Radisson’s 50 Years, 50 Days, 50 Rooms {Giveaway}

Radisson is celebrating their 50th Anniversary!!  And do you know how they are celebrating?  By giving away 50 one-night stays, every day f0r 50 days!  Yeppers, and you can win one of those free nights stay right here on A Cowboy’s Wife!  Yeehaw!!  (p.s. if you wanna enter to win an Aaron Rodgers autographed football & $50 amex gift card, go here to my other giveaway)

Some of the most beautiful & amazing Radisson Hotels are in other countries. Check out this awesome aquarium inside a Radisson Hotel.

Seriously, look at how huge it is.  See the people standing at the bottom and at the top. CRAZY!  There are also some beautiful, luxurious Radisson Hotels here in America.  I love the one in Chicago!


Okay, I know you’re ready to enter this special giveaway so I’ll get to it!


One lucky winner will receive  a free night voucher, valid for one free night, standard room, double occupancy at any North American Radisson Blu or Radisson hotel of the winner’s choice. The voucher expires one year after issue date. The full terms and conditions are located on the room night voucher.

It’s a fantastic prize!!


Leave a comment here on this post telling us your best travel tip!  You may do this daily. Just make sure your tip is different each time.

BONUS ENTRY!!  Visit Radisson’s website, come back here and tell me which property you would like to stay at! You may do this only once.

While it’s not required, it would be greatly appreciated if you would ‘Like’ Radisson on Facebook.  They were generous enough to allow me to offer this giveaway afterall.


Giveaway ends on December  2, 2012.  The winner will be notified by a representative on behalf of Radisson, as well as myself.

Again, the vouchers can only be redeemed within North America and have a one year expiration date as well as other terms and conditions that may apply.  If you want more chances to win, visit their Facebook page and enter every week until December 3rd.  Good luck!

Disclosure: In return for hosting this giveaway, I have been given free nights at the Radisson. All opinions are my own, always.




  1. 303

    ky2here says

    like Radisson FB as Kyhere Here

    ky2here at msn dot com

  2. 304

    Biggles209 says

    Join Global Entry and zoom through immigration in the US

  3. 305

    Mami2jcn says

    If you’re expecting a layover or long wait at the airport and you’re traveling with kids, pack coloring books and crayons.

  4. 306

    Get those vaccinations!!!! if you’re traveling to another country that has been listed on government sites as having increased risk for certain serious diseases like malaria (there are pills you can take) and Hepatitis (you can go to your physician and get a series of shots).
    Also drink bottled water and brush your teeth with it, make coffee and tea with it.
    Also, take with you anti-parasite medication or herbal supplements.
    Always better to prevent disease that try to cure or treat afterwards,

  5. 307

    Amber says

    My travel tip is to pack lightly!

  6. 308

    Paula Patton says

    Check out the hotel’s amenities before you pack. You just may not need to pack your hair dryer or other mutual items.

  7. 309

    Paula Patton says

    I would LOVE to stay in the Radisson Aruba Resort, Casino, & Spa, but I would be grateful for a night’s stay in The Smokies as well.

  8. 310

    Andrea C says

    Have a list of things you really want to do, and a list of ‘if there is time’ things. but leave plenty of free time so you come home rested!

  9. 311

    Tim says

    My best travel tip is to not drink (or don’t drink too much) alcohol on the plane — it can really mess with your system.

  10. 312

    Gena says

    If you forget something, check with the hotel before running to a store. Most housekeeping departments carry toothbrushes, combs, sewing kits, shower caps, and disposable razors that they will give you free of charge.

  11. 313

    MelissaO says

    Mine is DON’T OVERPACK…make sure the items you choose are all necessary!

    wolverina401 at gmail dot com

  12. 314

    Sean says

    Remember to allow yourself enough time to get through TSA at the airport.

  13. 315

    Caryn S says

    Pack snacks and drinks for the car so you’re not constantly stopping to buy food

  14. 316

    Linda G. says

    be sure to pack snacks and games for traveling

  15. 317

    Cynthia C says

    While you’re packing, mentally go through the day so you don’t forget any essentials you will need.

  16. 318

    beth shepherd says

    Take a bag for each child with new goodies to keep them occupied.

  17. 319

    Deborah Wallin says

    Bring plenty of cash.

  18. 320

    Elena says

    If you travel out of country make sure you geet international health insurance.

  19. 321

    Carly says

    My travel tip is to check your hotel room for bedbugs immediately. You don’t want to get bit or bring them home.

  20. 322

    Carly says

    I’d like to stay at the Radisson Blu Chicago.

  21. 323

    Venetia says

    My travel tip is make a packing list and save it on your phone so they you can refer to it every time you need to pack without having to rewrite the list each time

  22. 324

    Bill R says

    My travel tip is check user reviews and facebook for hotels before booking so you have an idea of the type of property you are researching before booking

  23. 325

    Wendy T says

    Carry protein snacks with you all the time….you never know when you’ll want them.

  24. 326

    Susan P. says

    Take one piece of luggage that you can carry-on the plane when flying.

  25. 327

    Jaclyn Reynolds says

    Travel off season for better deals on hotel rooms!

  26. 328

    Jacob says

    Dress comfortable for actual travel – flying, driving and airport security are even worse when you are unconfortable

  27. 329

    Jackee says

    Always ask for a free upgrade when you check in. I get them about half the time.

  28. 330

    Jackee says

    Radisson in Aurba sounds great.

  29. 331

    Lucy says

    Always go with someone who is fun to travel with. A great time will be guaranteed!

  30. 332

    joseph gersch jr says

    Bring your own bottled water

  31. 333

    joseph gersch jr says

    Radisson Hotel Harrisburg

  32. 334

    Biggles209 says

    Take lightweight clothing that you can wash in the shower and hang dry overnight

  33. 335

    s riches says

    My tip is to make sure you have all your medications ready ahead of time.

  34. 336

    s riches says

    I would like to stay at the Radisson in Orlando, florida

  35. 337

    Angela Cisco says

    When traveling, we pack snacks.for the hotel. It is cheaper than having to hit the vending machine.

  36. 338

    Laura V. says

    Make sure you get enough rest the night before you leave! You don’t want to start out tired.

  37. 339

    Deborah Wallin says

    To be organized, I packed my children’s complete outfits in gallon size zip lock bags. They then had to grab one bag out eat day and had a complete outfit ready to go.

  38. 340

    Michelle W says

    My best tip is to do as much research as possible before any trip, knowing about activities and places to dine ahead of time is very helpful

  39. 341

    MeganG says

    I’d stay at the only Radisson Blu in North America… in Chicago!

  40. 342

    MeganG says

    Pack half of what you *think* you need!

  41. 343

    Shirley Hicks says

    id have to say my tip is dont over do it and pack more than you are really gonna need

  42. 344

    Amber says

    My travel tip is to leave some free time in your itinerary. If you have a day packed too full you will be exhausted and not totally enjoy and appreciate each stop. Plus, it’s nice to have some free time to spontaneously explore!

  43. 345

    Gena says

    I always bring a laundry or garbage bag and put my dirty clothes in it in my room and it keeps them separate from clean clothes when return packing

  44. 346

    Deanna R. says

    travel tip: Allow enough time in your travels to unwind. After time in Prague and Vienna, we relaxed with a day in Fussen, Germany with no schedule sights to see. It helped us then to absorb more of Munich in the next couple of days.

  45. 347

    Karen says

    Invest in shoe bags to keep dirt iff your clothes. Thanks for the giveaway.

  46. 348

    Robin says

    Make sure that you know where to get milk at the hotel if you have small children

  47. 349

    Cynthia C says

    Make sure you have a comfortable pair of shoes if you are going to be doing a lot of sight seeing. Fashion will mean very little to you if your feet hurt.

  48. 350

    C. White says

    Traveling? What ever you do, stay away from the airport!

  49. 351

    Tim says

    My best travel tip is to fly AirTran — you can upgrade your coach seat to business class for $50 – $75 (depending on your destination).

  50. 352

    Sean says

    If you are on a tight budget stay at hotels where breakfast is included. This can save you money each day.