER simple!   You’ll get tutorials on how to set up your own diy studio and even tips on what angle is best for the situation.

photographing food issue

I love how they are literally in their garage!  It doesn’t have to be hard y’all.

Photographing food color and camera

The second issue is Color & Camera and man is packed full with information.  I love it!  This one was very interesting because it really went in depth on colors. It explained backgrounds, various ways to take your photo and the dynamics of what each ‘pose’ does.  It’s just so informative. I’ll be trying some tactics I learn from this one very soon!

photographing food peek

Each Photographing FOOD ebook is only $5. It’s a small price to pay to teach yourself how to take beautiful photos. You can tell they put a LOT of thought and consideration into these very high quality ebooks.  If you’re looking to improve your photos, especially food photos, these are for you!  I cannot wait for the next issue to come out.  Good luck with your learning.  If you’re like me, you try to teach yourself at least one new thing every day.



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