Quick & Easy Ham and Cheese Calzone

Quick and easy; that seems to be our food motto these days.  With Church & school functions, work, and sports, making a ham and cheese calzone is just one of the easy recipes I’ve been cooking up lately.    It’s a meal that to grab and go which we frequently do with basketball season in full bloom.  Concession stands have drained me this school year so I try to get most of us full before we ever get to the game. Know what I mean?  Shopping at Walmart has helped a great deal with my budget and time constraints.  Where do y’all shop?

I honestly had no plan for the dough when making this so bare with me.  The neat thing about this meal idea, is that you can put anything you want inside the calzone.  I did simple ingredients for us because we are on a budget but you could definitely go all out!  I bought crescent roll dough and ended up mushing it all together and separating into 3 dough balls for 3 calzones.  Hey, it ain’t fancy but it worked!

Recipe: Ham and Cheese Calzone


  • 1 can of Crescent Rolls
  • Cheese (I used cheddar cheese but my husband said he’d probably like some sliced or Velveeta in his next time)
  • Deli Ham


  1. Mush all the dough together, separate into 3 parts, and roll them out just a little bigger than the size of your open hand.
  2. Pile in as much cheese and deli ham that you want and seal each calzone.
  3. Bake at 375′ for 15 minutes or until golden brown.

Quick notes

I recommend you precook any fresh ingredients beforehand; mushrooms, onions, etc.


Beforehand, I sauteed some fresh mushrooms and put them in my husband’s calzones. You can put anything you want! GO CRAZY!!

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  1. Melissa Miller says

    Those look really yummy. You just gave me a great lunch idea, My in-laws are visiting and this will be great as everyone can make their own. Thanks!!!

  2. Debbie Simmons says

    This looks great Lori! I was even thinking roast beef, cheese and green chilis! The possibilities are endless! Fun idea for a teen party too….lots of ingredients and then them make up their own.