Preparing for Thanksgiving

Perfect Thanksgiving

We all want to have the perfect Thanksgiving, however, some of  us need a little more help than others.  One of the items I recommend for cooking your turkey, is the
Nesco 18-qt. Nonstick Cookwell Electric Roaster
 to free up your oven for other baking and cooking that needs to be done. I have an earlier version of this and I love mine.  I also find that you don’t have to worry about checking the turkey so much.  You basically set it and forget it..HA! That sounds familiar doesn’t it!  You should buy a thermometer to use because you want that turkey to be DONE. I prefer digital but anything will do.  A timer is recommended!! I use this just about every day of the year so it’s well worth the investment, which is minimal by the way. Of course there are expensive ones out there that look really cool but they are work the same for the most part.

My sister-in-laws are not the cooks their mother was so you can be they have a dozen cookbooks on hand to help guide them through the cooking path to success.  And believe me they need all the help they can get:)  Obviously, cookbooks are for newbie cooks more than anything but if you have a creative side and are a seasoned cook, then you should still pick one up.  There are many new ideas out there that could be your next family recipe that you hand down. 

Aside from the cookbook shown in the picture, here a couple I recommend.

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  1. Karin says

    I love cookbooks! I’ll have to check out your recommendations! I love the Taste of Home and Quick Cooking (now Simple & Delicious) magazines.

    We were at the WCRR this weekend and I haven’t had to cook all weekend ~ after my break, I’m ready to get back into the kitchen. It’s awfully foggy out here this morning ~ think a big pot of stew is in order.