Preserving 2010 Photo Favorites {Giveaway}

2010 is almost over and with that, I find myself reflecting on the things I’ve experienced and accomplished throughout the year.  It’s been a great year, however, I did find myself having mental exhaustion that affected me offline and on.  It wasn’t until recently that I nursed that exhaustion and so now, with a fresh outlook, I look forward to 2011.

As someone who has a camera attached to her hip,  I often take the time to reflect on the photos I’ve taken.  They tell much more of a story than I could ever tell but it just gives me a chance to go back to that moment and remember how it affected me, my family, or my friends.  As I decided to do this, I quickly realized that it was sort of a pain to thumb back through my blog, my flickr account and through files to find my favorite photo moments. I needed a way to create a book of memories; something I could hold and look through by myself, with my family, or with my friends.  A photo book is the solution.

I’ve made a photo book before but not to recap the year.  I think this is such a great way to preserve memories. I know that with today’s technology, we often overlook the thought of having something physical in our hands to flip through but I also know that my boys absolutely love going through our photo albums that I created years back and you just don’t get that same feeling gathered around the computer, or at least I don’t.

Kodak approached me the other day and asked if I knew about their SMARTFIT technology photo books.  I didn’t.  She told me about it and asked if I wanted to try it out and give you the chance to try it and of course, I was happy to.  It was perfect timing after all.  FYI, the SMARTFIT technology is well, smart of course. It’s pretty dang easy to use and has tons of quality options to make your photo book look fantastic.  I love when things are easy.  I’m a little bit more experienced with computers and such compared to the casual user at home so I always try to look at it through my mom’s eyes. Will she be able to use it and understand the options, instructions, and extra features.  I’m confident that she’d be able to with the Kodak photo books.    To give you an idea of how it works, here’s a quick video.

Here are a couple of my 2010 photo memories that I’ll be adding to my photo book.

Since I know we all have photos that we’d like compiled in a photo book, I want to give you the chance to make your own photo book from Kodak!!  There will be THREE winners who will receive a gift code in the amount of $55 per winner to use to create your own photo book.


Mandatory entry – Leave a comment on this post telling me what kind of photo book you’d create.  Would it be themed? If so, what type of theme?  Would it be random photos, only of kids and event that happened like a baby shower or wedding??  Let me know!

Additional, optional entry methods, leaving each one in a separate comment to count please.

  • Share the giveaway on twitter or facebook.  Please do not Stumble the giveaway using stumbleupon. That is against TOS.
  • Visit the Kodak Gallery website and tell me what else they offer that you’d like to do with photos.

This giveaway ends on December 27th, on or about 10pm CST.  Good luck!

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  1. Vicky H. says

    The book I’d create would be of scanned, edited old photos from my and my sister’s childhoods. This would be a gift for our mom, who we haven’t seen in over 10 years.

  2. Kalani says

    I usually make a few photo books a year- in lieu of photo albums or scrapbooks. We had baby #2 last Nov & I’ve not made a single book!!!! This would be perfect for us!
    inalak at msn dot com

  3. Kalani says

    I’d also like to order some enlargements from Kodak. They have great quality and we don’t have any pics of baby up around the house!!
    inalak at msn dot com

  4. Dorene says

    I would love to piece together the best photos of my granddaughters. Sammie is 5 now and Erica is 8 months old…there are so many pictures that I took (and her mom did) over the years, I’d love to put them in some sort of order..but never find the time to do so.

    The other option of course is of our travels since moving to CO. We have been to so many really cool places out here and in other states and need to put them in some sort of order…either one would be a treasured keepsake.

    Thanks for the opportunity and I love the pics of your picked some great ones.

  5. Laura says

    I would love to make a book of my kids for my parents who just moved back in town after being gone for 15 years. No theme, just the everyday moments they missed when they were gone.

  6. Laura says

    After visiting the website, I think I would love to order and enlargement of a photo my sister captured of my kids. Right now, I have a pic of them over my fireplace from 10 years ago. While it’s still adorable, I think I need to update!

  7. Angie says

    It would have a theme of some sort… I’m way behind on dealing with digital photos, so there are plenty to choose from.

  8. Monique Rizzo says

  9. Ken Depew says

    I would make a family fun themed photo book! We are constantly going places and doing so many things that it would be nice to put all of this year’s activities and memories into it!

  10. Ken Depew says

    I visited their website and really love their Sterling Silver Photo Necklace ! It would make for a wonderful gift for my grandmother!

  11. ohkeeka says

    Wow, what beautiful pictures! Believe it or not, my husband and I still have not gotten prints of our wedding photos from 4 years ago! We had a small, informal wedding because we couldn’t afford a big one–my mom was our photographer and all the pictures are still sitting on my computer! I would love to make a book of them on the Kodak Gallery site.

  12. Kimberly says

    I would make my dad a photo book of our family from my wedding. We’re rarely all together and I got a lot of good shots.

  13. Dana says

    I would chronicle my first granddaughters first year of life. While she was born on Oct 2nd 2009, I would begin in Jan, 2010 and complete it on Dec 31 2010. What other wonderful way to share her with others?! It would be awesome, especially since I think she’s pretty awesome!

  14. says

    Okay, I’m liking the pillow cases on the Kodak site, I’d put a pic of my evil cat on there, it would be a nice change for me to sleep on her head instead of her sleeping on mine for a change.:)

  15. says

    OK first of all – super cool pictures!! The second one is my fave!! OK back to business…I’d make a collage of beach vacation pictures. Or birthday pictures. We sure attended a lot of birthday parties.

  16. says

    Actually, I’d like their photo playing cards. We were at my parent’s house and their playing cards are kind of worn. I think they’d like some with my daughter’s face on them.

  17. Jason says

    I’d love to make a family vaction themed photo book. We take quite a few mini trips here and there and would love to put them all in one place to flip through time and again to relive those memories with a turn of a page!

  18. JoD says

    I would make the Medium Printed Hardcover book with the professional pictures of my family taken in May after my boys’ first birthday. It was a while ago, but I love the photos and bought the rights to all of them. Thanks for the chance! This would make a lovely book.

  19. Angela Winesburg says

    I would love to create a Christmas photo book with pictures from all of our activities this year! Thanks for the chance!

  20. Amber Porter says

    new years photo cards would be good since I didn’t get around to sending christmas cards
    skipthelaundry at gmail dot com

  21. Stephanie A says

  22. Stephanie A says

  23. Kim Deal says

    I LOVE this idea! I try to make scrapbooks for my kids, but I cannot find the time or the space to work on them but maybe once or twice a year. With this there are so many options, I would probably make on of all four of my kids. Or maybe one of my grandfather who died this last year. Not sure. This is totally awesome!

  24. says

  25. says

    Great! Reflection is always crucial in any part of our daily life! You’ve got the cutest pony, boy and your photography skills are just so awesome!