If you pay real close attention to the things that go on in your life, you’ll notice that things will come to you when they are meant to.  Or at least that’s how I’m seeing it lately.  Just when I need a sign for whatever reason, it has come.  Recently I was reached out to by a beautiful, kind woman named Mary Jo, who represents Red House Ranch.  She makes lovely pieces of handmade jewelry and the thing is, I get pitched a lot for that kind of stuff and almost always decline.  But this time was different.  Her pieces meant something…to me, just simply seeing them and what they stood for.

Aside from having a rustic nature to them, they truly do stand for something.  My favorite pieces are the ones with P.U.S.H. (Pray Until Something Happens) written on them.  It’s just beautiful as is and then when added on a piece of jewelry, it’s even more beautiful.   Many of you already know my issues with faith, and with my new recent attendance to a wonderful church with wonderful people, this was just a little icing on the cake.  I truly feel like these are little signs confirming that I’m headed in the right direction.

Now this lovely woman not only sent me a piece of jewelry to review but also sent my family and my friend one…just because.  That is what I call special, someone going above and beyond.  But then she also went a step further and sent me a book that has been recommended to me many times, The Shack, and yet I’ve never had the chance to buy it.   She shared with me her story and encouraged me in my journey.  She is as special as the pieces she makes.

Now my son’s friend Kara has been dealing with a little heartache with her grandmother going in and out of the hospital.  She’s very close to her family and well, just a great gal altogether so my son hates to see her down and hurting.  So you can imagine how good it felt to find out that my son had given her this necklace in comfort.  I’m sure she needed a little comfort and it made me proud as a mom that my son was so considerate and giving.  Not only has this piece meant something to me, but to a couple of others as well, and it has only been exposed to a few……

Each piece comes in a wonderful little tin, with its meaningful story; SALTY (Stand a Little Taller Y’all) being another of my favorites.

You can find these and much more at Red House Ranch.  Things for women, men and smaller pieces for children, all priced right!  They are on facebook and twitter and highly recommend them to you all, wholeheartedly.



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  1. 1

    Oh, how amazing.

    PUSH – that might be my new whisper to myself.

    Giant hugs, Lori. Miss you, friend.

    btw – gorgeous jewelry, what an amazing woman.

  2. 2

    Christine says

    i LOVE these and what they represent… heading over to do some shopping now.

    love ya, woman!

  3. 3

    Dorene says

    So many people have been praying for you Lori, and PUSH means something to us in that regard..God is gently leading you and allowing you to open your heart..it’s exciting to watch. I am so happy for you in so many ways..you are a wonderful woman and sharing your story and yourself is opening doors for so many others.

  4. 4

    Lori Stilger says

    I’m right there with your other friends, Lori – been praying for you. I’m SO glad to hear you’ve found a wonderful church to attend! And I wish *I* had thought to send you THE SHACK. Have you started reading it?? I hope you’ll share with us as you do. Be blessed, Lori. I KNOW you are. :)

  5. 5

    Oh, Lordy, Lori! I should have been here a while ago to thank you… but here I am anyhow! What a lovely sweet post you wrote. And I am so thankful that you were able to gift just the right person. That’s what it’s all about! God Bless you, Lady!!!