Quick Fix! Valentine’s Day Popcorn Bags

You could easily make these Valentine popcorn bag treats for any occasion but I needed a quick fix for my son’s Valentine’s Day party.   I could make a number of things but since one of the little girls in his class is allergic to red dye, I decided to go with a general treat, placed in a themed bag.  This is super easy, fast, budget friendly, and goes great with all the other fun treats & gifts that me and my Mom bought for Truett’s class.  I have to give a HUGE thank you to my Mom for buying all the fantastic, fun little mailboxes and all the goodies inside!! She really went out of her way to make sure Truett and his friends enjoyed Valentine’s Day.  Thank you Mom, I LOVE YOU!

You simply melt almond bark, drizzle over plain popped popcorn, let them set, and fill the goodie bags!  That’s it!

I used the stripe bags for the boys and hearts for the girls.  I put these bags, their mailboxes with goodies, pencils, and a few other treats inside a twist tie bag (I used great value), then cut pieces of Valentine themes ribbon (that my Mom bought), and tied the bags closed.




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    That is super cute. I was horrible this year. Everyone was so sick we almost forgot about Kaydee’s preschool party and I threw treat bags together in like 20 minutes.