Radisson’s 50 Years, 50 Days, 50 Rooms {Giveaway}

Radisson is celebrating their 50th Anniversary!!  And do you know how they are celebrating?  By giving away 50 one-night stays, every day f0r 50 days!  Yeppers, and you can win one of those free nights stay right here on A Cowboy’s Wife!  Yeehaw!!  (p.s. if you wanna enter to win an Aaron Rodgers autographed football & $50 amex gift card, go here to my other giveaway)

Some of the most beautiful & amazing Radisson Hotels are in other countries. Check out this awesome aquarium inside a Radisson Hotel.

Seriously, look at how huge it is.  See the people standing at the bottom and at the top. CRAZY!  There are also some beautiful, luxurious Radisson Hotels here in America.  I love the one in Chicago!


Okay, I know you’re ready to enter this special giveaway so I’ll get to it!


One lucky winner will receive  a free night voucher, valid for one free night, standard room, double occupancy at any North American Radisson Blu or Radisson hotel of the winner’s choice. The voucher expires one year after issue date. The full terms and conditions are located on the room night voucher.

It’s a fantastic prize!!


Leave a comment here on this post telling us your best travel tip!  You may do this daily. Just make sure your tip is different each time.

BONUS ENTRY!!  Visit Radisson’s website, come back here and tell me which property you would like to stay at! You may do this only once.

While it’s not required, it would be greatly appreciated if you would ‘Like’ Radisson on Facebook.  They were generous enough to allow me to offer this giveaway afterall.


Giveaway ends on December  2, 2012.  The winner will be notified by a representative on behalf of Radisson, as well as myself.

Again, the vouchers can only be redeemed within North America and have a one year expiration date as well as other terms and conditions that may apply.  If you want more chances to win, visit their Facebook page and enter every week until December 3rd.  Good luck!

Disclosure: In return for hosting this giveaway, I have been given free nights at the Radisson. All opinions are my own, always.




  1. 403

    Sarah says

    Weigh your luggage in advance so there are no surprises at airport.

  2. 405

    Sarah says

    I’d like to stay here: Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Myrtle Beach at Waccamaw, SC

  3. 406

    Erin D. says

    When traveling with kids always pack a brand new activity book (stickers/coloring/etc.) or small toy to bring out when you get held up with an unexpected wait. It keeps little ones from going stir crazy during long waits.

  4. 407

    Erin D. says

    I would love to visit the Radisson in Halifax, Nova Scotia. That part of Canada looks amazing.

  5. 408

    Laura Unger says

    When flying, always pack essential items, and a change of clothes in your carry on in case your checked luggage gets lost.

  6. 409

    Jacob says

    I like to put something very recognizable on my luggage. I have some unusual bright tags and my wife has a multicolored ribbon bow she puts on hers. Then if you have to check luggage or they put it underneath on a small plane you instantly see which one is yours

  7. 410

    Sheree Algie says

    Make sure to make reservations in advance, many times they are already booked up, if you don’t.

  8. 411

    Betty C says

    Take a pillowcase or an empty plastic bag so you can stash your dirty laundry. No one likes to mix clean and dirty clothes together.

  9. 412

    Betty C says

    I’d like to visit the Radisson Hotel Reagan National Airport in Arlington, Virginia. I love visiting Washington, D.C. and it’s been far too long since my last trip.

  10. 413

    Caitlin McClure says

    If you’re flying, look up what you can’t take on the plane!

  11. 414

    melina r says

    make sure to take toys/activities for the children to do

  12. 415

    Melanie Montgomery says

    Don’t overpack, or you won’t have room for items you may purchase on vacation.

  13. 416

    Amber says

    My travel tip is to involve every member of the family when planning a vacation. If everyone gets to pick out a couple of things they would really love to do, you get a much happier trip overall!

  14. 417

    Michelle Mills says

    My number one travel tip is make sure you bring your electronic chargers!!

  15. 418

    My travel tip is DO NOT WAIT TILL THE NIGHT BEFORE to pack! For some reason, this was the way it was always done in my family growing up, and it would always cause so much stress! These days, I write a packing list about 3 days in advance and make sure I’m caught up on laundry and errands in those three days leading up to it (more than 3 days it just waaayyyy too go-getter for me).

    Hope I win! This is an awesome opportunity!

  16. 419

    Cynthia C says

    Invest in a strap style luggage scale so you can redistribute among suitcases to avoid overage charges.

  17. 420

    Tim says

    My best travel tip is to carry on your luggage whenever possible.

  18. 421

    Deanna R. says

    travel tip: If traveling with children, make sure you have some quiet activities and snacks for them.

  19. 422

    Christian Alejandro N. says

    Pack in a very organized manner. A little time and effort early helps later on!

  20. 423

    Christian Alejandro N. says

    The Radisson on University Park in Dallas is awesome!

  21. 424

    Joy Quinnan says

    Roll your clothes to fit more in your luggage.

  22. 425

    Joy Quinnan says

    Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel in Scranton, PA

  23. 426

    John B says

    Travel tip: pack a lunch for airline travel to avoid unecessary costs

  24. 427

    susan smoaks says

    my best travel tip is to relax and have fun when you travel, it’s for the best!

  25. 428

    Sherri G. says

    Make a list about 30 days ahead of travel of all the things you need to do and pack. Update the list as things occur to you. Mark them off as completed. Review list the day of the trip before leaving home. Make a second list of things not to forget in the hotel room (chargers for electronics and bathroom items are the most frequently forgotten!) and review it before check out.

  26. 429

    ann Muth says

    n my best travel tip- rolling Luggage.

  27. 430

    Wendy T says

    Make sure you ICE your phone before you begin (In Case of Emergency contact person).

  28. 431

    Jennifer Peaslee says

    It’s kind of lame, but my best travel tip is to start making your list early. A few days ahead, or even a week. Then you’ll remember stuff and add it to your list…rather than being on the road/in the sky and realizing you left something behind! jenniferpeaslee at gamil dot com

  29. 432

    Susan P. says

    Make sure your carry-on fits in the airline recommended size specifications (each airline is different so check the website). They have contraptions that you have to put your bag into at the gates and if it doesn’t fit, it gets checked. Slows everything down in the checking in part of flying.

  30. 433

    Gianna says

    Bring along your laptop to look for discounts and interesting places to go visit.

  31. 434

    Gianna says

    Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Rapid City, SD.

  32. 435

    Jenny H says

    My best travel trip is to give yourself time to unwind from life before leaving on vacation… take an extra day or two off from work and leave a little early from your original travel plans. This always helps us relax and enjoy vacation more!!

  33. 436

    Jenny H says

    I would love to goto Grand Bahama Island, Radisson Grand Lucayan resort in Freeport Bahamas!

  34. 437

    Angela W says

    Pack light to save on baggage fees

  35. 438

    Angela W says

    Radisson Plaza Lord Baltimore

  36. 439

    Cassandra McCann says

    i always have water, plastic bags, toilet paper handy when I travel which is not very often in this economy

  37. 440

    Susan F says

    Pack an empty tote bag in case you shop on vacation.

  38. 441

    carol lewis says

    Use lots of Ziplock bags. I take extras because they are useful for so many things.

  39. 442

    Erica C. says

    My best tip is to save a little money each month to set aside for vacation. It’ll feel like less of a shock to your budget this way.

  40. 443

    carol lewis says

    I would LOVE to stay at the Radisson Blu Ambassador Hotel, Paris Opera !

  41. 444

    Sarah Yurga says

    Pack small bags of new inexpensive treats for kids to open every so often

  42. 445

    Sarah Yurga says

    Radisson Blu Ambassador Hotel, Paris would be a dream come true

  43. 446

    Melissa Crawford says

    Best tip: If you happen to be traveling alone search for groups that specialize in singles travel. This way you can save a few dollars by sharing a room and make new friends to travel with in the future.

  44. 447

    Lindsay says

    I always pack a collapsible bag in my suitcase to carry back the souvenirs I bought while traveling!

  45. 448

    Veronica Garrett says

    My best travel kit is to pack a light carry on bag with basic essentials in case your luggage ets lost.

  46. 449

    Huey Bryan says

    Make legal copies of your DVDs that you have for your little ones. Copys are cheap and easy to make and you do not scratch or smudge your originals. Throw them in a case and you have can change them as your little one’s mood changes while on a long trip.

  47. 450

    sarah says

    Whenever possible, wash your clothes before you return home. Makes getting back into your routine a little easier.

  48. 451

    Sand says

    I would love to stay at the Radisson Martinique on Broadway.

  49. 452

    MeganG says

    Don’t get stressed out while traveling. Try to go with the flow whenever possible.

  50. 453

    Sean says

    Think of a way to make your luggage stand out from others so that it can be found easily.