Radisson’s 50 Years, 50 Days, 50 Rooms {Giveaway}

Radisson is celebrating their 50th Anniversary!!  And do you know how they are celebrating?  By giving away 50 one-night stays, every day f0r 50 days!  Yeppers, and you can win one of those free nights stay right here on A Cowboy’s Wife!  Yeehaw!!  (p.s. if you wanna enter to win an Aaron Rodgers autographed football & $50 amex gift card, go here to my other giveaway)

Some of the most beautiful & amazing Radisson Hotels are in other countries. Check out this awesome aquarium inside a Radisson Hotel.

Seriously, look at how huge it is.  See the people standing at the bottom and at the top. CRAZY!  There are also some beautiful, luxurious Radisson Hotels here in America.  I love the one in Chicago!


Okay, I know you’re ready to enter this special giveaway so I’ll get to it!


One lucky winner will receive  a free night voucher, valid for one free night, standard room, double occupancy at any North American Radisson Blu or Radisson hotel of the winner’s choice. The voucher expires one year after issue date. The full terms and conditions are located on the room night voucher.

It’s a fantastic prize!!


Leave a comment here on this post telling us your best travel tip!  You may do this daily. Just make sure your tip is different each time.

BONUS ENTRY!!  Visit Radisson’s website, come back here and tell me which property you would like to stay at! You may do this only once.

While it’s not required, it would be greatly appreciated if you would ‘Like’ Radisson on Facebook.  They were generous enough to allow me to offer this giveaway afterall.


Giveaway ends on December  2, 2012.  The winner will be notified by a representative on behalf of Radisson, as well as myself.

Again, the vouchers can only be redeemed within North America and have a one year expiration date as well as other terms and conditions that may apply.  If you want more chances to win, visit their Facebook page and enter every week until December 3rd.  Good luck!

Disclosure: In return for hosting this giveaway, I have been given free nights at the Radisson. All opinions are my own, always.




  1. 102

    Schmidty says

    Check travel and online sites for discount vouchers for attractions in the city to which you are traveling.

  2. 103

    Schmidty says

    I would like to visit the Radisson Hotel New Orleans

  3. 104
  4. 105

    Tari Lawson says

    My best travel tip is to check tripadvisor.com to get great ideas for places to go or see in the area you are traveling to. I have gotten many good suggestions and deals from that site.

  5. 106

    Mami2jcn says

    My best travel tip is to be flexible!

  6. 107

    Gena says

    Be considerate of other people especially at the airport. Don’t put on your belt, jewelry, carry loose change, etc until you’re past security. It will speed up the process by not having to remove them in line

  7. 108

    Deanna R. says

    travel tip: Travel with someone you love.

  8. 109

    Deanna R. says

    Another place I’d like to stay is Charleston, SC.

  9. 110

    Bill says

    My travel tip is to check hotel rates daily even after you
    Book you can cancel existing reservations and get in on a lower rate

  10. 111

    Venetia says

    My travel tip Is read hotel and destination reviews on
    Tripadvisor and view photos to give
    You am idea of the destination you are planning

  11. 112

    Tim says

    My best travel tip is to book your airline and hotel reservations at least 2 months ahead of time to get the best rates.

  12. 113

    Holly C. says

    my tip is to check your airline for any changes in fees or weight restrictions before you leave.

  13. 114

    Sunnie says

    I dont travel much, but Id say to paln aheadm make lists, take food in the car/cooler so its cheaper.

  14. 115

    Biggles209 says

    Focus your flying on one alliance

  15. 116

    Wendy says

    My best travel tip is to pack a light carry-on with a change of clothes and your toothbrush. I’ve had my luggage placed on the wrong plane and it’s no fun while you wait overnight for them to find it without a few basics.

  16. 117

    Jacob says

    Make an itinerary, even if it’s a loosely based one. There’s nothing worse than getting to a location and wasting a ton of time deciding what to do. Decide on at least most things before you get there!

  17. 118

    John B says

    Qualify for TSA Pre to breeze throught security.

  18. 119

    Sean says

    Wear pants that don’t require a belt when going through security at the airport.

  19. 120

    Wendy T says

    My best travel tip is to be early.

    This is one instance where if you’re not early, you could very well be late. And that would just add stress and who needs that?!

  20. 121

    Linda Stewart says

    While packing use a piece of luggage just a little bigger than what you actually need. This provides room for packing things you buy while your away.

  21. 122

    Linda Stewart says

    I would like to stay at Radisson’s Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Buford at Mall of Georgia, GA.

  22. 123

    kfloveinme says

    When traveling..try your best to pack only a carryon. It took me sometime to learn how to roll and pack all of my clothes but it’s worth not spending that extra money for luggage.

  23. 124

    Don’t be afraid to travel to destinations off-peak. I’ve had tons of wonderful experiences visiting places and having sites practically all to myself.!

  24. 125

    I’d like to stay at the Radisson Blu in Oslo!

  25. 126

    Schmidty says

    Roll and layer clothes when packing, you can fit more.

  26. 127

    Ali W. says

    When traveling, I recommend bringing clothes that compliment each other and layer well. Then you will have more outfits with a lighter suitcase.

  27. 128

    Ali W. says

    I would like to stay at the Radisson in Vancouver, BC

  28. 129
  29. 130

    nannypanpan says

    i’d like the radison martonique on broadway

  30. 131

    Val says

    Before going on road trips hit the library for new cd’s. We can check out for 3 weeks so plenty of time to get back and return.

  31. 132

    Val says

    Putting Portland at the top of my must visit lists. We can drive there and we have been wanting to hit Joe’s crab shack with the kids :)

  32. 133

    Venetia says

    My travel tip is to check ahead of time before booking your trip
    If there are going to be major events going
    On in your vacation destination that may impact your stay
    Such as a loud and crowded professsional volleyball completion at your quiet beach hotel;
    That may make it to noisy for what you wanted out of your vacation

  33. 134

    Bill says

    Check you airline reservations often – they may change
    Your flight times and seat assignments without notifying you.

  34. 135

    Mami2jcn says

    My tip is to always arrive at the airport early.

  35. 136

    Gena says

    Make sure you have your personnel need products close at all times. There’s nothing worse than needing a feminine product and its in the overhead, or checked, or buried in the trunk. Keep some emergency things in your purse

  36. 137

    Deanna R. says

    travel tip: take time to take pictures! They help so much to remember the fun times.

  37. 138

    Tim says

    My best travel tip is to pack light — try not to over-pack as there is nothing worse than having to lug around heavy suitcases.

  38. 139

    Biggles209 says

    Get at least one credit card for your main airline

  39. 140

    Sean says

    Book an early flight so that you have as much time as possible at your destination!

  40. 141

    Marcia Goss says

    Another tip is to avoid checking bags if possible. It saves a lot of time and hassle.

  41. 142

    Debra Block-Boland says

    When staying in a hotel for many days, bring a over the door shoe holder. Makes a great toiletry holder when you have a smaller bathroom.

  42. 143

    sy ochoa says

    I always clean my house, extremely clean, before I leave on a trip so when I return my house is in wonderful condition.

  43. 144

    Cynthia C says

    My tip is to allow plenty of time when you are flying to allow for delays due to weather, security checks etc.

  44. 145

    Holly C. says

    my tip today is to print your boading pass at home before leaving for the airport, so much quicker!

  45. 146

    Cynthia C says

    I’d like to stay at the Radisson Hotel Orlando – Lake Buena Vista

  46. 147

    nannypanpan says

    go to bed early the night before, so you aren’t crabby if their are delays

  47. 148

    Wendy T says

    Today’s travel tip is to adjust your expectations so there’s less chance of disappointment.

    Thank you.

  48. 149

    Schmidty says

    Son’t pack electronics (readers etc) in check through luggage..

  49. 150

    Kristin says

    Prepare, prepare, prepare — for everything you need, including emergencies! Bandaids, Neosporin, aspirin, etc. don’t take up that much room — and it’s a lot cheaper than buying at your destination!

  50. 151

    Kristin says

    I would love to stay at the Radisson Martinique on Broadway in MYC!