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lightscoop photography bounce pop-up flash

EDITED TO ADD: There’s a giveaway going on for one at that ends on Nov. 12th. Check it out!

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It’s hard to get photographers gifts because everything is so dang expensive but the Lightscoop comes in just under $35 and would make for a great gift.

I was asked to review and since I have a SLR camera, I accepted.  It comes with a brief but informative manual, complete with photos and all to show you how to use it.  I read through it all but decided to use my normal settings and just go!  It was super easy to place on the camera and using it was a breeze. From the website:

Lightscoop is a smart low-tech device that creates soft, flattering light by redirecting your camera’s pop-up flash to a ceiling or wall.

Don’t let your convenient little pop-up flash ruin your photos with evil red eye, ugly shadows, hot spots, bleached out faces, underexposed colors, and blurry movement that exist only in your photographs, not in the real world.

Slip a Lightscoop on your camera and never miss out on another fabulous picture! Lightscoop creates soft, natural light and lets you capture the scene the way you see it.

That’s a better description of what I could give you. The best thing I can do is show you the difference it made.  There are times when I’ve wanted to take a picture of the cover of a book or photo inside. I’m weird that way.  I chose this photo of a book we have called, Pitchfork Country-The Photography of Bob Moorhouse.  My brother-in-law is on the cover of that book as well as inside it.  It’s a great picture and I’m a sucker for wagons.  (just in case you need gift ideas for me..just sayin’. )

As you can in the before photo, without the Lightscoop and with the regular flash, it’s very washed out and you can see the light reflection on the book. Not a good photo.

Pitchfork Country Book Cover

I attached the Lighscoop to my camera and viola!  Now THAT is a HUGE difference!  I’m already sold and that was just the first comparison I did.  I still need to play with it more to get a good feel of what it’s really capable of doing but judging by this photo alone, I’d say it’s worth every cent and I wholeheartedly recommend it to all.

Pitchfork Country Book Photography of Bob Moorhouse

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  1. Sara says

    Wow! That is a big difference. So it doesn’t diffuse it, it bounces it off right? I have to check that out. Thank you for the review.

    • A Cowboy's Wife says

      That is correct Sara. It’s not a diffuser. If you check out the website, they have TONS of examples. It’s awesome!

  2. Dorene says

    I saw that they sold 2 different types (standard one and a warming one). Do you know what the difference is between them and which one you have?

    This is a great gift for anyone into photography like my roommate and I.

  3. says

    I’m not a photographer (yet) but my brother has an advanced interest and he has one of these lightscoop things (not sure if it’s exactly the same but it does the same kind of thing) and I promise, it works brilliantly. His pictures have a more gentle light and deeper clarity.